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Posted 12/19/07 , edited 12/19/07
Anything bothering you? If you cant defeat a boss tell me here and I'll tell you how. Or if your stuck on a particular part.

BONUS! INFINITE LAUNCHER. To get it complete the game, then select load, select 'new round' and it will be available from the merchant for 1,000,000 pitasas. To get this amount of money, sell all your weapons leaving the matilda handgun behind. Dont panic it's your current top weapon. Then purchase treasure maps and find all the treasure.
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Posted 1/5/08 , edited 1/5/08
In resident evil 4 the rocket launcher takes out any boss... kind of stupid imo.
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It would be at the very start, but its only right at the end, it's kind of a fun thing, to see all those zombies getting blown to bits hehehehehe.
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Posted 8/20/08 , edited 8/21/08
Ok I am super dumb so I need help in RE4! It is the part where you get sandwiched in the house with the other guy and ashley hides upstairs (don't remember level number and I can't check right now) Any tips for it I just keep dieing.
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