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I am going to start listing CR land updates here with their number order (.00) as shown in the top right hand corner. I dont remember much on the first few but I have lots of updates with .47
Orange Shinji announcements
Blue Updates changes(picture changes and so on)
Red New Features
Green Fixed glitches
Purple server burps
Yellow Glitches
(i was wrong about there being nothing)
~New~ /fullscreen in the /help which allows you too fullscreen the chatroom in the beta, brought to my attention by a friendly user ^^ (much love)

~New~ The option to have a limit to how many people you want in pvp battles you create (great idea)

~Glitch~When i try to enter a fight it gives me this. "You can't leave the battle once the fight has started. You have to surrender first."
~Glitch~ I entered a fight and it wouldn't let me fight, it said i was currently in a fight, but i wasnt. Some weird glitch hard to describe but it wouldn't give me the ready option.
(nothing seems new im sure it was just a simple text update thing who knows(tell me if u find anything)

(last update of the year most likely)
~Update~Button to shinji store
~Update~Mute button
~Update~your name is in green like the chat
~Update~Doesnt have () if u havent picked ur avatar
~Glitch~some sort of banning/kicking glitch

~Glitch Fixed~Glitch3 from .50 fixed

~Update~Background of chat is see though.
~Update~Background for fighting is desert like
~Update~You can have teams up too three people fighting eachother
~Update~You can select who you attack
~Update~You can change teams
~Update~Lists random player in room, so you dont know who is strongest.
~Update~When Battleing monsters background changes to holiday snowy background.
~Update~Lists XP and Gold in top right corner
~Update~When not in battle or waiting for challenge your avatar sits in the middle of the screen
~Update~Monster fades out too next monster after you beat it
~Update~Evade button turns gray for a second before the next fight, then back to orange.
~Glitch1~When you evade it sends you back to sitting in the middle of the screen for a half second then too the next monster
~Glitch2~The new team pvp seems a bit laggy. and it doesnt tell you when ur dead, and it wont let you attack who you selected to attack sometimes
~Glitch3~Users are finding that some avatars have a messed up system. That they can only find items from other avatars in the store.(here is a short list of what i found)(only did avatars i own please help me fill in the blanks

shinji jr=dog
Roll jr=dog
Onigiri fight=boy

Shinji adds PvP Beta Chat room 1.5

Shinji Makes more than one PvP Beta Chat room we now have 1-5


~New~Name/Password(optional) text boxes on room join
~New~Password(optional) text boxes on make a fight
~New~Name/Password(optional) text boxes on join a fight
Fixed Glitch"Racoom Boom" Glitch reported in .48 fixed

~New~New join room button lets you select a chatroom such as "tagalog" and "PVP Beta"
~Glitch~I call this glitch the "Racoom Boom" After you beat someone in PvP fight keep clicking ready and it will give you like 5 gold each time, (too bad this is a waste of time considering you make like 1000 times that fighting NPC's. *how ever i don't know if this affect fighting the same person in a row, cause it makes you click ready over and over :\
~Update~They changed the top message to the quote below.

Player Versus Player Sneak Peek!
This PVP area is currently BETA. If you are behind a firewall and cannot connect, make sure that ports 40960 and 40962 are opened. If the new PVP does not work, you can still fight NPCs the old way.

1. Pick your avatar (second button in the top left)
2. Create a new battle or find an available battle (third and fourth buttons on the top)
3. Click "Ready!" once you are in a battle
4. Leave a battle when you are done or (fifth button on the top)

~New~Orange text see by everyone telling them you leveled up
~New~Allowed to have items(up to four)(gives you an annoying message)
~Fixed~Mods have ban/kick power
~Fixed~Rock Paper Scissor alignment
~Fixed~Can cancel Rock Paper Scissor attacks now
~server burp~Battle count refreshed\
~Update~Took off surrender button/item button and replaced it, with smaller attack button and four item slots
~Update~Does not give message of people entering and leaving
~Update~Does not give message about NPC ready to fight and so on
~Update~mods have @ on their name now (accept, CRL mods who still powerless atm)
~Update~When in combat the stop fighting button becomes surrender button
~Update~/help list updated

Chat Commands
/dnd <toggle (on, off)>
/friend add <username>
/friend list
/friend message <message>
/friend remove <username>
/join <room>
/me <username> <message>
/reply <message>
/squelch add <username>
/squelch list
/squelch remove <username>
/whisper <username> <message>
/w <username> <message>
/whois <username> <message>
Battle Commands
/avatar list
/avatar pick <avatar_id>
/avatar unpick
/battle create <battle_type (rps, pvp)> <battle_name>
/battle join <battle_name>
/battle leave
/battle list
/battle ready
/fight forfeit

Reminder: Commands are not case-sensitive and you only need to type the first few letters of a command. For example, /avatar list, /AVATAR LIST, or /ava Li will all work!

Keyboard Shortcuts
Enter Send chat line
Up Previous input
Down Next input

~Update~Ready button changed in PvP
~Update~XP/Gold/items obtainable now
~Update~Battle NPC in drop down menu takes you too PvP beta now

~Update~Join battle button changed


Shinji announced PvP BetaReleased

~~~~~~~~~~~[Unknown Updates]~~~~~~~~~
(Discovered 12/13/08 Clicking up or down with the arrow keys results in going to your last messages)

(help me if i missed anything, or fill in the blanks, or misplaced something)
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