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Posted 5/6/07 , edited 5/7/07
Ok, I dont know if anyone knows this, but there is a dot hack game in japan that the players go and play. you can create your own character. The only downside I see in this is that the game only features characters and classes from .hack Infection 1-4.

Other than that, would would probable play it. and its not because i hope to fall into a coma or anything. >>

Anyway, if you want this game to come to america, yell and complain all you can at Bandai and Cyber2Connect
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Posted 5/7/07 , edited 5/8/07
Yeah... a lot of my friends are mad that the actual MMO of .Hack isn't coming out here. There are lots and lots of kids that I know that were so eager for this to come to America, only to have their hopes shot down. (I happen to be one of them...) I've seen a couple petitions floating around the internet, but I don't really think they'll do anything.
In the end, whatever they think will make them the most money will be released, with as little work done to it as possible. :p
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