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28 / F / Sunin' Village
Posted 5/1/08 , edited 5/2/08

Kinsey scale: about a 5-6

I'm bi. Only my friends know (my family would freak if they knew the truth). I've been in many relationships, mainly with girls because guys don't tend to like the heavy set girls. Most the time I say I'm straight because some people get offended otherwise. I like a lot of things, my favorites are anime, cars and reading. I do write a lot too though. I'm a senior in high school and hope to do some computer tech in college. Anything else you want to know, just ask, I'll be happy to tell you.
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29 / M / UK
Posted 5/2/08 , edited 5/2/08

Kinsey Scale: 6, maybe 5

Erm, yeah so Im attracted to guys and have never thought of girls that way...But if Im drunk I do have the habit of making out with my friends (who are girls) thus the 5! First experience with a guy was when I was 4, me n my friend, but tht was it until i turned 15 and realised I was much wasted time
I like anime, dont have a tv anymore but I did like tv! Reading and just going random walks with friends! Currently looking for a job and goin to college in September hopefully! No clue what else to say
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Posted 5/10/08 , edited 8/19/08
I'M Tina
31 year old single-MOM!!!
I'am opened minded and easy to chat with, so if you have a question, COME ON!!lol
I think people should live and love how they like!
Posted 5/11/08 , edited 5/12/08
16/female/Illinois. I'm Taylor but call me Flour, pleez.

Kinsey--only about a 2 or a 3 XDD

Just a sophomore in high school ^^" I've known for a while, tho. A few experiences. I don't date a whole lot because im not good at keeping promises with that sort of thing. N yeah, I like girls, but sad to say I'm a little bit more into guys. If I'm real attracted to a girl, it's because she's really special. N that's about it
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31 / M / Arizona, USA
Posted 5/12/08 , edited 5/12/08
Hi I'm ~*MagyK*~ (that is my rave name)

20/M/Arizona soon to be SoCal (california) U.S.

I work... go to school a little... and well don't seem to do too much of anything else lately. LOL. I rave on occasion because I'm still a few months too young to go to any decent clubs here in AZ. I love to dance, in a club setting or a dance room/studio. I love to sing and enjoy acting. I was in the top theater, choir, and dance at my HS and went on to be on the dance company in college... but kinda stopped the other ones. Theres just not enough time in the day, although now I think I could.

I would say I'm a 5... because there are a couple girls I would have thought of dating back in my younger years only because they are amazing artists... but I could never actually be with them physically. It would scare me LOL.

Have any questions just ask, i like questions ^_^
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29 / F / Here
Posted 5/25/08 , edited 5/26/08
I am almost sixteen, biologically I am a female, and where I live is none of your concern.
That last part wasn't meant to sound rude, but since I am typing the tone of my voice can't really point that out.

Hmm.. I am a 5 on that scale, I guess.
I am definitely attracted girls. They're just cuter to me.
But there has been a single guy that has caught my eye at least a smidge, here and there.

I am going to be a junior in high school, and I hate school with a undying passion.
I have a "I don't give a damn" personality. I have a lot of pride.
I love music, anime and manga. There's so much I could write, and It could never be enough.
You should just get to know me yourself. :)
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31 / F / California
Posted 5/28/08 , edited 5/28/08
F/21/USA Kinsey: 4 or 5... I really like women a lot.
I'm a Nursing assistant (i take care of the elderly) My favorite color is black.... I'm a cat person, and I love anime

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24 / F / England
Posted 6/6/08 , edited 6/6/08

Kinsey scale: 5 or 6; it's hard to tell, because while I really like girls and find the male body disgusting, when guys are fully dressed, they can be pretty good-looking, and some people might say that makes me more a 5, but I'm not sure.

I enjoy writing, especially poetry. I like to debate, and, of course, I love anime and manga. (in fact, I just got volume two of Demon Diary today. ) I am very pleased that there is a group like this on here. It's always good to know there's somewhere no-one will discriminate against you for your sexual orientation.
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26 / F / /cm/
Posted 6/11/08 , edited 6/12/08

Kinsey scale I'd be a 4-5. I'm still teetering whether I'm bisexual or lesbian, though.

Let's see I enjoy sketching, learning useless information, arguing, and graphic designing. I just completed my second year in high school [sophomore]. My career ambition is to be an animator.

Great to see a group like this! :]
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28 / F / Cyberspace =P
Posted 6/12/08 , edited 6/12/08
17/female/US(Maryland x])

For the Kinsey scale I'm probably like a 2-3.

Of course I like anime lol. I love video games and want to make them one day. I just got out of high school(YES! XD) Hmmm what else can I tell?I act like a little kid sometimes but I guess thats what some people like about me. lol Well I haven't came out to my family just a few of my close friends I guess that's it! lol I was surprised to find a group like this but I'm glad I did(A.K.A. I was being nosy on Raito's page and saw this group )
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35 / F / Angono Rizal
Posted 6/18/08 , edited 6/18/08
hi to all

i'am crrently working as a sped teacher im teaching kids with slow learning difficulties. im 24 from philippines i starting to feel this when i was young as 6 yrs old i feel like im women and i dress like a women my suppoted me so much actualy my dad he is the one who buy all my needs like undies,make up and cloths im very happy that may family supported now that im happy with my fiance he is a bi guy he is working and studying cause he want to be an acountant someday next year we have plan to settle down
and my mom and dad say yes thats why im very happy because i have very supported family and a verry loving bf

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28 / F / texas!
Posted 6/20/08 , edited 6/21/08
Kinsey scale: 3

Howdy! I'm a 2nd year college student but I unfortunely have no idea what I want to do with my life at this moment in time. I love animals and I have raised some realy odd ones like emus and wolves! my mom is bi and my bro and cus are both gay so when they found out they were not verry shocked. I am just getting out of being shy so please buddy me
Posted 6/23/08 , edited 6/23/08
Hi everyone. I'm Heather, 19, USA and I am a transexual woman. Seeing as how i am engaged to Andrewb_1 I may be either a 0, cause it's a man woman thing, or a 6 if you get technical. It's rather confusing, buti'm happy with my man. I'm actually far enogh a long to be on hormones and starting to physically change my body from male to female. The only major differences i've noticed is that my facial hair has slowed to nearly a stop and the rest of my body hair has ceased to grow. I'm losing weight and muscles mass. And my weight is shifting to a more feminine look (hour glass figure). I'm generally open and if anyone has any questions feel free to ask. Other than that I am totally okay and happy!
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78 / M
Posted 7/23/08 , edited 7/24/08
Hi I'm... erm... call me JT. 17 from Philippines but now in the US.

Kinsay Scale: definitely 6!!!

I would love to have queer friends in my friend list so please feel free to add me up.
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28 / F
Posted 7/23/08 , edited 7/24/08
oh wow all the cool people are writing in here so i should probably write a little about myself too XD hehe

kinsey scale: 6 i find REALLY femme guys quite hot though XD ;P i guess that still makes me completely gay since they are pretty much girls(except their body parts of course) its confusing ;P

ummm nothing else interesting about me really. Oh I'm Nan, feel free to add me ^-^
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