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Posted 5/10/07 , edited 5/10/07
This is basically a simple thing I’ve seen on other forums. It’s a sort of role playing where your character can do whatever you like within reason. Rules are like this:
1. No having Godly characters.
2. No controlling other peoples players
3. Try and take things seriously.
4. It’s a fantasy setting. No guns and junk. You can use magic or role play as an Elf or something along those lines.
5. The over all story rests in the thread starter (me) but people can create conflicts and backgrounds for their own characters.

I’ll start off with a post and you make a reply in character. I’ll play “dungeon master.” Erm, lets limit the players to 10. You can start other role plays between various circles but it would be hard to have more than ten people posting in the role play. To talk as yourself put OOC: for Out of Character before your post. IC=In character. Also, remember, nobody is forcing you to be here so none of that stupid crap about “This is stupid” “This is pointless” “You’re lame” and the likes… Okay?

Night settles the land and clouds cover the sky. Very little light illuminates the blackness, and an eerie fog suddenly falls upon the strange land of Vel. A lone inn sits on the side of an ancient road just outside of the Capital of Vel. Inside the low murmurs and boisterous laughs of grizzly and shady patrons can be heard. A note hangs on the door, though it should be impossible for anyone with human vision to read without some light…
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Posted 5/10/07 , edited 5/10/07
Name: Nero Marquis
Sex: Male
Weapon: Alchemical greatsword
Age: 26
Description: mildly tall, black, short hair, and slender figure
Occupation: Bounty hunter

IC: Nero walks slowly towards the door and the note on which it lays (or whatever grammatically correct form of the word). After a minute's pause, Nero tears the note from the door and enters the cliche inn. After a light interlude with the bar tender, he gets up and leaves back into the night. As he makes his way down the road, he mummbles silently to himself, "I've got you now."

OOC: Dramatic, maybe, but it sets up some sort of story. Hope this is what you was looking for, Seraph.
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Posted 5/10/07 , edited 5/10/07
name: van
weapon: 2 ancient looking sword 3' long one on each side of his waist a black handel with a ruby gem on the end
age: unknown
6'3'' with a black swallow tail with fire garnet lining, an old hat, a blue left eye a two giant scars over his right unable to open it (or so it seems)
long midnight red hair with strands of silver mixed in
and a grin and laugh that would send shivers down the devils spine
said to be the last one of his ancient clan still alive
occupation: looking for a lost relic stolen from his clan

as the night drew on he came to a small villige only two stores a few houses and an inn
three lamp posts were the only thing keeping the night from engulping it all
as he walks past the first building he sees a slender male figure walking out of town.

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Posted 5/10/07 , edited 5/10/07
OOC: Close enough Seph. Though I should be the one to explain what is on the note. I guess it’s ultimately for fun so I’m not really going to be so strict on it or anything, but in the other thread you would’ve said, “He approaches and tries to read the note” instead of assuming what it said…Well, I’ll play along but that threw off the story I was preparing.

IC: *Cold settles in on the land, and suddenly the darkness becomes almost complete. Only the light effulgence of the ghoulish fog seems to give off any light. Ahead of Nero the wizard awaits, a great crater and bridge between them. The bridge seems fragile, age worn, and is crafted of massive ropes. Behind the wizard lays a small town, the very town Van just entered. The wizard lays flanked on both sides by mass of flunkies that ready themselves to lay siege to the helpless little town. The wizard was a known flunky of a great criminal who’s name was known to all. One who had a price on his head great enough to buy a kingdom. In fact, this wizard and every member of his group had prices on their own heads… *
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Posted 6/30/07 , edited 6/30/07
um is it alright if i join?
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Posted 7/1/07 , edited 7/1/07
new character

name : kakeru

age : 13

country : country of weather that was killed and only 1 child survived

wepoans: nothing

IC : kakeru has trained and travelled around the world at age 8. now he 's in the land of vel he 's ready for action and kill every one that stands in the way to resuruct his clan
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Posted 7/10/07 , edited 7/10/07
umm i dont know about this but i think new character




Country:Country of Fire

Weapons:Windfire Sword

IC:Tera has been training for months, hating and wanting power to kill his own brother, and Tera will remember the day that his brother killed his own parents to be in a new clan that makes a thret to any Village and any country. Those who stand in their way will be killed.
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