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Jiraiya lays face down with spikes driven into his back. As blood run out he weakly thinks that he has to tell them who Pain is. He wonders if he is to fail here and begins to lose consciousness. Jiraiya flashes back to when he was younger. He sits before Hokage Mountain at various stages of his life writing in a book. He considers that a shinobi's life is evaluated not by how they lived, but by all they did before they died. Based on that though, his life was a failure. He was rejected by Tsunade, was unable to prevent Orochimaru from leaving and could not protect his master and student. Compared to the Hokage, his life was a waste. He believed that even though he failed in life, he could make up for that with some accomplishments. But he couldn't even do that, he failed at stopping Pain and Akatsuki. Jiraiya states the Tale of the Gallant Jiraiya wasn’t worth anything. But a voice offers that isn't true. We cut to the Fourth Hokage's home. Minato holds Jiraiya's book and states it's great. Since it's based on Jiraiya's adventures, it's like an autobiography. An embarrassed Jiraiya offers that it didn't sell and he should probably just focus on his erotic novels. Minato offers that he liked how the hero never gave up, just like his sensei. And he hopes his own child is like the title character, so would Jiraiya mind if he uses that name? Jiraiya is shocked and states he simply thought of the name while eating ramen... A pregnant Kushina offers that "Naruto" is a fine name. Jiraiya laughs feeling unworthy and asks if that means he's the godfather. Minato states there's no one better than such a skilled and unique shinobi. Jiraiya thinks over his time with Naruto and the young mans strength and dedication. He considers how Naruto was like that hero and how he lived up to his parents dreams. We then cut to the Sannin battle, atop a snake Jiraiya and Orochimaru battle. Orochimaru offers that the true measure of a shinobi's life is based on how many jutsu they mastered. Jiraiya says no, a ninja is one who endures and has a strong spirit. He then considers Naruto, since he never went back on his word or gave up, neither will he as his master. Jiraiya regains consciousness and begins to stir; thinking that the pupil’s way should be the master's too. The father toad is shocked at how Jiraiya willed himself back to life. Pain asks Jiraiya if his heart did indeed stop? Jiraiya looks to the father toad and the summon offers his understanding. The toad slips out of his robe to the ground before Jiraiya. Jiraiya activates chakra on his finger and begins to write on the toad's back. The toad suddenly understands and Jiraiya considers that his true choice was whether to give up. He won't. He realizes that Naruto was the child of prophecy and he now leaves everything to him...

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