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So bad i figured ide share.

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Posted 1/30/09 , edited 1/31/09

helloneko24 wrote:

theres a big bus in the way of the bike.... oh wait thats just a fat chick.
*sigh* the suspension will never be the same.

ah..there we go...btw I think girls look hot in biker gear.

the tootoo is pushing it...
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Posted 2/6/09 , edited 2/6/09
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Posted 2/7/09 , edited 2/7/09
OMFG someone help us all
Posted 2/8/09 , edited 2/8/09
Posted 2/9/09 , edited 2/9/09
OMG!!!!! shes gonna wreak the bike!!!
Posted 2/10/09 , edited 2/10/09
omg poor kawasaki ninja LOL
Posted 2/11/09 , edited 2/11/09

Jeebs wrote:

Shabbernigdo wrote:

This is for all those guys who cant wait for winter to be over so they can go riding agian. I figured i put up a little eye candy to tide u over till spring lol.
it makes my eyes burn >_<

I'd hit that.

Hellz yeah! Big chicks need some lovin' too...

Posted 2/11/09 , edited 2/12/09

crunchyname wrote:

She's just big. Like a lot of people.

Get over it.

I completely agree.

Yeah just like this...

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Posted 3/23/09 , edited 3/23/09
sweet booty
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Posted 4/17/09 , edited 4/17/09
Pointless thread.

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