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Posted 3/1/09 , edited 3/2/09
The Vending Machine is an easy game!!
Just put in a random thing(or person)
and tell what comes out!!
Do NOT post twice in a row
and when you write what you get you have to
make sure it has something to do with what
the person puts in before you!


Person 1:
Puts In: Apple

Person 2:
Gets: A banana
Puts in: My sister

Person 3:
Gets: My brother
Puts in: A camera

And so on..

I'll start!!

Puts in:
a cupcake!
74393 cr points
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Posted 3/18/09 , edited 3/18/09
Gets: A muffin
Puts in: A vampire book
27982 cr points
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Posted 10/20/09 , edited 10/21/09
Gets: A glow-in-the-dark bracelet
Puts In: DBSK poster
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