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Posted 12/14/07 , edited 3/22/08
1. HYD1: Rui walking in on Makino in the Bathroom. "You could at least lock the door."

2. HYD1: The scene in the park/street where Doumyouji chases down Makino only to be punched in the face by his sister. Doumyouji tries to pick up Makino in his limo to take her to school, but she gets freaked out and runs away. Then Doumyouji proceeds to chase her down in the park. STALKER!

Doumyouji pulls up in car trying too look all smooth.
"Disgusting," makino mutters
"Oh! It's you!" [looking surprised] "What a coincidence!"
"Parking there is in the way of pedestrians."
[He gets out of car] "What are you doing cutting class?"
"None of your business!"
"Besides, you're cutting school too!"
"I'm on my way now."
"Oh really? Then I'm leaving."
"Hey, hey, hey, you! You haven't fallen in love with me because of that kiss the other day, have you?"
"YOU IDIOT! I can't even understand you!"
"Get in! [recieves confused look from makino] I'll escort you to the hell academy. Get in." [tries to pull makino by the arm in]
"Wai- wai stop! It's impossible!" [she turns around and bolts]
"what? You b*tch!" [doumyouji chases her across a street into a park]
"Wait, you!" [both screaming at each other]
"Stop f*cking around!" [and... doumyouji's sister shows up and smokes him in the face]

3. HYD1: If you panic, turn around.

4. HYD1: [trapped on top of an elevator] Domyouji: AHHH I can't take it anymore, I have to take a piss! [then followed by] Makino: Your hands are dirty! Ahhh I don't want to die!

5. HYD2: Makino getting mugged by 4 African Americans while she's in New York. Haha like I'm sure that would really happen...


7. HYD1: Definite BEST scene is where they break out into a fight in the park. Akira says to Soujiroh: WHY DON'T YOU GO MAKE TEA OR SOMETHING?

8. HYD2: Domyouji: "Because a fig cut into two pieces is shaped like a fig, people say that the sour-sweetness of figs is the taste of love. But for me, love is the taste of the disfigured cookie Makino made for me."

9. HYD2 beginning:
Makino: I am bus!
White guy: What?
Makino: I. AM. BUS.

10. HYD2: Doumyouji: Give him a perm!

11. HYD1:
"sen zai ichi guu." -mom
"That will definitely be on tomorrow's exam." -dad
"When washing clothes, just one cup of detergent is good!" -brother
"Here it is. Detergent, one cup, it's good!" [as dad picks up detergent box]
"Nooo." -mom
"What's the answer?"
"It means the best occasion to meet someone comes once in a thousand years. For example, there's a person you love and admire. He suddenly breaks up with his girlfriend, so now he's free. This is the "senzaiichiguu" chance. That's how it's used."
"Oh, that's how it's used."
"I'm full" -makino
"Tsukushi, you don't want seconds?" - mom
"Somehow, my chest is full." - makino
"I'm done eating too." [brother clasps hands and bows]
"Why are you done too?" - dad
"Somehow... my chest is filled out." - brother

12. HYD1 ep 6 at the zoo...
Doumyouji: MAKINO!
Makino: yes?
Doumyouji: I have to go take a dump!
Makino: Ok... go right ahead...

13. HYD1 - ep 3
Doumyouji's sister tells him at the mansion, in order to be loved, he needs to love first.

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Posted 12/15/07 , edited 12/15/07
nice Scene ..

about me

HYD 1 : The sudden Kiss when Domyouji felt Down with Makino ..

HYD 1 : When Domyouji wait 4 Makino in the First Date ..

HYD 1 : When F4 started fighting each other ..

HYD 1 : The finally episode ..

HYD 2 : First Time Makino See Domyouiji in new york ..

HYD 2 : When Makino says Good Bye to Domyouji .. and then the song " the Flavor of Life " Begin WOOW i really Love this Scene .

HYD 2 : The Last episode .. ^^


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Posted 12/16/07 , edited 12/16/07
HYD1 Makino´s punch in the end of first episode. "I declare war!"
HYD1 Haming yaay!
HYD1 "Are u OK?" "Of course... I´m not!"
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Posted 12/19/07 , edited 12/20/07
OMG! I have so many fave scenes!!! here are some in HYD1
- their first date where domyouji hugged makino because he was so cold.
- the elevator scene where they spent the night together.
- the scene where domyouji let himself be hurt by sakurako's minions because he wanted to protect makino.
- the TOJ contest where domyouji said that he always knew makino was the best.
- the airport scene where makino confessed her love to domyouji.
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Posted 12/20/07 , edited 12/20/07
i have LOTS of fave scenes.
* the first kiss! (:
* the one where domyouji asked makino to go on a date. hahahaha. the one where he circles around and all that.
* the elevator scene. it was priceless lol
* the one where the next day after tsukasa got badly beaten up by sakurako's guards, then he was asking makino to feed him. lol, his reactions and "ahhhhh"
* the one when makino asked domyouji to have a double date. Where tsukasa was playing poker(i think it was poker) then he got pissed of then makino called him then after he hung up he said "yoshhh!" with that big grin on his face
* the last scene, the one in the airport then they kiss (: purrrfect.

there's a lot seriously. haha. all of the scenes there are the best, except the part where makino and tsukasa has a lot of problems and stuffs.
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23 / F / Philippines
Posted 12/20/07 , edited 12/21/07
1. the elevator
2.shizuka's party where they have their first kiss togethr (i think)
3.when sakurako "kidnapped" makino ang tsukasa was hit by sakurako's guards (that made me cry) LOL
4.TOJ contest
5. last episode
1.where they first meet at ny
2.last episode where tsukasa finally remembered tsukushi
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Posted 12/21/07 , edited 12/22/07
' we must be....meant for each other' domnyoji to makino
when they were trapped in a house due to heavy snow....domnyoji put the saturn necklace on makino n said dat words....he finally remember!!!!
--sooo romantic------

but i'm jealous...hehe

'you know, when u cut a fig in half, it looks like a heart, that's why they say its the flavor of love...
but to me...the flavor of love...taste like....the lousy cookie u made' domnyoji to makino.....sooooo sweet.....
and Rui's phone call ruined it all

'dun slobber all over my lips!! i'm not a mudskipper!!' domnyoji to shigeru
--dat hilarious-----

all in HYD2
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Posted 12/22/07 , edited 12/22/07

patience is virtue

anywayz..i have so many fav scenes..can't mention all
Posted 12/23/07 , edited 12/23/07
My favorite part is in HYD2 where they are in that really crappy apartment. Makino flips Domyouji over since he groped her and they both end up falling through the floor into this elderly couples home.
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30 / F / beaverditch
Posted 12/23/07 , edited 12/24/07
omg so many favorite scenes!! let's see...

the part when makino punches domyouji in the face

when domyouji follows makino in his car and when she's standing there waiting to cross the street, he "conveniently" stops in the car in front of her, rolls down the window, and acts all surprised like,"oh! i didn't know you were here!" lol i don't know why but it makes me laugh hehe

the part after the one above where domyouji is chasing makino, only to be punched by his older sister.

when domyouji asks makino on a date, his nervousness was too cute!!

"hummingyay" part lol

the elevator scene-'nuff said XD

when domyouji goes to save makino from sakurako

the part when makino goes on a date with rui and rui walks in on her going to the bathroom

the last scene of the first season, so sweet :]

in the second season where makino gives back the saturn necklace to domyouji, and he throws it into the water saying there's no use for him to keep it. then makino goes into the water to get the necklace back, it showed that she really does care for him, it was quite moving for me hehe

the cabin scene- i started to cry it, was so sweet

the proposal scene, also the part where domyouji says,"would you marry me?" and makino's father says yes lol
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Posted 12/24/07 , edited 12/25/07
ohmygosh! i have many scenes i love
but this one was the best!

hana yori dango 2:
makino say,"Oh uh i dont know him!"
domyouji says,"What are you talking about? sweat honey?!
makino says,"Sweat hunny?!.you mean sweet honey"

hahaha lmfao x]
i loooooved that part!

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Posted 12/27/07 , edited 12/27/07
from HYD 1...

1. Domyouji who was chasing Makino... ended up being punched by his sister (poor Domyouji ~ LOL)
2. Domyouji asks Makino out, and the first date, of course!
3. Rui walking in on Makino in the bathroom
4. The elevator scene (need I say more?)
5. Domyouji rescues Makino from Sakurako... so sweet
6. TOJ contest
7. The confession of Makino (last scene of HYD 1)

from HYD 2:
1. The cabin scene
2. The last scene
3. ( I agree with lalaLeAhLoVeSbE...)

makino say,"Oh uh i dont know him!"
domyouji says,"What are you talking about? sweat honey?!
makino says,"Sweat hunny?!.you mean sweet honey"

really LOL- worthy

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26 / F / Riyadh and Philip...
Posted 12/27/07 , edited 12/27/07
hehe.... elevator scene..
when.. makino just run for tsukasa..
and.. the ending..
hyd1 and hyd2!! rocks!!
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26 / F / Riyadh and Philip...
Posted 12/27/07 , edited 12/27/07
patience is a virtue! hehehehe..
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25 / F / somewhere dancing...
Posted 12/27/07 , edited 12/27/07
i hav many ...... elevator part.....the "SWEET HONEY" part.....the end wen makino pulls domyouji's pink scarf and kisses him....omg love tht part.....i hav mnay more, i will psot them later
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