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§|Introduce Yourself|§
Are you a stranger in this group? Do you not stand out? Wishing people could know you? Here is your chance! Tell us about yourself! Express yourself! Tell us the real you! Express the real you! Be vain for once! Show us how great you are and maybe...maybe you can be the most brilliant person in the group!! You don't need a format!

My intro!
My nickname in real life or should I say...a portion of my name in real life is Sarah. My nickname in CR is Iku. I got it from my username, Inukami_Youko. It's from a anime called, Inukami! The 'Youko' came from the heroine in the story. The story consists of harems, comedy, fantasy and romance!! Though you might not believe it, I am currently eleven years old! In my country, I am having the last year in my primary school and in October, I am going to have a life-shortening exam, PSLE! My birthday is on September the 21st. Nice to meet you! I love making graphics. My favourite drink is Ice Lemon Tea. My favorite food is Shepherd's Pie. My favourite dessert is anything creamy. I might quit Crunchyroll one day. But anyways I hope to know more of the group's members!
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