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great game, there hasnt been a thread basically just for this so i thought i would post and talk a lil bit about it.

heres the link,

create a character and leave me as the referal, ill get a bonus, but u also get a bonus of 100 stamina when u sign up with the referal, and 100 stamina is very useful * more detailed create a char guide below*

*i got this from Autiz on a dif forum and when i read it i thought it was great so i decided to just put it here since it cant be explained better ^_^*

There is a new game based on naruto
JUST PLAY FOR A WEEK. everyday just 10 minutes of playing. GUARANTEE ADDICTED !!!

Strategies to get to the top of your class.
There are great bonuses in getting to be the top person in your class be that Genin, Chunin, Special Jonin, or Jonin.

You get a 2000 Ryo bonus for just being in the top 20 overall players. If you're the top five in your class you also get a 10% ryo bonus in the next day's missions. You get 5000 Ryo on top of the 2000 for being number one in your class.

I wanted to list a few strategies on how to accomplish these tasks.

First and foremost... learn the Hottie Regeneration Jutsu as soon as you are able. She is available as a trainer in Andromeda village if you are not lucky enough to have won her on the party wheel. Believe me it's worth the 300,000 XP. She gives 100 extra stamina at the cost of losing your ability to use chakra for the rest of the day and the entire next day.

Next... Patrol or look for resources for the village. Patrolling gets you 5000 xp and resourcing gets you 7000. For the most part it's more than you can get in two fights and it's automatic. No failures.

Try to make a team so good for your mission type that you do not have to use your chakra. Using your chakra and repeatedly charging it costs you stamina that could be earning you xp.

Sparring can help, but that puts you firmly in the hands of lady luck. You can make great XP if you win, less if you tie and half if you lose. It's better to do missions that you can win reliably if the XP is good enough. For example B missions get you over 2000 XP every time if you have a good team and the right abilities. (White eye Taijutsu special jonin with Terry, Lil' Whitey and Bruce Jr. and Gentle Fist Jutsu can rock B-rank taijutsu missions like they aren't even there without using ANY chakra.)

When we get into the NWW spying can net you 12,000 ranking xp and successfully attacking a village can get you 20,000 ranking xp.

Also the Blue hairpin quest can give you a lot of bonus XP when you need it. Getting the three parts of the hairpin and doing the special mission when you have 30 stamina left will completely refill your stamina when you complete the mission.

Of course there's the extra stamina bonuses received for entering the number on the anime versus home page every single day. Never ever neglect to do that. You won't regret it.

First steps for those who want to join:

1. Go the the log-in page, preferrably by clicking on the link in Arwint Signature
2. Click on "Create a Character"
(You can create and play with up to three characters from one IP address)
3. Fill in the boxes to create the name you will be playing with.
4. Choose the stats you are starting with
(The three stats mentioned -Tai, Gen, Nin - are different skills you will use. Since you will have to level up (improve) all three of them eventually, it isn't that important what values you choose here)
5. Choose your bloodline
There are three bloodlines: White Eye, Red Eye, Legacy of the Hero. Each of them gives you a different special power, as explained there. You cannot change your bloodline (afaik) once you start playing. (FWIW... I prefer the White Eye to the Red Eye, since it helps finding items that help a lot with special missions, but that's just me *shrugs* )
6. Follow the rest of the instructions on that page, and voilà: you're in

Your personal goal is to improve your attributes/skills (jutsus), and complete special missions that will give you items and allies and increase your rank.

When you have joined a Village (of course you are especially welcome to join the Hellmouth, Tardis, and Andromeda Village ), its welfare will also be something you might want to look after. In exchange, the village helps you to get items and level up, not to speak of the chance to participate in the War.

Once you have started, you will want to become a "Genin" by clicking on "Go on a mission" and following the instructions. They are quite easy to follow, and show you the basis actions your character has to do throughout the game, so I think you will be able to take it from here

lastly, remember to have fun, and u can add me on there and here to chat, once ur chunin u can send messages to people and receive.
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oh yea if u have any questions just let me kno here and ill answer ya
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looks gay...not appealing. i'll stick w/ somethng better
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its only like a 10 min thing and it gets addicting after like 2-3days lol
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haha wat did u do?
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