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Posted 5/10/07 , edited 5/11/07

hehe1 wrote:

Hey, hey <3

Alright so i just want to know what you people think about family things ^_^

1. What is better. Big(8-13ppl), med.(5-7ppl), or small (Any less then5) and why?
2. single, re-married, or still together parents, and of course why?
3. Disipline, punishment, or consequences, why and witch one? (And yes, they are different)
4. Standards, what are yours?

And any thing else you wanna say about families, maybe about your own or soemone elses.

enjoy, and i know i will enjoy reading the responses :lol:

OMG, your icon is Klayton! I love you, marry me and be my family!

[yes, I do see that you claim you are female]
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Posted 5/10/07 , edited 5/11/07
1.well..since we are a small family...i would also prefer it...but i would agree that the bigger the better!! but it depends with the financial status of the family though..if your rich then have as many as you can...if your poor just have 1 or 2 so you can provide there needs accordingly..

2.of course it is more preferred to have parents that are still together...

3.well...i would agree with neomanxl.. you should still punish a child not to the extent of abuse and explain to them why they were being punished...that's what my mom's always tells and does to us...

4.well..i want a close family's not really that close i think..since my parents are always out..or maybe it's just how feel coz im always left her at home while my sister and brother always goes out with always left behind..nwei..i want a more closer family...
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Posted 5/10/07 , edited 5/11/07
1. I prefer the medium. We're just 3 members in my family. My mom, my brother and me. My dad died already. So, I guess, it's more fun when you're surrounded by not-so-lot of people.
2. I want the still-together parent. Why? Because all of my life I have seen my mom, work hard, ALONE, for us. (cheesy.. lol but true!)
3. Consequences will be. I have never been punished. Oh, discipline in what manner?
4. A complete family will definitely make me happy. I know there would be fights, arguements and whatsoever, but that's just normal. It's the ♥ that counts.
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Posted 5/11/07 , edited 5/11/07
1. Less than 5 is better..because it will get crowded in our house..
2. Of course together..i dont want my parents separated or something..
3. Disciplined
4. Standard is okay..
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Posted 2/10/08 , edited 2/10/08
i will only ans qns1.
1: i want a soccer team
Posted 2/10/08 , edited 2/11/08
HATE THEM!!!!!!!!
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