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Skipping tons of chapters and going to where Japan is now may totally confuse fans if they're just keeping up with scanlations. But I felt like posting my summary of it anyway^^.

And some of you may be wondering where the heck I got this chapter. I got them from a friend in Japan, who scans them from Hana to Yume magazine. I have posted the scans somewhere, but they're in a private account. Another place to download this chapter is on Michex Raw Manga. Of course, you have to be a member there. And I'm sure that after you join, you'll read the FAQ and rules so you don't have to ask me for anything~!

EDIT: Unfortunantly...Michex has closed registration...again. So no one can join right now. Sorry T.T

Continued from where chapter 72 left off.....

Alisa came not only because she agreed to study abroad in Japan, but to see exactly why Kei loves Hikari so much. Hikari has also reguarded Alisa as her "Sensei". This all came about when Alisa said that Kei smiled at her with such a happy expression (see chapter 69). Hikari wants to have Kei smile like that too (uh...doesn't he already Hikari...?).

So Alisa and Hikari go out for lunch and Alisa says that the first step to being a better girlfriend is to say she loves Kei. So Alisa gives Hikari the chance, but all Hikari can manage to say is, "suppai" (she was trying to say "suki" which means "like' or "love". "suppai" means "sour").

The second lesson is to call Kei "darling (daarin)", but Hikari...heh...stands up on his lap and can only manage to call him "daajirin" (which is a word that I truly don't know the meaning of. I mean, I know that dajirin is th name of a dictionary, but daajirin...?) Alisa comments in her own mind that they're a gymnastics pair^^.

The third lesson Alisa tries to give is to have Hikari give him a kiss. So Hikari puckers up. Now let me say this first...if there is anything that Kei wants more than Hikari to be by his side, it's a kiss. So when Kei gets ready to kiss her, she backs out and runs away...and Kei chases after her ^^

Alisa clearly can't see why Kei loves Hikari so much, so she goes and asks him directly.Kei answers her. Now...we've seen flashbacks of this day in earlier chapters (see chapters 17 and 37), so now we have a little bit of more insight on that day:

KEI: It was long ago.
I was still in elementary school
In order to get rid of her, I did a horrible thing, and yet...
...instead of avoiding me...
...she still chased after me many more times.
It was at that time that I realized that I loved her.

Of course, Alisa doesn't understand. Kei tells her it's fine if she doesn't understand. Afterall, "love" is different for each person. He tells Alisa to not make Hikari do too much (because he knows that Hikari can't show so as much love as Alisa is trying to teach her how to do^^)

Alisa gives Hikari a romantic book series she called her "Bible". But Alisa fells a bit ashamed and thinks Hikari's going to think she's weird. But Hikari only acknowledges Alisa for being a hard worker^^ Alisa has to wonder to herself why Hikari won't say she "loves it".

Alisa goes to talk to Akira about a few things. Akira askes Alisa why she became Hikari's sensei. Alisa says it's because Kei is miserable^^. Akira askes why and says that both Hikari and Kei are her special people and she needed to ask why she felt Kei was miserable.

Alisa feels confused after Akira askes that. Hikari comes to her saying she's read the entire series she gave her. (Alisa a bit shocked about that.) Alisa tells her to refer to "Desert Romance" (the name of one of the books). Hikari goes and does just that, but we see her running away from Kei again in the next panel (and he's chasing after her...again)

Alisa tells Hikari to tell Kei she loves him again, but all she can manage is "suppan" Now Alisa is getting angry...She starts to wonder what feelings she would feel if Kei, for example, told her he loved her.

Alisa goes to Kei again and tells him that she wants to know how it feels to have a man tell her he loves her. But then Kei gets this angry expression on his face and says that he won't say that to any other girl besides Hikari, even if it's meant as a joke. Alisa found that she couldn't get him to say the simple phrase "I love you" either...just like Hikari can't. ( that something you go around saying freely Alisa...?)

Hikari meets up with Alisa gain.

HIKARI: What's wrong Alisa?
ALISA: Say... you like me?
HIKARI: Yeah, I like you!
ALISA: Then how about Kei?
HIKARI: Uh...I...I...
I love pickled octopus. (the original thing she says is Su...Su...Sudako, which means pickled octopus).

Alisa finally freaks out and yells at Hikari:

ALISA: Why can't you say you love him?!!
Kei has said it to you!



Just then Alisa pushes Hikari with force and her head crashes into a tree, which makes Alisa quiet. Hikari explains to her that she isn't able to tell Kei she loves him because they're still battling each other. If she were to say that, then she would begin to fall on that. Alisa starts to cry and askes if she'll ever say it. Hikari says that she will all because of her (awww Hikari is always to kind to others^^).

Later on, Alisa tells Hikari that she apologizes for pushing Tadashi down from the third floor before. She also tells Hikari what a condition to being Best Couple is. Hikari yells, "EEEEEHHHHH?!" We don't know what she whispered, but I guess we'll find out later...

Alisa tells herself that love is a wonderful thing...and she wants love too (aww...)Alisa eats alone on a bench later on. Ryu suddenly spots her and confirms it is her. She askes who he is and he explains he's one of Kei friends.

RYU: You sure eat a lot Alisa-san.
ALISA: Do you want to say that I'm a greedy glutton?
RYU: No, no, that's not it.

Alisa continues to wonder what kind of feelings she would feel if a man told her he liked her. But just as she's wondering this, Ryu says that he likes people who eat a lot. So...Alisa starts to blush like mad, but what she doesn't know is that Ryu was thinking about chipmuncks who munch on their food (remember, Ryu LOVES animals, so he is to reguard animals as people too ^^)

Meanwhile Hikari is still in shock after what Alisa said about the Best Couple "condition".

HIKARI: Th...The Best Couple condition... some sort of telepathy?![
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WOW!!! you wrote all that O_O and i read it all!!! i never really read, even though i spoiled it for myself its still good!! co cute!! XD nice summary by the way ^_^
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where did u get all this like im still on ch33 and have no idea wats happening so can u plz tell me where u got this and like ch33-to this..thx and wow u wrote so much..nice summary even though im lost cuz im so behind lol
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do you know where to read chapters 35 and up......on the stop at chapter34 and skip to chapter 72&73.....on onemanga .com it goes to 34......I haven't tried mangavolume yet.....But it would great to the rest....
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Oh my gosh!!this is funny!!!hahaha!!but good summary!!i understand it!!!!!!
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and btw


ASKES should be ASKS.. thanks u
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ive read 72 but on mangafox chapters 58 to 71 are missing
plz join hikarixkei fanclub
a cute fanclub for kei and hikari <<<<<<<<<heres the link
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... NICE...
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