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26 / F / in my La La Land~
Posted 3/2/09 , edited 3/2/09
Seems perverted
Yamada: Yaotome – He gets lots of laughs and I think he automatically have many dirty jokes too
Nakajima: Morimoto – Even though he’s just a 7th grader, Ryutaro knows them well
Chinen: Takaki – Don’t you feel “I’m actually perverted” from him?
Morimoto: Yabu – Not just “seems perverted” I think he’s completely perverted
Okamoto: Yabu – He’s older too. I guess as you get older …. Yeah
Yabu: Yabu – Out of 24 hours, I’m perverted 18 hours. Wait, that’s almost all the time (laughs)
Yaotome: Arioka – He’s just perverted! This is the truth without a doubt.
Arioka: Inoo – I can’t tell you the reason I chose him here (laughs)
Inoo: Morimoto – Since he works with older people, I think he naturally have those knowledge
Takaki: Takaki – If you were to pick the perverts, I just might be the one (laughs)

Want to have as lover
Yamada: Arioka – We both know each other pretty well and I don’t have to feel worried
Nakajima: Okamoto – He’s really really nice so, I think he’ll take good care of me
Chinen: Takaki – Seems like he’s extra nice with girls
Morimoto: Arioka – He’s really nice and he seems like he’ll be good at leading girls
Okamoto: Nakajima – He looks like he’ll carefully plan out dates
Yabu: Arioka – Because I want to play with his chubby cheeks all day
Yaotome: Okamoto – He’s really nice. I think I’ll be happy if I was his lover
Arioka: Yamada – Because our personalities match. I feel relaxed when I’m with him
Inoo: Yabu – That’s because I love him, of course ♥
Takaki: Yamada – His aura is mature for a middle schooler. He’s sexy too.

Want to have as friend
Yamada: Arioka – My best friend. I definitely want to become friends again after rebirth.
Nakajima: Okamoto – Very understanding person. But, I’m friends with all 10!
Chinen: Yaotome – You’ll definitely have fun everyday with Hikaru chan!
Morimoto: Yaotome – He’s the king of laugher, its fun to be with him every day!
Okamoto: Yaotome – Lately, we’ve been playing billiards 3 times a week
Yabu: Inoo – He calls me at night without any reason
Yaotome: Inoo – He knows a lot about games and its fun to play with him!
Arioka: Yamada – Same reason as lovers, it’s because our personalities match!
Inoo: Yaotome – He’s really nice when it’s just the two of us… does that sound too suspicious?
Takaki: Yabu – He’s easy to talk to since we are the same age and I go out with him in private a lot too

Want to have as a pet
Yamada: Chinen – I feel that, he’s cute and he looks like a pet already!
Nakajima: Chinen – When I compare him to a dog, I don’t know which the dog is (laughs)
Chinen: Chinen – I’m too embarrassed to say this myself but because I’m “cute”!
Morimoto: Inoo – He’s smart and I think he’ll listen to anything the master says.
Okamoto: Yaotome – Seems like he’ll walk, feed, and do anything by himself
Yabu: Okamoto – I want to have him as a pet and observe his life
Yaotome: Arioka – Don’t you think he’s like a bull dog? I think so
Arioka: Chinen – By elimination. It’s hard to imagine Takaki as your pet, right?
Inoo: Arioka – Seems like he’ll share his energy and yet, I don’t have to take care of him (laughs)
Takaki: Just like his looks. There’s no one else I can think of as a pet other than Chinen!

Want to have as big brother
Yamada: Takaki – He’s nice and I think he’ll take care of me.
Nakajima: Yabu – He looks like he’ll play my childish games with me!
Chinen: Arioka – Dai chan is just really nice! I love him☆
Morimoto: Yabu – He makes me laugh by saying funny stuff, I can depend on him!
Okamoto: Yabu – He seems like he’ll warn me when I do something bad
Yabu: Inoo – To be honest, he’s just like my big bro. I can’t see him as another person
Yaotome: Yamada – He seems like he’ll give me hand-me-downs of his clothes
Arioka: Yabu – He’s a know-it all and I admire him for that. I can even brag about him to my friends
Inoo: Nakajima – Actually, I think Yuto will take care of anyone the most
Takaki: Arioka – He talks with the 7 members often and he looks after a lot.

Want to have as little brother
Yamada: Morimoto – I can’t imagine having older and same aged member as my little brother!
Nakajima: Chinen – We can all relax having cute Chinen in the house, right?♪
Chinen: Morimoto – Because the only member younger than me is Morimoto
Morimoto: Yabu – The same reason as big brother. I want to become brothers with Yabu kun
Okamoto: Nakajima – The other day, he said “I’m Keito’s little brother”
Yabu: Nakajima – He talks about good things about me a lot and it’s a very pleasant feeling
Yaotome: Takaki – I want to make him my little brother and tease or make fun of him
Arioka: Morimoto – Because it’s fun to tease him out of all the members
Inoo: Okamoto – He has that feeling you just want to take care of
Takaki: Chinen – This is on his looks again. The world has the same reason as me for sure.

Seems to talk to aliens
Yamada: Yaotome – Hikaru kun has mysterious aura coming out (laughs)
Nakajima: Yaotome – He often mutters confusing spells
Chinen: Yaotome – Just by his vibe, I think he can talk to anyone
Morimoto: Okamoto – Maybe he was learning the language of aliens when he was studying abroad in England…
Okamoto: Nakajima – I can see him say “yo!” and just greet the aliens
Yabu: Okamoto – He seems like an alien with his mysterious vibe. I bet he really do talk to them
Yaotome: Yaotome – I can really talk to aliens (laughs) Believe me!
Arioka: Okamoto – I can see him communicate by telepathy by putting his hands against a temple
Inoo: Okamoto – He can speak English, so maybe it’s possible to talk with the aliens!?
Takaki: Okamoto – He has a mysterious aura. I bet he can communicate with them

Seems like a heavy eater
Yamada: Okamoto – I saw him eat 3 bentos the other day
Nakajima: Yamada – I feel like he looks good holding chicken in both hands
Chinen: Okamoto – He said “I ate 5 bento~” once
Morimoto: Morimoto – I eat a lot so actually, I’m gain weight…
Okamoto: Yamada – Heavy eater = not just me. Yama chan eats quite a lot too
Yabu: Inoo – He finishes eating in matter of seconds. Then, he get’s hungry soon after
Yaotome: Okamoto – No, there’s no reason. He’s always eating a hearty meal
Arioka: Okamoto – He eats a lot of yakiniku bento every month on MYOJO
Inoo: Okamoto – I eat a lot too but I’ll definitely lose against him
Takaki: Takaki – I love eating ♪My happiest moment is during the meal~

Would marry early
Yamada: Takaki – I can really imagine him after the wedding
Nakajima: Takaki – He has strong desire of getting married and maybe it’ll be the time soon!?
Chinen: Takaki – He’s the oldest and he has that “I want to get married soon” aura
Morimoto: Takaki – He’s the oldest in JUMP and I think he has the strongest desire to get married too
Okamoto: Morimoto – He’s still just a kid so maybe he admires getting married?
Yabu: Okamoto - I think he'll plan out his life and have a wedding everyone will get jealous about
Yaotome: Okamoto – I feel like he’ll introduce her like “this is my wife, Michelle” out of the blue
Arioka: Takaki – He seems to have the strongest desire to marry. I want him to invite me to his wedding
Inoo: Morimoto – Even though he’s the youngest, he’s actually really grown-up
Takaki: Takaki – I’ve admired young dads and I want to become one as well

Seems smart
Yamada: Yabu – To be able to get the members together, you need to think fast
Nakajima: Inoo – Of course that’s because he got accepted to Meiji! Congrats Inoo chan ☆
Chinen: Inoo – Isn’t getting accepted to Meiji University the proof of being smart?
Morimoto: Inoo – Getting accepted to a university is a big thing. Congrats!
Okamoto: Inoo – He’s a university student from spring. Congratulation on getting accepted☆
Yabu: Nakajima – Like era of warring states, he seems like he’ll draw up a good plan
Yaotome: Yaotome – It’s obvious it’s me! I’m so intelligent (laughs)
Arioka: Inoo – Because he’s a Meiji university student, just a simple reason!
Inoo: Yabu – He’s the king of encyclopedic knowledge. He teaches me various maniac leveled trivia
Takaki: Inoo – He did get accepted to Meiji University. Congrats!

Seems strong at fighting
Yamada: Yamada – I once beat all the members at arm wrestling ♪
Nakajima: Yamada – He’s well-build body is cool and he’s muscles are out of this world!
Chinen: Yamada – I’ll believe in Yama chan who said “I’m strong”
Morimoto: Yamada – He has great muscles and I think that makes him strong at fighting
Okamoto: Yamada – He reads manga about Yankees a lot and he’s really strong
Yabu: Yamada – His dad looks really strong, I bet it runs in the family!
Yaotome: Yaotome – When I was little, I made my big brother cry
Arioka: Yamada – Because he loves yankee manga. I bet he’ll be happy
Inoo: Yamada – He pulled a fortune that said “Fight won’t lose”
Takaki: Yaotome – He’s so fast that I can see him dodge any attacks!

Seems like a faster runner
Yamada: Okamoto – He said he ran 5km in 19 minutes, the other day
Nakajima: Arioka – I heard him declared “I am fast!” himself
Chinen: Yabu – Because he used to play soccer and I think he’s naturally fast
Morimoto: Chinen – He’s well coordinated and I think he’ll take the spot light in track
Okamoto: Chinen – Since he’s so little, maybe he’s quick?
Yabu: Yamada – He’s leg muscles are bulging, he have to be a fast runner
Yaotome: Yamada – He’s always really cheerful. I can imagine him running around
Arioka: Morimoto – He’s the one I can easily imagine running in a field day
Inoo: Chinen – He’s small and light, don’t you think he can run fast?
Takaki: Okamoto – I can see him running in a rural landscape in England

Most stylish
Yamada: Okamoto – He wears his dad’s clothes. Of course he’s cool!
Nakajima: Chinen – He’s picky about use of accessories and stole/scarf
Chinen: Yamada – I can imagine him with shopping bags when I see him at work
Morimoto: Okamoto – His figure and clothes are cool. Maybe he has a strong stylish gene?
Okamoto: Chinen – He used to wear cute B-boy fashion but it changed into casual fashion
Yabu: Okamoto – He made his own pendant. Respect!!
Yaotome: Morimoto – There’s no one else in the world who looks that good in knit hats
Arioka: Okamoto – Unique. He wears clothes that are hard to tell if it’s on backwards or not
Inoo: Yaotome – Without being bias, he can wear all kinds of genera and look good in it
Takaki: Yamada – I love the way he match his clothes! He has good fashion sense

Seems fast at typing texts/mails
Yamada: Takaki – I seen him actually type fast! He replies fast too
Nakajima: Morimoto – I can see him type really fast with otaku-like movements
Chinen: Chinen – I’m really fast! But I don’t usually use emoji
Morimoto: Takaki – Because he has such big hands, I think he’s able to push the buttons fast
Okamoto: Takaki – When we’re mailing each other, he replies fast
Yabu: Yaotome – He looks like he’s good with his hands! It’s just my image of him though
Yaotome: Takaki – He seems like “talent = typing mailings” he looks good with cell phones too
Arioka: Nakajima – His cell phone dies a lot so I bet he’s pretty intense
Inoo: Takaki – He replies really fast and I was startled once
Takaki: Arioka – I have an image of him that he’s good with mechanics. Cell phones are gadgets too

Seems to have good lucks
Yamada: Chinen – Since he just seems smart, I think he has luck by nature
Nakajima: Chinen – He can do anything you ask him and he always gets things right
Chinen: Chinen – Because I got the right answer on Hyakushiki’s quiz
Morimoto: Chinen – I haven’t seen anything lucky about him but just as a image
Okamoto: Arioka – Both of his fortunes he pulled said best luck!!
Yabu: Nakajima – I bet he absorbs all the good lucks. I wish he share some with me
Yaotome: Chinen – Because he has the power. Lucks are part of your abilities too, right?
Arioka: Arioka – I was able to meet these 9 people and I become one of the JUMP members!
Inoo: Chinen – That face? I think that’s definitely a face with good lucks.
Takaki: Chinen – I feel like no bad lucks happens around him

Seems like a good kisser
Yamada: Takaki – To me, brunette = player image… (laughs)
Nakajima: Yamada – With that kind of vibe? He must be good at it for sure (laughs)!
Chinen: Takaki – He secretly gives off good-kisser kind of vibe
Morimoto: Takaki – Because he’s the oldest. I think he’ll think thoroughly about the place and be romantic about it
Okamoto: Nakajima – I can see him practice in front of the mirror at home, just guessing
Yabu: Inoo – He seems like he has an intelligent-ish kiss (laughs). A graceful one
Yaotome: Morimoto – He seems like he has a broad-mind. Maybe he gives kind kisses!?
Arioka: Inoo – He seems to be skilled with everything so I feel that way
Inoo: Morimoto – I have a feeling. I can see him sucking!?
Takaki: Morimoto – I wonder who. It’d be great if it was Ryutaro, just kidding (laughs)

Has fine-looking fingers
Yamada: Takaki – He looks likes he has long fingers. He has long legs too… I’m so jealous … (tears)
Nakajima: Inoo – When I see them really close, he really does have long beautiful fingers
Chinen: Inoo – They’re naturally stunning!
Morimoto: Yamada – Yama chan has fine-looking body, face, and everything
Okamoto: Inoo – I can feel it when he’s playing the piano. He just has long fingers
Yabu: Yaotome – His fingers looks good when he’s texting on his phone
Yaotome: Inoo – He call himself a hand model. He often stares at his hands too
Arioka: Inoo – He says “I could become a hand model” a lot
Inoo: Takaki – I don’t look at people’s fingers. He has a good style so maybe Takaki
Takaki: Inoo – His skin is so see through white that I think his long, skinny fingers are beautiful

Want to travel together
Yamada: Arioka – We get along and I’m sure we can go spend days without fighting
Nakajima: Chinen – When I get tired of walking, I think he’ll cheer me up in a cute way♪
Chinen: Yamada – Because I love him, I won’t get tired of being with him
Morimoto: Yabu – He’s such a trust-worthy person, I can feel safe going somewhere new with him
Okamoto: Yamada – I want to wake him up and pick up his clothes after he changed, I just want to take care of him
Yabu: Takaki – We actually promised each other we’ll travel together
Yaotome: Yabu – We’re familiar with each other so I think I can travel without a worry
Arioka: Okamoto – Have to be Keito of course, for oversea travels. I’ll leave the translation up to him
Inoo: Yabu – We always talk about going to a hot spring together. Right, Yabu? ♥
Takaki: Yabu – I’ve made a promise with him to go traveling but we still haven’t

Seems to be two-faced
Yamada: Chinen – When I said “you’re cute” he said “I know”…
Nakajima: Takaki – Even though I picked him, I’ll be shocked if this was true
Chinen: Morimoto – My image of him has this scary side of him but this is just my guess
Morimoto: Morimoto – I might be smiling all the time but maybe I’m actually scary…
Okamoto: Chinen – He’s quiet during MC but he’s really cheerful with us
Yabu: Yabu – I want to act out a guy with gaps but I get caught right away
Yaotome: Inoo – He’s usually normal but I bet he’s a stuck up at home
Arioka: Chinen – He often stares at the mirror saying “I am cute after all ♥
Inoo: Chinen – He looks cute but he’s evil. That’s Chinen for you
Takaki: Morimoto – I think he acts cute in front of BEST

Seems to have a clean room
Yamada: Yamada – I keep my room clean whenever I have a free time
Nakajima: Yaotome – He looks like he’s playful but he might be actually careful about things
Chinen: Okamoto – He once folded my clothes
Morimoto: Nakajima – He has diligent personality that he seems like he’d clean thoroughly
Okamoto: Yamada – I heard Yama chan’s mom actually cleans …
Yabu: Takaki – When I went over once, I can confirm with these eyes that it was clean
Yaotome: Yaotome – Air cleaner is always ON. I won’t miss a single hair
Arioka: Yamada – It was clean when I actually went there. His lightings are stylish too!
Inoo: Yaotome – Seems like he’s actually do things thoroughly and it’s not Yabu for sure
Takaki: Nakajima – He has such a diligent personality that I think he cleans his room well

All the credits to: smalltownsburns @ livejournal
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26 / F / with Chinen. (Or...
Posted 3/3/09 , edited 3/3/09
Uhm, seriously.
Are you going to put EVERY translation you see on this forum.
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26 / F / philippines, japan
Posted 3/3/09 , edited 3/3/09
I lov it...
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28 / F / Los Angeles
Posted 3/5/09 , edited 3/6/09
thanks for all the translations!! yama-chan is choosing a lot of dai-chan. i thought he and yuto were best friends. it changed to dai-chan now? ^^
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25 / F / Malaysia
Posted 3/8/09 , edited 3/8/09

uuuuuwww ~~
yama-chan and dai-chan ♥♥
yuto-chan and keito-kun ♥♥
inoo-kun and yabu-kun ??
are they couples ??? XD

so chinen , he's that kind of baby ? 0_o
I can imagine the evil chinen . i can even see his smirk right now . woowoo 0_o
*starts to imagine things , look at the sky above ... * *.. i mean ceiling *

*imagination mode on*
Audience : KYAA ~~ chi-chan(?) kawaiiiiiii ~~
Chinen : Anou , thank you ! *pretends to be shy* *looks at JUMP members at the back*
Chinen : You guys ..... aren't cute enough nee ? *smirks* *looks back to the audience* *smiles innocently*
Audience : KYAAA ~~~
JUMP : what an annoying little cupcake *sigh*
*mode off*

PS: to HSJ , dont be too cute or i'll kick your cheeks
Posted 3/8/09 , edited 3/8/09
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25 / F / (For Smaticals: T...
Posted 3/8/09 , edited 3/9/09
Are Yamada and Yuto having a fight?
They used to be bestt friendss.
Now what happened?
Okamoto is now Yuto's BFF.
And Arioka is Yamada's BFF.
what the hell? :[
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28 / F / 伊野尾慧 LOL, ahaha.....
Posted 3/14/09 , edited 3/15/09

Yaotome: Yaotome – It’s obvious it’s me! I’m so intelligent (laughs)

so funny! hehehehe...XP
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23 / F / !~*~Right behind...
Posted 3/15/09 , edited 3/15/09
XD Yabu's seems most perverted out of the group
:[ I agree with alucard454..
What happened with Yuto and Yamada? D:
They wereee likeeee best friends..

Thank youu for the translation xD
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25 / F / Germany
Posted 3/18/09 , edited 3/18/09
thx for sharing^^

"chinen-i'm cute after all" xDD
so sweet xDD
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26 / F / in my La La Land~
Posted 3/18/09 , edited 3/18/09

yukisohma66 wrote:

Uhm, seriously.
Are you going to put EVERY translation you see on this forum.

ummm... yea ^^. i just want to share to others on wat i kno. but its not like i dont gives credits to the translator.
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25 / F / Philippines
Posted 6/30/09 , edited 6/30/09
whers the YamaJima??it's seems like OkaJima now
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26 / F / Philippines
Posted 6/30/09 , edited 7/1/09


I'm seeing:

I bet Chinen always says he's cute~!!!
*well, he really IS CUTE! XDD!*

thanx thanx for the info again~!
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