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Hey everybody its that time again...the exams will be posted for the chance to become a squad lieutenant and possibly even a chance to become a captain..but in order to do that you need to pass all of the exams. otherwise you will remain just a regular shinigami.and to prevent everyone from flooding the ranks all at the same time, if u fail one of the tests then you will have to wait 3 days untill u can retake the meantime u can continue to take the other tests...the first ones to pass the exam will be able to choose their squad(1-13) that they will be the captain of...the others who pass will have to apply to the captain for the position of lieutenant there will be 4 sets of questions the members who pass will be able to choose what captain they wanna be then they will make there own questions for there squad the question must be over 9 these questions will be sent to me Unstoppalebatman or any of the other mods listed here.... Tempchanja, 13loodrose, Darknumb1204 , lacus190 and Akatsuki_Pein. Whoever you send it 2 will post it here also send us all the answer to your question' s so it can be easier for us to determine whether or not the person who send us the answer is correct. But i suggest that you send it to all of them so if the one you send your answer 2 is not online and the other is that mod will be the one that check your answers as for the espada mods will automatically become a member of the espada but if they wanna be a captain they will be remove from the espada and will have to take the exam questions.

if any of the captains or vice captains wanna become an espada the captain will have to answer 5 question' s and the vice captain would have to answer 8 the captain will answer the first 5 question' s out of the 8 send the answer to the first list of mods

EXAM IS NOW OPEN:This will decide who become captains you must complete both sets of questions if you fail you wont be able to take the test again for 3 days plz send all 20 question' s together thanks

First 10 question' s

1. They were once espada but was demoted by aizen's favorite artificially-created arrancar ?

2. Name 19 Numeros ?

3. Who is the hollow that evaded the shinigami for 50years, also responsible for the death of ichigo's mother ?

4. What is the name of ichigo's mother ?

5. What is the name of ichigo's childhood friend and karate partner ?

6. What are the name of the three workers in Urahara Shop ?

7. They are outcast shinigami who illegally gained hollow powers ?

8. Name 4 modified souls?

9. They are a clan of humans with supernatural powers comparable to that of the Quincy ?

10. What do you call the six spirits which embody orihime inoue's power ? Name them.

Second 10 question' s

1. What is the name of the artificial body that allows shinigami to remain in the human world for anextended period, either due to temporary loss of powers or extended missions ?

2. What act as the shinigami judiciary and are responsible for judging and sentencing shinigami who have committed serious crimes, such as murder or treason ?

3. Who is the the captain of the 12th division? And what is the name of his zanpakuto ?

4. What is the name of byakuya's wife ?

5. Name all the 10 Bounts(bountou) including there dolls ?

6. he was an espada who was killed by rukia ?

7. It is the primary weapons of the shinigami and the embodiment of a shinigami's power ?

8. It is the area between the human world and Soul Society ?

9. Who was the former leader of soul society's special forces who can transform into a black cat ?

10. Name all the zanpakuto of the 12 captains(including the former captain of 3rd, 5th and 9th division) ? Kenpachi's Zanpakuto not one of them since it has no name.

ESPADA EXAM OPEN: To take the Espada Exam you need to be a captain or vice captain vice captains must answer all 8 questions and the captain must answer the first 5 questions.

1. How many souls were absorbed including Kaien-dono ?

2. Where did Kaien-dono first train rukia….. full name and what distracted her there ?

3. What is “Stag Beetle’s ? name full

4. What sentence caused Ichigo to attack Ulquiorra when he didn’t intend to fight ?

5. Who said this “Im going to rip her nails off ?

6. Who is Zaela Pallo’s bro ? and what purpose did he serve ?

7. What is customary in soul society for company leaving ?

8. Name the three creatures that show orihime that the barrier is a barrier. & who created it ?

2nd division exam
send answers to kitty8you

1.Who is Soi Fong's mentor?

2.What is Soi Fong's birthname?

3.How many of Soi Fong's brothers died during missions for the special forces?

4.What does Soi Fong's zanpakuto Suzumebachi mean?

5.Soi Fong is the commander of the special forces also known as what?

6.What flower is the insignia for the 2nd division?

7.Who says "Smash!, Gegetsuburi to activate their shikai?

8.Who shattered Marechiyo Omaeda's shikai with one punch?

9.What bount was killed by Soi Fong?

10.What is Soi Fong's lieutenant's full name?Why it it so long?


1. What is Byakuya's "Family Title"?

2. What does Byakuya's Bankai name mean?

3. Name the four forms of Byakuya's Bankai.

4. What spells can Byakuya cast w/o incantation?

5. What is the symbol put on Captain and Lieutenant of the 6th Division, to limit their power in the
human world?

6. Name Renji's Bankai.

7. Name Renji's Bankai's most powerful attack.

8. Name the two divisions Renji was in before becoming Lieutenant of the 6th.

9. What do the Tattoos on Renji stand for?

10. What does the power limit symbol of the 6th squad mean?

send your answers to lacus190

1.) What is the name of the 10th division's vice captain?

2.) Whats the nickname of hitsugaya? (given by momo hinamori)

3.) Give the complete district of which hitsugaya came from...

4.) What is the name of hitsugaya's zanpakuto?

5.) Give 2 special techniques of his zanpakuto...

6.) Who is hitsugaya's childhood friend?

7.) What's the name of the 10th squad captain's zanpakuto?

8.) Who is the voice actor of Toushirou Hitsugaya?

9.) Who is the voice actor of the 10th squad vice captain?

10.) What is the translated name of hitsugaya's bankai?

send your answers to johnbatista then ask him to send your name over to any of the mods listed above

1.What does the name "Kenpachi" means ?

2.Where did Zaraki Kenpachi live before being a captain ?

3.Why does he wear bells and a eye patch ?

4.Kenpachi has shown human emotion and caring for two things,what are they ?

5.Whats the seat of Yachiru Kusajishi, Ikkaku Madarame, Yumichika Ayasegawa, Makiz-- Aramaki and
serider hagoshiro ?

6.Name the former 11 squad members ?

7.What did Zaraki say when he first arrive to squad 11?

8.What is the name for Ikkaku Madarame zanpatou shika and bankai ?

9.Who did Zaraki wanted to fight so much ?

10.How many fights did zaraki get into ?

12TH DIVISION EXAM SEND ANSWERS TO ItachiUchiha24 OR unstoppalebatman

1.What does the name "Kurotsuchi" mean?

2.What color is Mayuri's hair?

3.Who was the head of the Shinigami Research Institute before Mayuri?

4.What did Mayuri turn into after his battle with Uryu?

5.What is the name of Mayuri's bankai?

6.What is the name of the Bount and its doll that Mayuri fought?

7.What does Nemu give Uryu as thanks for not killing Mayuri?

8.What was the result of Mayuri's combination of research in artificial souls and artificial bodies?

9.Why did Mayuri hold back the shinigami forces when Soken Ishida was being attacked by hollows?

10.What deal was made between Uryu and Mayuri

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tell u 1 advice ,for each division,the exam will be the division related question ok?
example - 10th division exam will be his division related question like who is the captain and vice captian....

i request for hitsugaya!
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if can i request zaraki !!
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we'll have to fight for that position tiaragodx.....
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i lazy to do the second 10.........
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i cant even do qns no 2!! dam...
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hey at my division why is there extra 8 questions?
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lacus190 wrote:

hey at my division why is there extra 8 questions?

That is the Espada quiz. I think it was just an honest mistake.
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wth...i tot i hav alr done it
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