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Sorry for my absence, I got caught up a mess of starfish and I couldn't get out.
Let's start off with basics, nouns and verbs and such can come later.

Some things to know about:

♦ Japanese is totally different pattern of language compared with English.

♦ This is a combination of ReyHokage's, Miley's, and my knowledge.

♦ Some of this stuff was taught on the old Japanese thread.

♦ Don't add -kun after my username when referring to me.

♦ Actually taking notes is a good idea.

♦I'll be adding more color and stuff later.


Core Structuring of Japanese:

Arrangement of Japanese:

There's a specific arrangement for Japanese this is the order.


The subject is denounced with wa at the end.

example: boku wa ( I in masculine form)

Verb Suffixes:

Verb suffixes denounces whether or not if it's true or false, did or didn't, or happened in the past or present and future. Two main verb suffixes are Desu and Masu.


Meaning: Exists; there is

Pronounced as: des


positive present/future~ desu
positive past ~ deshita
negative present/future~ ja arimasen/ ja nai desu
negative past~ ja arimasen deshita/ ja nakatta desu

Negative meaning not/doesn't exist

Nai adds the nagative effect, but is usually concidered impolite.


Meaning: ~refers to the action of subject or object (in some cases)

Pronounced as: mas


positive present/future~ masu
positive past ~ mashita
negative present/future~ masen
negative past~ masen deshita

Negative meaning not/didn't do action.


Particles are added at the very end of the sentence, particles can add effects of your sentence and sounds very fluent.

ka~ question particle ex. wakarimasu ka = do you understand?
ne~ tag question ( isn't it, don't you) ex. kirei desu ne = pretty, isn't it?
yo~ exclamtion point (i assure you) ex. omoshiroi desu yo = that is interesting!
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