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I searched for Grandia and browsed through the list to see if this topic hadn't been made and I couldn't find it on the first few pages so..

Grandia (Game Arts/ESP, Sega Saturn/Sony PlayStation): Grandia's story focuses around Justin, a young boy who desires to be a great adventurer. While investigating a ruin of the lost Angelounian Civilization, he hears a mysterious request to come east and find out the secret of why these ancients mysteriously disappeared. The resulting adventure takes Justin across the sea to new continents, and even beyond the known end of the world. Graphically, the game used character sprites in a 3D world, rather than polygonal character models that later came to favor. The battle system, like Game Arts' Lunar series before it, placed emphasis on the combatants' location in the field. However, while Lunar only allowed you to set the team's position in battle, Grandia had characters move to appropriate positions during battle and allowed the player to have them move elsewhere to avoid attacks or reach a more advantageous position. Also notable was how characters could counter or disrupt enemy attacks, leading to a very interactive experience. A port of Grandia to the PlayStation was made in 1999, and had only aesthetic changes.

So discuss your progress, what you liked, what you didn't, how hardcore your characters werre, etc.

I'm currently working on getting up Justin's, Rapp's and Feena's weapons before moving on to magic, working on my perfect save. Justin's sword is 99 and his Mace/Hammer is in the 80s. His Fire is only like 43, as is his Earth but his Water and Wind are both 99 thanks to the skill "Freeze!" which I use on groups on 9 Gaia slimes on the 2nd floor of Gaia. His turn always comes fast regardless of what move he used the turn before, say for example..he used Dragon Cut, before anyone else can have a turn it would be his again. >=]
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i couldnt really get into this one.
it looked ugly as sin and didnt really pull me in.
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i played grandia 1 on the ps and grandia 2 on the pc

too bad i dont have a ps2 i wanna play the other grandia games
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