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24 / F / ♥ In YamaPi's Hea...
Posted 1/11/08 , edited 1/12/08
I loved all the sences everyone mentionsed
elevator seen
being punched by his sister
cabin scene
the fig, love
the floor in her apartment colapsing
the ending on both HYD'S
when he askes her out
when makino gives bak the necklace
resquing makino
rui walks in on makino

11. HYD1:
"sen zai ichi guu." -mom
"That will definitely be on tomorrow's exam." -dad
"When washing clothes, just one cup of detergent is good!" -brother
"Here it is. Detergent, one cup, it's good!" [as dad picks up detergent box]
"Nooo." -mom
"What's the answer?"
"It means the best occasion to meet someone comes once in a thousand years. For example, there's a person you love and admire. He suddenly breaks up with his girlfriend, so now he's free. This is the "senzaiichiguu" chance. That's how it's used."
"Oh, that's how it's used."
"I'm full" -makino
"Tsukushi, you don't want seconds?" - mom
"Somehow, my chest is full." - makino
"I'm done eating too." [brother clasps hands and bows]
"Why are you done too?" - dad
"Somehow... my chest is filled out." - brother

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25 / F / at the computer d...
Posted 1/14/08 , edited 1/14/08
"sleeptalking is different from talking while sleeping"
that's a quote from HYD I
"this cookies tates like...Love"
qoute from HYD II

the scene of the rain(HYD I)
the TOJ contest
the scene at shizuka's party..

the meeting at new york(HYD II)
the scene of suzumu's courting
the scene of goodbye domyouji...

that's all...
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F / philippines
Posted 1/21/08 , edited 1/21/08
my best crying scenes...
1. makino broke up with domyouji...nice scene made me cry 1 litre of tears..hahaha!!
domyouji: have you ever considered me..even once., as an individual guy...?
makino: who knows.? if i was really in love with you..i wouldn't leave you like this...ja ...flavor of life song...
2. season 1 the airport...luv it when domyouji said : but even now, even in the future, even way in the future...
you're still the girl i approved of".....and then the rest of the scene was awesome...
3. best proposal ever.....season 2 ending....(love it when makino walks toward domyouji and holds his hand)....
4. makino talks with domyouji on the phone in the 2nd season...they cried a lot and so was I...
5. valentines...domyouji threw the necklace then makino chased it in the river. ...flavor of life...
6. domyouji said : i have learned from little bro, i remembered my feelings...(something) I maybe in love with you...
7. domyouji saved makino from sakurako..."isn't it obvious? it's because i love you..i love You..kyaa!!!!!
kilig moments....laugh..

1. domyouji ask makino in a date....
2. (2nd season)domyouji holds makino's breast...
3. when they decided makino as his personal maid..."if tama says so, we have no choice"
4. makino was cleaning domyouji's room...akira shows up...they were cleaning all over...
5. at the elevator...
6. makino started living in domyouji's house...
he jumps in the bed like a little kid
he startled when he saw makino at school...."oohh,makino, long time no see,'s our secret..!!"

i love many scenes...but it's long already...
i love their kissing scenes of course( and also when they were about to kiss)
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70 / F / earth.
Posted 1/21/08 , edited 1/21/08
Sooo many awesome scenes, hehe..
HYD 1:
- the elevator scene!
- Rui walking up on Makino in the bathroom, that part was HILARIOUS.. and then Rui's adorable laughter =D
- Sakurako kidnapped Makino and Domyouji came to the rescue~
- TOJ contest~

HYD 2:
- cabin scene~
- the SWEAT honey scene, pahahaha that was rich XD
- the ending <3
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24 / F / in a place all ab...
Posted 1/22/08 , edited 1/23/08
omg i loved everything already mentions especially the elevator.
plus i lik the part where their on the double date n they see a red panda n domyouji thinks its a "lesson" panda lol
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31 / F
Posted 1/23/08 , edited 1/23/08
I Love how Domiouji(spelling sucks!) always gets his wording wrong.
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23 / F / your heart
Posted 1/26/08 , edited 1/26/08
HYD 1: when makino runs after the plane and domyouji gets out
HYD 1: when they kissed during the sun set...
HYD 2: "You may look like Domyouji, but your not really him" made me cry
HYD 2: "I dont want any girl but you, Makino!!" so romantic
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29 / F / Philippines
Posted 1/26/08 , edited 1/26/08
hmmm......i have a lot of fave scences. here are my picks:

HYD 1: Tsukushi punches Tsukasa.

HYD 1: Tsukasa went after Makino when Sakurako kidnapped her.

HYD 1: The elevator scene.

HYD 1: "Lesson panda."


HYD 1: The final episode.

HYD 2: When Tsukushi confessed to Onee-san the she really really loves Tsukasa.

HYD 2: When Tsukasa imagined what will happen if Tsukushi became his personal maid.

HYD 2: Tsukushi was thinking about her future when she was caught in a blizzard.

HYD 2: The cabin scene where Tsukasa got his memory back.

HYD 2: The part where Yuuki and Soujiroh were on top of a building and Soujiroh finds out what Sara truly feels.

HYD 2: The final episode, of course!!! ^_^

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F / here....Matsujun...
Posted 1/31/08 , edited 1/31/08
erm...i laugh my heart out when Domyouji had some naughty fantasies of Makino being his personal maid....suddenly change his mind...'if Tama say so....'
he's such a perverted!!!!

also, when he get all giddy coz Makino will be staying in his house....

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24 / F / California, USA
Posted 2/6/08 , edited 2/7/08
i have soooo many from hyd1~
makino punches domyoji for the first time and domyoji being all shocked
domyoji asks makino out on a date and being all weird and walking in circles
domyoji waiting for makino in the rain
trapped in the elevator
domyoji says i like u to makino after he gets beaten up because of the evil girl who was makino's friend
domyoji hugs and says you're gonna be my wife (or something like that) to makino after she forgives her ex-friend. then makino was like, "EHHHHH????"
when toudou shizuka and domyoji's sister helps makino all the time
toj competition when makino was playing with the mini f4 and laughing weirdly haha
the last kiss before domyoji leaves for new york
can't remember much from hyd2...
makino asks domyoji on a date thru the phone and breaks down crying (i cried at that part)
when hanazawa kisses makino
when domyoji's sister takes makino shopping in new york (lucky girl > <)
everytime domyoji keeps on telling makino that he likes her and can't forget her.
domyoji teaching makino's brother how to ask a girl out
domyoji being baka and think he's the smartest person in the world
cabin part and when domyoji remembers everything again
proposal part (ppl doing waves over and over again in the background)

this can go on for centuries lol... I LOVE THIS DRAMA TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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26 / F / CANADA~
Posted 2/9/08 , edited 2/9/08
Hana Yori Dango I
♥When Makino first meets Hanazawa Rui
♥Domoyoji gets punched for the first time
♥Rui gived Makino his hankerchief at the party
♥Domoyoji first accidentally kisses Makino
♥Domoyoji hugs Makino for the first time
♥Whenever Hanazawa Rui popps out of no where when Makino yells "Unbeliveveable" or something random
♥The whole T.O.J part
♥Makino runs after Domoyoji beside the plane
♥The last kiss ^__^

Hana Yori Dango II
♥How Domoyoji finally regained his feelings for Makino
♥Hanazawa Rui kisses Makino
♥Domoyoji and the F4 teach Makino's brother how to ask that girl out
♥The hug scene where Makino flips Domoyoji for touching her "there" XD
♥The cabin scene
♥The "sweat honey" part xD
♥The last part where Makino runs in after the prom and says she forgot her dress and Domoyoji says "This JUST great" (sarcastically) and has this HILARIOUS expression on his face xDDD <this made me laugh the most for some reason >
♥Where everyone was dancing in sync at the end
♥Where Domoyoji screwed up his marriage proposal to Makino's dad <XD HILARIOUS ! >
♥Last kiss scene once again ^__^

(There are many more but I just can't remember them right now )
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Posted 2/17/08 , edited 2/17/08
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27 / F / cali
Posted 2/17/08 , edited 2/18/08
HYD 1:
-the part where domoyoji accidentally trip and kisses makino after her transformation <3
-the elevator scene, aw...
-TOJ, the fashion part and the part where she is bullied by a bunch of little kids. XD

HYD 2:
-when domoyoji loses his memory >_<"" and when he regains his memory
-when domoyoji becomes makino's landlord
-when he teaches his little bro how to get the girl
-domoyoji having perverted maid fantasies about makino ^_^
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25 / F / Canada
Posted 2/17/08 , edited 2/18/08
I pretty much love everything in Hana Yori Dango. Though I could leave out Junpei and Umi.. Did not like them. Hahaha.

Season One

Domyouji: It's Hummingyay.
Makino: Hummingyay?
Domyouji: Read the book.. The book.

Domyouji: Whoever tries to thwart someone's love should die by being kicked by a horse.

Domyouji: Japanese is my native language so you can't say if it sucks or not.
Makino: I guess you're stupid then.

Domyouji: Look, take my hand!
Makino: No! You didn't even wash your hands!
Domyouji: Are you stupid or something? You're not in any place to say that right now!
Makino: No! This is scary You 're gross. And I don't want to die!

Susumu: I don't remember the sister who raised me to ever be such a slut.
*Mom wailing in the background*

Domyouji: Oh, It's a lesson panda.
Makino: Huh? No, It's a lesser panda.
Domyouji: Huh? Isn't it a lesson panda?
Makino: You're such a mron.
Domyouji: YOU'RE the moron.

Makino's Mom: When you look down on the poor, you get salty!

Domyouji: You're cutest when you smile. And also when you're mad.

Season Two

There is no logic in love.
Falling in love is an irrational thing.
Even just by falling in love with someone,
you'll hurt people, and you'll get hurt yourself.
To be truly in love with someone,
You have to be ready to put your life at risk.

Mimasaka:Hi, My name is Mimasaka. I'm Mimasaka. Wow! You're so pretty!
Girls at the tea school: Oh my!
Mimasaka: Don't you think today is a good day?
Girls: Yes, it is! Mimasaka-san, do you practice tea as well?
Mimasaka: Oh, not really.
Girls: Ehhh?!
Mimasaka: Please teach me, alright?
Girls: Of course.
Mimasaka: Thank you. Do you ever make coffee here? We should all go for coffee sometime.
Girls: Okay! Sure!

Domyouji: Ahh..Hey.. you.. Why haven't I seen much of you lately?
Makino: You're the one who told me to stay away.
Domyouji: Do you... Do you know something?
Makino: I do. But.. I think it'd be meaningless if you couldn't discover it for yourself.

Domyouji: We've taken so many detours. I've out you through so much pain. But I still wanna be with you. So marry me.
Makino: *Sighs* I guess I have no choice, huh? I'll even make you happy.
Domyouji: That's a declaration of war, huh? I'll accept.

Domyouji: Father... Please marry me.
Makino's Dad: It'll be my pleasure.
Makino: You're supposed to ask for his daughter!
Domyouji: Did I blow it?
Makino: Huh? You got it all wrong! Why would you wanna marry my dad?!
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Posted 2/18/08 , edited 2/18/08
HYD I when makino punch him and he wae all shocked
when Domyouji saved makino and took the beatin that just showed that he loved her
HYD 2 the proposal scene
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