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Posted 12/28/07 , edited 12/28/07
#14/Female/Malaysia, Selangor

#A Photographer
#A Pianist
#A Graphic Designer

#Proud to be a Malaysian
#Proud of my studies
#Proud of my family

#True Friendship

#Traitors / Back Stabbers
#Hate ppl who abuse animals (SPCA)

#My name is Zoe.. im a total anime and manga freak.. lol..
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27 / F / ....................
Posted 1/1/08 , edited 1/1/08
16/F/ philippines

>>Dreams/Ambitions(3-5 Things)?
1.become an astronomer,
2.become successful in my endeavors,
3.for my family to live a more carefree life...

>>Proud of(3-5 Thins)?
1. my grades
2. my heritage...
3. my family

>>What You Look 4 In Friends(3-5 things)?
1. shares my same interest
2. trustworthy and fun to be with
3. approachable
4. a person that loves me as i do to her

>>What You Dislike(3-5 Things)?
1. assignments
2. irritating people
3. backstabbers..

>>Anything Else you Need Us To Know?!
1. i love to
2. i also want to become a veterianrian or an archeologist
3. actually uhm.. i think 99%
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31 / F / suna village [♥]
Posted 1/3/08 , edited 1/3/08

FirsT of All im not on my avi.. im on the pic.. TOO baD my faCe didnt captured

*im 20/ femaLe/ live in a PHiLiPPiNes..(shello to all my kababayan!!)
*i want:
a.To become a successful nurse
b.To own a Anime Collection shOP..(like DvDz CDz and Mangaz..etc)
c. My Dream is to Go to JaPan and Cosplay anything i wanna at harajuku...
* having my family and Friendz.. and also God is always with us, not only me

* just be urselF...and so am i..then i will accept who u are
* a histrionic person, dun like Chocolates, and dun like spiderz
*i Love Playing Suikoden!! and O2jam!!!
Thank YoU..(^ ^)
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27 / F / UAE
Posted 1/4/08 , edited 1/4/08
16/f/united arab emarits
2>>Dreams/Ambitions(3-5 Things)?
1- polish my writing/drawing skills
2- learn at least 2 more langs.
3- be the master of myself
4- study abroad
5- be friends w/ different kinds of ppl
3>>Proud of(3-5 Thins)?
1- my family
2- my friends
3- the fact that imMUSLIM
4- being from the prophet's line (if u can get that )
5- myself for putting up so far
4>>What You Look 4 In Friends(3-5 things)?
1- trust from both ways
2- good listeners
3- faithful
4- honest
5>>What You Dislike(3-5 Things)?
1- being doubted
2- back stabbers
3- liars
4- ppl who think they own the world
5- being touched by any 1
6>>Anything Else you Need Us To Know?!
sum times i can be a really thick head

so bare w/ me
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34 / F / Georgia
Posted 1/4/08 , edited 1/5/08
Old enough to know better and still young enough not to listen to myself
Female who lives in Georgia, US Georgiagrits: Georgia Girl Raised In The South.

2>>Dreams/Ambitions(3-5 Things)?
* Finish my Master's in Public Administration / Communication
* To grow old with someone that I love.
* To learn Spanish
* To own my own home
* To live my life as a good person and when it is all said and done with, that I wasknown to be a truly good person, and good friend.
* To have a family

3>>Proud of(3-5 Thins)?
* My parents
* My siblingsand their families. I am the youngest of four girls.
* My neices and nephews are all in school, not on drugs and seem to be getting their young lives started off in right direction.
* Finally, getting the confidence and self-esteem to kick a really mean person to the curb, once and for all.

4>>What You Look 4 In Friends(3-5 things)?
* Honesty
* Open communication: you feel comfortable to say anything at all to that person without judgement.
* Sense of Humor
* Integrity
* Friendly, Fun, and and sometimes Fiesty
* Someone who is there for you and can you see the "real" side, the "good"side, and tell you the truth, whether it is what you want to hear at the moment, but what you NEED to here at the time.

5>>What You Dislike(3-5 Things)?
* Snakes
* Slimy things
* scared to death of being confined in small spaces
* rude people with bad attitudes
* liars
* cheaters

6>>Anything Else you Need Us To Know?!
I love all kinds of movies, videos. My favorites are Sopranos, Godfather series, Casino, Goodfellows, Scarface and most Westerns. I have a thing for cowboys and bad boys.

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31 / F
Posted 1/17/08 , edited 1/17/08

21/ F/ Morocco

2>>Dreams/Ambitions(3-5 Things)?

To visit Japan
To have a good life
To find a job with a high salary
To learn japanese
To watch as many dramas as i can

3>>Proud of(3-5 Thins)?
Proud of my friends
Proud of my sister
Proud of my grandmother
Proud of my dramas and anims collection

4>>What You Look 4 In Friends(3-5 things)?

Friends should listen to you, tell you the truth even if it's difficult, never lie to you, support you, be with you when you need them, help you at anytime even if you call them at midnight, call you often, share a lot of memories with you, never forget your birthday...

5>>What You Dislike(3-5 Things)?

ppl that lie to me, racism, bad attitudes...

6>>Anything Else you Need Us To Know?!

i'm really addicted to dramas and anims... i spend a lot of time on my pc... i think that's all. So, yoroshiku onegaishimasuuu.

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26 / F / ohio as of most r...
Posted 1/17/08 , edited 1/18/08
, im 16 years old, i'm a girl, i live in Puerto Rico.
i wanna be an author, and well, i'd like to learn to play the violin and piano.
i'm proud of being able to write well ( writing fanfic is just practice), that i've survived this long and...that my friends like my writing , it really helps :)
in friends i look for , a sense of humor, individuality, an open mind.
i dont like, people who classifie my in a stereotype, i would just like to be me... um, i dont like people who think that what i do is stupid, i don't like people who have closed their minds to things that are different.
over the rainbow there's a giant bowl of lucky charms just waiting for us to jump in.
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26 / F / United States, TX
Posted 1/19/08 , edited 1/20/08

2>>Dreams/Ambitions(3-5 Things)?
*To make my parent proud of me
*To make some kind of positive effect on this world
*Explore the world
*Make the impossible be possible

3>>Proud of(3-5 Thins)?
*My older sister
*Some teacher

4>>What You Look 4 In Friends(3-5 things)?
*Can tell the different between right and wrong

5>>What You Dislike(3-5 Things)?
*The cold
*The flu
*People that have a jerk personality
*People that's all talk

6>>Anything Else you Need Us To Know?!
I am an anime fan and will always be.
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30 / Secret ^^
Posted 1/19/08 , edited 1/20/08

2>>Dreams/Ambitions(3-5 Things)?
*Bocome good Niten ichi-ryu style swordsman
*Become the desinger of Survival Horror game's and Role Playing Games
*Draw my own manga

3>>Proud of(3-5 Things)?
*Older siblings (brother is an 34years old architect that works in Ireland and sister is an 33 years old good house wife, lawyer and mother of two fine boys)
*My Mother

4>>What You Look 4 In Friends(3-5 things)?
*Interesting in some way

5>>What You Dislike(3-5 Things)?
*People that have a jerk personality
*German language lessons (don't ask why)
*Intolerance for others
*People that give up very quickly

6>>Anything Else you Need Us To Know?!
Well I have many weird hobbies, strange personality and you could find more about me on my profile.
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27 / M / Hell.
Posted 1/19/08 , edited 1/20/08
1. Male, USA
2. Dreams/ambitions
-Publish my journal(s)
-Finish watching Bleach (it goes on and on and on)
3. Proud of...
-My wrestling team, and my friends' teams too (I always want my friends to win more than my teammates)
-Myself, for finally not letting people talk crap to myself and those close to me, and for standing for what I believe in.
4.What I look for in friends...
5.What I dislike...
-People who think wrestling is an excuse to roll around with a man, if it was gay, it would not be a school sponsored sport.
-Fall Out Boy and rap
-People that think I am anorexic, I just have hypoglycemia (my body does not sustain blood sugar, so I barely gain weight)
-People that think I am emo, I just wear black, I have never cut my wrist, I understand not all emo's cut.
-People that judge me and won't let me tell them the truth behind the situation.
6. I love wrestling!! I may not be the best, but the rush of adrenaline is crazy, who needs drugs when you can wrestle. MUSIC IS MY LIFE, whenever I am sad, pissed, or depressed I listen to music, and I am immersed into a painless world. And I only cry when I am mad, never when I am sad, but my eyes water a little when I am depressed.
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25 / F / It's dark and I c...
Posted 1/25/08 , edited 1/25/08
1. 15/female/england
2. to be an actress, to be able to sing (vaguly in tune), to be a blood donor, to have 3-4 children
3. my teeth (sounds odd, but i had to have braces for two years), my family & friends, my brain (its been holding up well so far!), of my sort-of acting ablities
4. honesty, loyalty, sence of humor, unique
5. racists, spiders, eyes (not eyes exactly, but things like people pulling their own eyelashes out), bullies
6. I love drama! I'm kinda a shy person,so when i'm on stage I can be somebody else for a while - it's great! Oh, and i'm very bad with computers...I tend to brake them rather alot.
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31 / F / Tijuana
Posted 1/26/08 , edited 1/26/08

2>> a) Publish my books *-*
b) Professional Drawings *-*
c) Collab in a Videogame or an Anime in the creative or story section or something.
d) Get married with the man that i love...

3>>Proud of:
a) being crazy like a bat-winged goat with a cookies&cream milkshake.
b) being spontaneous all the time.
c) being the best that i can be...and trying to be even better!
d) being very very open minded ^^ its not difficult for me to understand everyone.

4>>What You Look 4 In Friends:
a) that they like cookies&cream milkshakes? (crazy goats as well)
b) Anime/Manga lovers?
c) That they can understand my condition of being multiple people at once ^^
d) and the last... friends who woundn't leave me alone...u_u

5>>What You Dislike:
a) Discrimination.
b) Love Misunderstandings.
c) Chaos in my life.
d) Having low notes on school =_=
e) Not being satisfied with my drawing skills
f) Not even finished a single damn book of mine!
g) Quesadillas with no salsa... (sorry that was very random, im eating right now)
h) being soo awfully LAZY...

6>>Anything Else you Need Us To Know?!
Hmmmmmmmmmmm.....i dont know... maybe that i like to make roleplay in msn,chat,forums and even in live-action? yes, and i love to chat with my own characters, even voice acting them! sometimes my mom gets scared when she see's that im talking to myself and acting as if someone else is ther with me, lot of adventures happen in my own bedroom! its better with the music i select for the scenes and all... is like being in a daily movie ^^ love being myself, well thats all, bye!~~

~Nightmare Masterpiece Was Here~
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43 / M / ooooooooooooooooo...
Posted 1/26/08 , edited 1/26/08

2>>Dreams/Ambitions(3-5 Things)?
1- to become a hostess
2- to earn as much good friends as I can
3- to live my life to the fullest
4- to find someone ,fall in love with him till , live with him the rest of my life & die in his hands

3>>Proud of(3-5 Thins)?
1- myself (sometimes)
2- some of my skills
3- my parents
4- the way i draw

4>>What You Look 4 In Friends(3-5 things)?
1- Loyalty
2- Honesty
3- Sence of humor
4- Anime lovers (just like me)

5>>What You Dislike(3-5 Things)?
1- Sheating
2- Dishonest
3- playing with someones fellings
4- I guess that's all for now

6>>Anything Else you Need Us To Know?!
I have a lot of hobbies I almost love to do alot of things at the same time it's just fun also that I realy like to know alot of people
they may become my friends and may not i just love to know alot of peopls and also want to have alot of friends too
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28 / F / Right behind you!
Posted 1/26/08 , edited 1/27/08
1.) 17/female/US
2.) To be an comic artist or animator
3.) My family, my friends, and myself
4.) Honesty, trustworthy, understanding, dependability, and sense of humor
5.) Hypocrasy, racism, zealots of any kind, lies, and people who don't keep their temper in check
6.) I'm super special, because my mom told me so! :B
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27 / M / Everywhere;]
Posted 1/30/08 , edited 1/30/08
16/M/Poland, Japan in near future;]

2>>Dreams/Ambitions(3-5 Things)?
1- to learn Nihongo
2- to catch some sleep once in a while
3- to be myself till I die
4- to see anna in...

3>>Proud of(3-5 Thins)?
1- some of my skills
2- determination
3- my cookings^^
4- my perversity

4>>What You Look 4 In Friends(3-5 things)?
1- Smile
2- humor
3- individuality

5>>What You Dislike(3-5 Things)?
1- Noise
2- Lies
3- mine sister recipes

6>>Anything Else you Need Us To Know?!
I like to sleep as long as I can, i love to dance with friends near our department shop, I am not someone who can be hurt easily and i like all people as long as they dont do something what could make me hate them^^
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