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The Acdemy of the immortal

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Posted 3/2/09 , edited 3/4/09

Attention students welcome to The School of the Immortal class starts at 10 and there are different building on campus and each has

Demon Training

Vampire/Death angel

Magic lessons

Mixed classes(for ceartures who have a mix like angel demon)

So please get uniforms on book paper and pens ready

And at this school there is only one rule

"DON'T get kill during School Hours"

Have fun

ofhh there are also dorms for people
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Posted 3/3/09 , edited 3/3/09
It was the new school and it was the frist day I watched as many familar faces walked in and some new and right when i seen Lux i got into attack mode
She looked back with a here we go look and the crowd of students looked too
me;Why in the hell is my skirt so long i shouldhave know when i let you change the maids outfits and now school outfits well i got a surpise for you Miss no short skirts
I snapped and two maids came in one held a blanket around me the other helped me. When it came out i was in a different uniform than everyone else

me:much better
maid:sorry princess but she is queen and i can ignore her
me:now Luke come come
He walked in and stood next to Lux as many camee up to talk to me
Luke: dont worry Luxy I got a plan tomarrow she will be in her uniform i wont ever wear another short skirt to school atleast
Posted 3/3/09 , edited 3/4/09
Luxuria was a tad bit confused as to why she was at this academy and not in limbo. She had been told that her lessons would be held in limbo and when she got in her ride she was told that she would attend the same academy as everyone else, even Clover. The confused vampire asked why but she didn’t get an explanation. As she walked toward the entrance deep in thought, Lux was pulled from them when she heard her sister’s angry voice. “Rain you are queen and must dress accordingly when you are among the people. Besides I think long skirts are pretty cool.” Luxuria smiled and twirled around but that smile faded when Rain summoned two maids. Her sister was not about to do what she thought she was going to…was she? As soon as Lux thought that Rain was in a different uniform. “You said I could design the school uniforms and this is how you act? We do have kids from other palaces attending as well and they are going to want to follow your example. So please change into the proper uniform Rain.” Lux waited for her sister to comply but instead she walked off and then was swarmed by a ton of people. Luxuria’s attention was soon turned toward Luke when he mentioned something about helping out with Rain. “Really? Well thanks Luke but that is oddly nice for you. Why are you doing this exactly…she is your mistress after all. I don’t want to come off paranoid but this does sound a bit suspicious to me.”
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Posted 3/3/09 , edited 3/4/09
Clover wondered through the halls of the school. His scowl deepening by the second.

Clover: Exactly, where the hell am I?

He ignored the stares he was receiving from the other students a few teachers.

"Look at him, he's a weirdo. You can just tell!"

"He looks a little older than us..."

"He's got a scar on his eye and bandages on his arms... what a punk."

" I reckon! I mean, just look at the way he dresses!"

Yes. There was no doubting it. It was school all over again.

The popo sighed and tried to find Rain, Luxuria and the others.

Clover: Why did I have to get lost on the first day?...

He breathed in deep and released it slowly before turning the next corner.

Random student: Think fast!

A male student burped flames from his mouth. Clover stopped them right in front of his face, just in time. The student's friends cackled and doubled over in laughter as the flames disappeared.

The popo was inwardly debating on whether he should do something to the students to make them pay or not until he saw Luxuria a few metres away in the hallway. He pushed past the juniors and ran over to her.

Clover (out loud): Luxuria! Thank goodness, I found you... I was lost...
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Posted 3/4/09 , edited 3/5/09
Maria: *talking to other students*

student #1: ehhh so your like the princess right?

Maria: well i guess *smile* hold on i need to go somewhere

Student #2: oh okay *smile

Maria: *leaves to go somewhere*

Fate: *thinks* phew she left *turns around to see Lux and rain* OMFG!!!! what is with that long skirt!!! i know Lux like long but that is way too long!! i mean it even has train like on those wedding dresses... now we need to take care of that *smile evilly*

Fate: *thinks* but since it's lux she's probably enchanted it so it can't be altered but that's no problem for me....... Nullification!!<---(spell)

Fate: *thinks* now that the effect has worn off time to cut it down *smiles very evilly* Wind Cutter!!<---(spell)
*cuts off lux's sleeves and skirt to a mini skirt*

(about that short ^)

Fate: *thinks* now that's more like it mini=cute!!..... but anyway what is wrong with that child if she wants clover so bad then she need to show some sex appeal...... oh speak of the devil Lux's "knight in shining armor" is here

*Clover shows up right as Lux's skirt was torn into a miniskirt*
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Posted 3/4/09 , edited 3/4/09
Luke: let just say its a peace offering but I wonder what did happen to all those people who went missing
He walked off and looked back and gave a wink

Me:it first period isnt that fun

Student1 : hey rain lets go together we got demon class
Luke: sorry i can walk her myself isnt that right
He can close in to my face and when I tried to walk away he pulled me in closer. I could hear the whispering in the school court yard

student #1: ohh Rain yall might be the couple of the century
I did a fast kick onto the side of his face but he blocked it the a punch blocked too i got really pissed that we went at it til i landed a chop at the top of his head
me: there i no way he would be my boyfriend
student #2: there no way any boy would be her boyfriend i wonder is she like a lesbo
student#3: ohh i heard she was getting hot with some demon boy ewww a angel and a demon gross poor Darkon with a queen lik that
student#2: ohh no so not true she never had a boyfriend even though many throw themselves at here she totally likes girl what if she dates her sister ewww i mean her sister looks like she might be a lesboand she a queen who is a delinquent i mean she never came to school last year and she cant even keep her kingdom from getting attack
student#3: no her sister isnt she dating that popo which is so below a princess what is wrong with them demons popo what nexts bugs
I looked over quickly with evil eye at the luaghing girls and the stopped as soon as our eyes meet and walked towards them til Luke pulled me back
Luke: ok ok time for class
me: dont worry i will kill you later girls just you wait when you wake p to marrow you will be dead DAMN VAMPIRES COME SAY IT TO MY

Luke covered my mouth and smiled as he dragged me to class I was pissed and was ready to go home
Posted 3/4/09 , edited 3/4/09
“Oh why didn’t I take a tour of the school when I had the chance?! Now I can’t navigate my way around this place and class will be starting soon. What an unfortunate dilemma.” Luxuria stopped walking and looked about the hallway to see just where she was but that didn’t help. She had no clue which hallway she was in nor what part of the building. For all she knew she could be in the demon part. Lux was pulled away from her worrying when she heard a familiar voice call out her name. Clover could help her find her way. Lux was overjoyed by this thought but that joy was soon whisked away when her uniform got altered by some random gust of wind. “What the hec…” Lux couldn’t even finish what she was going to say because all the boys in the hallway started talking amongst themselves while others were trying to get her attention. Just great, she had designed this uniform so she could blend in and not be harassed buy guys but now…now her protective blanket was gone. “This is probably Rain’s doing. I will get her later but for now um Clover let’s go before the situation gets worse.” There was no mistaking the nervousness in her voice. Lux was not enjoying the extra attention. She grabbed Clover by the hand and led him down a less populated hallway. “Sorry about grabbing you like that Clover but I didn’t want to be around those guys another second. Anyways you got lost, what a small world it is because so did I. in fact I’m still a little lost. What class does Rain have you assigned to first? Knowing my younger sister I’m sure she has your entire schedule mapped out for you.”
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Posted 3/4/09 , edited 3/4/09
Clover scratched the back of his head in thought. Now that he thought about it, he had absolutely no idea what was on his schedule. If his step-father saw this, he would have cried.

Clover (out loud): Hhmmm... I'm actually not too sure... I should probably check at the reception desk?...


Clover: And I'm guessing that class has started...

The popo sighed and turned to the angel again.

Clover (out loud): I should probably go now... I'll see you later.

With a quick wave, he ran down the hallway, through the students filing into their classroom. He hated having to leave Luxuria at such short notice but he couldn't afford to be later any longer. He ran through the now-empty hallways, deciding that he should just keep running straight. He came to a few flights of stairs and decided to jump them. However, on the last flight of stairs, as he was jumping through the air, he felt something stick out and hit the front of his leg, making him topple. He fell onto the enamel ground on his back. Groaning, he got up and checked what had tripped him but saw nothing. Shrugging it off, he turned around but stopped.

?: My, my, my... Mr Clover Sinclair, it certainly is a great surprise to see you here...

Clover's eyes widened and he lifted his head up to see himself face to face with someone he had known a long time ago.

Clover (out loud): *growling* You...

He felt as though he had a million things to say but nothing would come out, instead he pushed past the man but he stuck out his cane again to stop him.

?: Where do you think you're going?...

Clover (out loud): And why would it be of your interest?...

?: The reception desk is right next to the teacher's lounge, Mr Sinclair... you are excused...

Clover pushed past the man successfully this time.

?: And the teacher's lounge is only around a hundred metres down the hallway you are currently walking through. I expect to see you there later.

Clover (out loud): *snarling* Damn bastard.
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Posted 3/4/09 , edited 3/4/09
Attention students if you need schedules dont come to the office a your schedule will find you soon enough
I sat in my frist period next to Luke and i was pissed those girls and there constant gossip what they mean poor Darkon. I stood from my seat and walked vanished from my seat
Luke: ohh that great
HE rushed out and ran the halls til he bumped into Clover
Luke: hey puppy where you girlfriend well dont care have you seen Rain she tring to dip got into it with some girls
Clover looked lost and Luke shook his head and walked off
He looked every where til he meet Lux
Luke: Luxy have you seen Rain she kinda mad and tring to ditch but she got into it with some girls so i dont want her to you go killer on her first day
Lux looked the same as clover and Luke keep looke but I was at school just in the garden I was walking with my scythe but it wasnt to hurt them girl but some tree might feel the anger. I walked without even looking where I was going til I bumpped into someone\
Me : im sorry are you ok

It was a boy a tall yet gentle looking then I thought Vampire. And that pissed me off \
boy: your rain right
me: yeah problem

boy: (laughs) no but i heard about the delinquent queen mind if I join you
me; well i guess but who are you
He stood and bowed his sweet smelling hair after him that how I knew he was a vampire
boy: im Joseph (sitting back on the ground) you can sit I dont bite well now i wont (rubbing his head) man it so bright out

me:then go inside(sitting next but far away form him)
Joseph: id rather face the sun ligt then them kids all so rich yet waste life and time on what they can buy and how much it cost and who doing what and with whom just cause where immortal dont mean nothing right
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Posted 3/4/09 , edited 3/5/09
Fate: *thinks* *mad* i am so pissed off at those girls not only insulting Rain and Lux but saying that loving a demon is gross!?!? now that's offending me as well!!! they are so gonna get it *mad* *laughs evilly*

Fate: he he he
*in girls bathroom*

Student #3: damn that arrogant Rain!! if only she wasn't the queen!!

Student #2: yeah she thinks she can rule the world

Student #1: she make's me so pissed off

Student #3: she's just gonna lead Darkon to Ruin

Student #2: yeah who would want a homo lesbie to be queen

Student #1: plus dating a demon is like so gross just thinking about makes me want to vomit

Fate: Release!! <---(spell)

Student #1: huh!? whose there!?

Fate: *covers eyes with bangs* *mumble*

Student #2: what we can't hear you!!

Student #3: what's with her she's so creepy

Fate: *covers eye with bangs* not only do you insult me but you also insult Rain and Lux *looks up with scary look* now your dead

All 3 students: kyahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! *very very very very loud*


Rain: *turns around to the direction of the sound*

Joseph: let's go see!! *runs towards it*

Rain: *nods head and follows*


*Joseph and Rain get to the scene*

Fate: *holds the 3 girls in front of a rip in space* oh hello rain what good timing i was just about to send these 3 to hell *smile*
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Posted 3/4/09 , edited 3/5/09
me: Fate put them down and its so good to see you i wish under better terms
Joseph: ohh no let me do the honors (forming a ice ball into his hand
me: why arent they your people
student: #3: dont put us vampires in the same category as that fifthly demon
me: wait you a demon
Joseph: yeah Surprised
me: umm ...well... yeah kinda
I walk to the girl and slap all three
me: How dare you ruin my name and you dont know me there is nothing wrong with talking to a demon nor popo and ill have you know Kraven is better looking than any vampire ive meet and so is Clover ohh and joseph here too so you dont know anything but the vampire country and calling me lesbo ohh yes you will die but in a more suitable way
Just as I summon my scythe Joseph hits my head with a book
Joseph: those three arent worth it there immortal for no reason im come on let go back to the court dont belittle yourself
HE grabbed my hand and pulled me back leaving fate with the girls When we got back I hacked my scythe into a couple of statues
Joseph: Kraven huh so that the knid of boy you like the interesting so you like te fire type
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Posted 3/4/09 , edited 3/5/09
Fate: hehehe i'll make sure you get tortured for the rest of you afterlife but for now why don't you go down a little road leading straight to hell *smiles sweetly but evilly* *drops them in the hole* heh! and i'll make sure not to go pick them up *mumbles* first starts insulting my family then goes insulting Yoru..... sort of well i should get back to..... *turns head to see Maria*

Maria: *stares*

Fate: *thinks* oh crap!! did she see all that!?

Maria: hello sensei *smile*

Fate: huh? uh-um do you recognize me?

Maria: no but your a teacher here right? cause your not wearing a uniform and you seam older than the rest of the other students

Fate: *thinks/sulks* i can't believe she doesn't even remember her own mother's face has it really been that long?

Fate: wahhhhh!!!! forget it!!!! *runs away*

Maria: huh? did i hurt her feelings? oh well *smile*

*wherever Rain is*

Fate: *depressed/crying* RAIN!!!!!!! WAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! *jumps on her* I-I-I-I MET MARIA!!!!!! BUT SHE DOESN'T REMEMBER ME!!!!!! WHAT SHOULD I DO!?!?! HAS IT REALLY BEEN THAT LONG!?!?! SHE'S SO MEAN!!!!! *cries*

Posted 3/4/09 , edited 3/5/09
“Um Luke I’m in the middle of class as you can see.” Lux stood from her seat and approached the teacher but not before she dragged Luke along. “Excuse me teacher but I have a little family crisis. Come on dragon.” Luxuria bowed o the teacher then left the classroom with Luke. She straightened her uniform, and not the one that was altered. Lux changed it back to the regular one right before she entered her class. “I don’t understand why you can’t find my sister since you are her dragon but I guess I have no choice. Pandora! Nyx! If wither of them hurt a student here it will be your fault Luke.” Just then the twin dragon sisters appeared wearing a shorter version of the school uniform. They glanced over at Luke and stuck their tongues at him at the same time.

Pandora: “Hey you said we weren’t allow to attend school but here is boring Luke. That is not fair! I want to learn to!”

Nyx: “No you don’t Pandora you just want to snack on some of the immortals here. Anyway what do you need Lux? It must be big to call us both here, also what is with that uniform? You look like…”

“Enough with the uniform already. I need you two to track down my sister and stop her from hurting some students. Luke is having trouble finding her so the task has fallen to you two. Don’t mess up the school and don’t eat any of the students. Have fun babysitting my dragons Luke.” Luxuria walked back into her classroom and left Luke alone with the giggling sisters.

Nyx: “Just sit and relax Luke we will find your mistress for you.” Both Nyx and Pandora vanished and reappeared inside the bathroom with Fate and three very frightened young schoolgirls.

Pandora: “Aw we missed her but we did stumble onto something interesting though. Your fa...” Before Pandroa could finish some other student appeared and caused Fate to runaway. "Uh that was weird but at least now I can go play. Say girl can you make sure these three girls get back to their classes? Okay thanks." Pandora waved goodbye before she disappeared.

Nyx vanished and appeared right in front of Rain. She caught her scythe with her right hand and used her left hand to pat Rain on the head. “You’re worrying Lux with your behavior Rain, please stop. Also can you return to your class as well too? Oh and boy don’t try to get to close to Rain. Her sister is overly protective and I’m her dragon. I think you can put things together. Anyway I understand your upset but you are queen and you have an obligation to set an example to your fellow peers. Now come on missy let’s head back to class so your big sis will stop freaking out. And Fate why are you acting like this? All of oyu are weird.”
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Posted 3/4/09 , edited 3/5/09
I looked up at Nyx and then to Joseph then back to Nyx
me: which one are you if your Pandora get away and if you Nyx thanks but no thanx im going home and he is not getting close i just meet him geez does everyone think i like people that easy or maybe yall all think im a slut man everyone is bugging me and tell Lux im a big girl just cause she older doesnt mean anything

I vanished from them then came back to grab my scythe and disappeared again
Joseph: ohh you mad her mad (standing and touching Nyx) dragon huh no impressed I have three but I can believe the romours Darkon Queen is in love with a fire demon and it Kraven at that she should have went Ice(freezing nyx left pig tail and walking off) its much better next time dont interfere pig tails
He walked off and vanished leaving a snow flake.
Luke: man is she pissed i should say Nyx you did such a great job and look she even stopped away maybe it was your breathe and who wa the boy
I ended up in the school garden. There was a bench and i sat and hmmed a song til i was asleep

Which didnt last long til Fate came crying
me: fate think of how old she was and how long its been of course she cant remember you but you should go tell her who you are and fate will my brother becoming back too and came you help me see if one person died that night i really need to know
Posted 3/4/09 , edited 3/5/09
“Whoever that guy was I better not see him again because I might have to disobey my mistress’ oders. Freezing my pigtail…what a big meanie and I didn’t see you help out with Rain Luke so don’t go criticizing me. Anyway I’m leaving. I did what I was told to do so, bye loser and god luck with your mistress.” Nyx unfroze her pigtail before she left Luke alone. She was tempted to go home but she decided to wonder around the empty halls.

Pandora: “Nyx! I’ve missed you so much sister!” Pandora ran up to Nyx and was about to jump into her arms but Nyx moved to the side right before she could do so.

Nyx: “We just saw each other not too long ago Pandora. You’re just being weird and putting that obvious fact aside I’m in a bad mood right now. Some demon had the nerve to freeze one of my pigtails. If it wasn’t for Lux’s no hurting the students I would have messed that guy up.” Nyx punched the wall and headed down the hall way muttering something to herself.

Pandora: “Nyx wait up for me!” Nyx rushed off after her sister.
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