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Posted 3/1/09 , edited 3/1/09
Hi all, I am new to this group, and i really like to know more Nana's fan.especially those in South East Asia.

for those who can read chinese, this is my live fever report :
welcome to take a look, and there is My MSN in there as well, welcome to add me if you are a Nana's fan.

These is a brief intro of myself

Nickname : Inakiken
Nationality: Malaysian
Stay in : Singapore
Japanese understanding : JLPT4 (???)
Become a Nana's fan since : 7th July 2007
Favorite's song : Power Gate
Favorite's concert : Live Formula R7
Concert attended: Live Formula Round 7, Live fighter Blue & Red side, Live Fever Round 5 & 6
Joined SC nana since : 3rd Jan 2008
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Posted 3/6/09 , edited 3/6/09
nice to meet u.. wow. u went over to watch her concert.. tt is so nice >.<...
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Posted 4/9/10 , edited 4/9/10

I just created a blog for Mizuki Nana, I would like to enter ^ ^, I'm calling for a fan club and I would like this fanclub was within the fanclub Crunchyroll I'm doing, to make more fans and have another meeting point where talk and we are more aware of the news, I know I just started it and really do not have much, but over time improve ^ ^, of course with the help of many fans can do.

MY blog is in Spanish, but I'd like people who speak English also help me ^ ^, becoming internationalized the blog, and as the blog has a translator, would not have much of a problem

Are encouraged to come ^ ^, who also like to be part of the staff of my blog will accept it gladly, at best,

About me ^^

Iam mexican ^^, I've been a fan of Mizuki Nana 6 years, I would like to bring many fans to chat with Nana Mizuki,

Nicknames : Reinachan, tomoyochan, kurorina, kyokochan ^^,etc
Real Name: Violeta
Nationality: Mexican,
Birthday: 20 february 1992
Years- 18 years
Japanese understanding : Intermedio 2 ^^
Become a Nana's fan since : 25 march 2004 ( just before of Panorama single )
Favorite's song : ALL XD
Favorite's concert : Live Formula
email: [email protected]
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