Suggest Animes?
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I've watched naruto, bleach, midori no hibi, ikkitousen, DearS, Onegai teacher, Onegai Twins, Avatar and Full Metal Alchemist

I was wondering if Onegai Twins was only a 13 episode series like Onegai Teacher.
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try D N Angel, Tsubasa Chronicle, Tokyo Mew Mew, Love Hina
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will do, mildew!
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GreekCotan wrote:

I've watched naruto, bleach, midori no hibi, ikkitousen, DearS, Onegai teacher, Onegai Twins, Avatar and Full Metal Alchemist

I was wondering if Onegai Twins was only a 13 episode series like Onegai Teacher.

Yeah, Onegai Twins was only one season.

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Thanks, I just wanted to know cause the ending didn't seem like one, compared to Onegai Teacher which im surprised they had a second series.

Also is Ikkitousen a 13 episode series?
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There's already a thread for recommendations.
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ive decided to watch as many of them as i can
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Hope this helps.

Stuff to see before your short, insignificant, unfulfilled life ends, WARNING:These shows might require an IQ:

#1 Neon Genesis Evangelion(duh! the most human story ever told, not written on the 5th grade level, pacifist as main character-not so great but deep ]:)- )
#1 Saikano(only show to compete with Evangelion and hold its ground, sadder than trying to wish dead puppies back to life)
#2Macross Zero(Evangelion meets Cowboy Beebop, shorter than FLCL and just as deep)
#2 Cowboy Bebop(realistic world, real tragedy, poetic)
#5 Outlaw Star(fun to watch, space romance)
#7Trigun(nostalgic, too pacifistic)
#6Tenjou Tenge(hells yeah,everything Elfen Lied should have been,weak ending)
#6 Zoids(Chaotic Century/Liger Zero=awesome, romantic,creative mech fights, but Fuzors/Genesis=shameless marketing)
Welcome To NHK(ahh, the mind of a pervert, feels like home)
#3 FLCL(South Park and Neon Genesis on acid)
#4Animatrix(wow (0..o) )
#4 Ghost In The Shell(super-realistic future, prophecy)
#5 Blue Gender(realistic romance, realistic death)
#7Akira(creative, overacted animation)
#5 Gantz(disturbing, perverted, frustrating to watch, real-life baby)
#10Fullmetal Alchemist(terrible ending, cool special effects, sombering)
#9Beating Angel Dokura-something (ecchi and funny as hell, terrible ending)
#8Naruto(might get boring but hang in for the insane fight scenes)
#7 Samurai Champloo(smooth, like a pimp)
Martian Successor:Nadesico
Last Exile(ending might be bad, gorgeous settings)
#6 Paranoia Agent(chilling)
#4Hayao Myazaki films(make you as bubble-eyed as an Japanese, lolicon, anime, catgirl kindergartener, inspiring)
Avatar: the Last Airbender(gets better as it goes, needs nudity)
Maburaho(super clever plot for an ecchi)
#3 0080 Gundam:War In The Pocket(sad as hell)
#9 Chobits(unedited please, the manga was so sad and ecchi, and they pulled it off)
Mobile Suit Gundam(survival Nietche-style, terrible graphics)
G Fighter Gundam(creative fights, romance not phony)
#2 Battle Royale(not an anime, Lord Of The Flies-disturbing as hell)
Melancholy of Haruhi Suzuyumi(hi-larious, sarcastic with sharp wit)
Beating Angel Dokurachan(horny, hi-larious, 4th worst ending)
#8Case Closed(clever, never boring, weak animation)
Kare Kano/His and Her Circumstances(true romance, Evangelion but happy)
Digimon(seasons 1-3, my childhood secret,Pokemon but with trauma)
Lupin III(clever, funny, terrible animation, too long)

Judgement In Progress:

GunXSword(good plot, might sell out to gratuitous mech fights)
Speedgrapher(heard great things)
Wing Gundam(the movie was great, but the series is little bishouju)
Serial Experiments Lain(have to see for myself)
Death Note(is so clever, must finish)
The other Gundams(usually overrated and never great, just flashy)
Gunslinger Girls(must finish)
Air Gear(fanservice, cool gadgets, looking for plot)
Blood+(great visuals, might be another Elfen Lied)
Bleach(manga is better so far, might be another DBZ but with swords)

Need to be redone/avoid like the plague list:

Inuyasha(ditsy, boring, long, cliche emo)
Sailormoon(ditsy, not funny, gay for girls AND boys!)
Witch Hunter Robin(boring, bad ending, great new idea)
Trinity Blood(cockamamy, cliche plot)
Elfen Lied(clumsy execution, cliche, pretentious hentai,5th worst ending)
Wolf's Rain(dumbest ending ever, download all of Yoko Kanno's music)
Pokemon(children's crap)
One Piece(long, too childish)
Rorouni Kenshin(gay, unrealistic, indecisive, not like Samurai X)
One Piece(childish attempt at action, long)
Eureka Seven(seriously boring, giant rip-off)
RahXephon(confusing, a rip-off, AND boring)
Gundam SEED(pretty, new, sucks for 48 eps, the end should be a movie)
Transformers(never been worth jacksh**, same plot recycled in all the other series)
Big O(stupid plot, big budget stinker, 2nd worst ending)
Gravitation(all the cheesy romantic crap, but completely gay, life and times of Britney Spears)
Kiddy Grade(weak ecchi, ripoff of Outlaw Star/Cowboy Beebop/Ghost in The Shell)
Dot Hack Sign(great music, great visuals, deadly boring with 3rd worst ending)
Azumanga Diaoh(cute, but not epic funny, Garfield-like, read manga instead)
Air(how stupid do they think people are?, most boring ecchi based on hentai a game)
DragonballZ(and onward, Dragonball was decent but silly)
Super Milk Chan(only the poetry and the music were worth squat)
Spider Riders(absolute crap)
RaveMaster(boring, useless plot)
Ah!My Goddess(ditsy, boring, seriously stupid, 6 eps-relationship went nowhere, kill me!)
Bobobooboob(however you say that, it's too retarded)
Zatch Bell(nice morals, then it gets retarded and cockamamy)
S-cry-ed(6th worst ending, cockamamy, aimless emo fighting)
Ikkitousen(pretentious hentai,plot-rape of Tenjou Tenge, ditsy)
DearS(the plot-rape of Chobits, beats the Chobits anime but the Chobits manga pwns it all night long. HARD.)

Shame on you people who recommend without telling the downside. And then trying to force your awful favorites on limited bandwith.

I regret nothing and trust no one. ]:)-
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lol buso renkin aint bad but it still at its 3rd episode =/ and i agree wif dn angel its a pretty nice anime wif a nice ending^^
another few is zero no tsukaima / full metal panic
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Like what BasouKazuma said, a replicate exists. Gotta have to lock this

(But I agree that Buso Renkin is rather nice, I just didn't really like how 'Power Rangery' it was when they called their weapons up. The rest is good though. But Ima suggest Higurashi no Naku Koro ni before locking up. )
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