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Which car do u drive?

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34 / M / canada
Posted 7/5/15 , edited 7/6/15
I've got a few

the daily
2002 525i

the second daily.. unless its winter or crappy outside..
2008 saturn sky

my baby!
1968 firebird

the oddball wierdo car that I love, despite it being the worst car ever made, its also the most unique

and the brand new addition to the family... i need to do alot of work to it though
1999 xk8 coupe
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30 / M / Oklahoma
Posted 9/21/15 , edited 9/21/15
I'm surprised this group is even moderately active. Welcome to the group jimbobwie.

Since my last post, I had a 1998 Acura Integra. Didn't get that SR5 but I have gotten several cars between then and now. I traded that 98 Integra for my absolute dream car of a 1989 Mazda RX7 TII which I still have. I've had a 2000 Jetta VR6, 2000 BMW 323i, 2000 Honda Accord, and 1988 Mazda RX7. However, the only car that stuck with me between then and now was that original RX7. I recently just bought a 2015 WRX as pictured below, the red 2012 Impreza is my wifes car. Oh yeah, I got married last year. As you can see that engine right there is a LS3 which is in neither car. Where does it go? My RX7 or the lawnmower, whichever I get too first.

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26 / M / knoxville tn
Posted 1/27/16 , edited 1/27/16
well ive had a few cars
so heres a list
my first cars was a land rover disco 1
my second car was a toyota 4runner limited
now im working on my mr2 mk1 sw20
heres some pics

this is my land rover before the wreck

here it is after

and this is my for runner limited
i took this photo while on a trail run with my friends

as for the mr2 sw20 im still working on it so i dont have any photos

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