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The Acdemy of the immortal

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24 / F / Meh...
Posted 3/4/09 , edited 3/5/09
Clover seemingly glared at the intercom as it delivered the message.

Clover: Telling us now...

He turned around but froze when he saw a hand in his face.

?: Since you do not have to go to the office now, you can have some tea with me, Mr Sinclair! It would be lovely to catch up on what has happened to each other up until now!

Clover (out loud): No.

?: Oh, I insist...

The older man's hand glowed red and Clover felt himself go unconscious.


Clover groaned as his eyes opened. The light poured into his vision, causing him to close his eyes again.

?: Ah, you're awake, Mr Sinclair.

Upon hearing the voice, the popo's eyes snapped open and he was fully awake. He saw that he was in the teacher's lounge, which was empty as the lessons had started. He was sitting on a chair in front of a coffee table, which had a cup of steaming coffee on it.

?: Go on, drink the coffee.

The popo raised an eyebrow as he picked the mug up and raised it to his nose and gave it a whiff before settling it back down.

?: What is wrong? Is coffee not to your taste?

Clover (out loud): Powdered wolfbane poison. Don't think that I will fall for the same tricks again.

?: Yes... I do remember the first time you fell for that... I made you throw it up, didn't I?

Clover didn't respond but his intense stare at the man didn't soften.

?: My, my, my... so cold. The tutoring sessions I gave you as a child certainly has whipped you into shape.

Clover (out loud): Why are you still alive?

?: So impatient! But do not worry, Mr Sinclair. My days as a village leader ended a long time ago... you may call me Mr Hector.

The popo readied himself for an "interesting" conversation.
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29 / F / under your bed an...
Posted 3/5/09 , edited 3/5/09
Maria: ara? what? what just happened? the three girls were just dropped in a hole by sensei and then? what what? why did aunt lux's dragon appear? I DON'T GET IT!!!!!

*in courtyard*

Fate: *crying* but but!! she's so dense i wouldn't even be able to explain my self!!! what have you been teaching her these past 40000 year!? did you not show her one picture of me!?

Fate: *sniffle* uh-um for Yoru to come back he's going through a purifying process..... And leave this to the god of both heaven and hell!! *stops crying* now who died on what night?
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28 / F / i dont know
Posted 3/5/09 , edited 3/5/09
me: i see never mind it no big deal
I stood and gave fate a fake smile.
me: Maria cant wait to meet you see been waiting so long and well yeah she dense cause she has millions of pictures of you in her room
Winter: Rain hey Rain where maria
Fate looked at the girl who was a spiting image of her daughter
me: Ohh this is Maria body guard / twin she has been looking after Maria and since they were little they been acting as twins
Winter: who is she wait that Maria mom she look just like the lady on Maria wall just a little older than that picture
Fate went back to crying and Winter was in a panic
Me: hey winter where Maria
Maria:(yelling from a distance) Rain Rain Rain there was this weird teacher ohh there she is hello are you ok im sorry if i hurt your feelings
me: Maria she a student but i dont know why she should be teaching magic
Maria: really wow Rain she older than you and Lux though
Me: Maria look at her dosent she look familiar
Maria: is she suppose too
ME and Winter shook our heads then i remember why she doesn't remember I change fate hair and clothes to a kimono

Maria: hey she looks like mom
Winter:(slaps her in the back of head) she is your mom

It was quite and i could tell Maria was confused.
me: well im got to go busy busy busy
I vanished and ended up in the deep woods I sat on a rock in the middle of the river and wonder if those girls were right
joseph: doubt is a form of evil that us immortals shouldn't have[/green
I looked over to my left to see him lend on a tree reading another book
me: are you reading my mind god you demons are awful
Joseph: what wrong kitty kat
Posted 3/5/09 , edited 3/5/09
While Nyx and Pandora wandered the halls, Luxuria headed off to her next class which was an angelic combat class. The angels above decided that since she was the new owner of the angelic blade she needed to be properly trained. Lux was all for giving up the blade to some other angel but it was explained that once the angelic blade chose someone it stayed with that person until they died. “I hope they take it easy on me since it’s the first day.” But Luxuria knew the truth, they would not. None of her angel instructors were very fawn of her since she was part vampire. Luxuria arrived at the room on the piece of paper and knocked lightly before entering. The minute she set foot into the room she was assaulted with a blast of electricity strong enough to make her fall onto one knee. “What the heck?! I just got here and already you are attacking me? You could have at least given me Mr. Gabriel.” Luxuria got back up and glared at the arch angel that had a big grin on his handsome. The guy might look good but his attitude when she was concern, stunk.

Gabriel: “Do not say my name you impure creature of darkness. I agreed to teach you under the circumstance that you do not say my name and that you do not touch me when you are in that form. So if you would please change into your combat form we may begin our lesson.” Gabriel leaned against the white wall and waited for Lux to switch to her pure angelic form.

Lux opened her mouth the say something but decided not to go there. Instead she did as Gabriel commanded and switched forms, though it wasn’t easy thanks to the electrical currents running through her body.

“Alright I’ve changed so now what?”

Gabriel: “Now you try and defeat me with the angelic blade while I use this…as my weapon.”

“A toothpick? I suppose to use the angelic blade against a toothpick? Is this some sort of sick joke because I’m not laughing nor do I get it.”

Gabriel: “It is no joke impure.”

Without saying another word Gabriel spread his wings out and charged straight for Lux with the toothpick in hand. Lux followed suit thinking this was stupid and found that the minute their two weapons colliding, things weren’t as stupid anymore. Because instead of the toothpick breaking like she thought it would, it repelled her attack and sent her crashing into the wall. Defeating Gabriel was not going to be as easy as she thought it would be.
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24 / F / Meh...
Posted 3/5/09 , edited 3/5/09
Mr Hector took a sip out of his mug and smiled at Clover. However, the smile had no intention of a smile behind it. He could see right through the gesture. He was planning something.

Mr Hector: No need to have your guard up, Mr Sinclair. This is our first meeting in many years. I would like it to be... simple.

Clover (out loud): Coming from the man who tried to poison me just a moment ago.

Mr Hector: Just a test to see if I got the right person. You would be the utmost failure of my students if you fell for such an easy trick. And people are asking why death rates are so high these days...

As the teacher walked towards him, the popo didn't shift nor move.

Mr Hector: You really have grown up a lot. It's a miracle I recognised you. Perhaps your facial features and hair gave it away? You look so much like your father. Thank goodness you do not have the same interest in hunting as him or you would have followed him and died. Do you even remember your biological father, Mr Sinclair?

Clover (out loud): Exactly what makes you think I wouldn't?

Mr Hector thought for a moment.

Mr Hector: True, true. So let us talk about your mother.

Clover quirked an eyebrow. He got up and started heading towards the door.

Mr Hector: Where do you think you are going, Mr Sinclair?

Clover (out loud): My first lesson.

He put his hand on the doorknob but cursed when he felt something burning on his palm. He quickly drew his hand back to see the burn. It was his schedule for the day burnt onto his skin in tiny letters, which he were still able to read. His eyes widened when he saw the first session.

Mr Hector: *grinning* This is your frist lesson, Mr Sinclair. Welcome... now... shall we begin?
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29 / F / under your bed an...
Posted 3/5/09 , edited 3/5/09
*Fate and Maria stare at each other for a few seconds*

Maria: are you all like in on something to like trick me?

Fate: *sulks* i knew it she doesn't remember *gets up and turns to Maria* *puts hand on her face*

Maria: *flinches cause Fate' hand is so cold*

Fate: you'll remember in due time *smile* but for now be a good girl *turns away*

Maria: *stunned* maybe she really is my mom

*Bell rings*

Fate: *sigh* i hope she remembers by the end of the day *sulks* but really what kind of daughter doesn't remember her own mother's face?

Teacher: hey! you you!!

Fate: *turns around* me?

Teacher: yes you! who are you? your not suppose to be here during school hours

Fate: uh-um b-but!

Teacher: *notices the type of clothing Fate's wearing* hey you...

Fate: y-yes?

Teacher: is this Saintly Silk?

Fate: um- i guess so?

Teacher: Then you must be Gabriel's assistant

Fate: b-but! no i'm!

Teacher: come now the angle combat class is this way *smile and pushes me towards the class*

Fate: eh? ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?!?!?!

*combat class*

Teacher: now now this way *pushes Fate into the room*

Fate: wh-wait! hold on you've got it all *sees all the students* *falls into despair*

Teacher: Gabriel! this is the new assistant

Gabriel: oh yes thank you!

Fate: *sees Lux* *light of hope shines on Fate* *thinks* oh but this would be bad for Lux if i interrupt now oh no! what should i do!?! *panic*

Gabriel: well anyway what's your name?

Fate: uh Fate *thinks* he's battling Lux with a toothpick and that crater in the wall..... well that's to be expected cause he's power level is higher than Lux's but mine is so much higher than his hehehe *smiles*

Gabriel: you can watch from there this time Fate...... now let's go impure!!

Fate: *thinks* what.... did he just call Lux? and he's going all out on her!! he could seriously kill her!! and that blade that Lux has..... i'll observe a bit more before i interfere

Posted 3/5/09 , edited 3/5/09
By the time Fate entered the room there were craters everywhere and Lux was covered in multiple cuts and bruises. But despite all her wounds she was still attacking Gabriel who was barely working up a sweat. “Fate?”

That little pause caused Lux dearly because Gabriel used that moment to knock Lux back onto the floor and pierced her chest with the toothpick and the hand holding the toothpick. Lux coughed up blood but did not scream. She knew if she did, Gabriel would only make the pain worse.

Gabriel: “Never let yourself be distracting when you are in battle impure. The enemy will not wait for you to get your head back into the fight. He will attack you and he will kill you with something bigger than a toothpick.” Gabriel pulled his hand from Luxuria’s chest and glanced over at Fate. “Bring me a towel. It’s going to take awhile for the impure to heal.” Gabriel walked away from Luxuria and leaned on the wall once more. He turned his gaze upward since he wasn’t in the mood to look at neither of them. “Oh and Fate don’t go over there and help her. The impure knew this class wasn’t going to be easy and she still agreed on the terms. So no helping her, what so ever. The wound I gave her isn’t fatal so she will be fine. Also never interfere with my lessons because I will kill you. That’s all.”

Luxuria rolled over onto her side clutching her chest wanting blood so badly that she thought she would go insane. This wound wasn’t fatal he says. That might be true but it did hurt and it made it hard to stay in angel mode. Her need for blood was beginning to come to the fore front. However Lux dung deep and found he will the stave off her hunger. Ten minutes later the hole in her chest was close and she was standing with the angelic blade in hand. “I’m ready when you are.”
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29 / F / under your bed an...
Posted 3/5/09 , edited 3/6/09
Fate: *thinks* *mad and clutching hand* grrr how dare he do that to lux!! NOT FATAL!?!?! HOW IS IT NOT FATAL TO STAB SOMEONE IN THE CHEST!?!?!? even if your using a needle stabbing someone in the head is still Fatal!! You bastard!! you want me? to get a towel for you!? don't give me that shit!!! *calms down*

Fate: *thinks* i really want to go and heal Lux but..... *look at Lux* that determination in her eyes are nothing i've seen before
*leaves for a bit*

*after 10 mins*

Fate: *thinks well by now Lux should be okay i guess *walks back into classroom with towel*

Gabriel: finally how long do you think i was waiting!?

Fate: *Thinks/mad* *gripping the towel* you bastard!!!! how dare you order me around!?!? i'll have you know i am The god of both heaven and hell!!! i could destroy you in one blow grrr!!!

*lux get's back up*

Gabriel: anyway hurry up and give me the towel

Fate: *thinks* HERE YOU CAN HAVE YOUR DAMN TOWEL!!!!! *throws the towel* *decreases power*

Gabriel: *catches towel* huh? your not as strong as i thought you were

Fate: *thinks* YOU ASSHOLE!!!! I WILL SO KILL YOU!!!!!!! *restrains self* but!! before me is Lux!!

Fate: *sulks/thinks* but i don't know why Lux didn't just come to me first? i mean i know everything about both heaven and hell and everything in between.......*cries* FIRST IT'S MARIA THEN IT'S LUX!!!! DOES EVERYONE NOT TRUST ME!?!?!
Posted 3/5/09 , edited 3/6/09
Gabriel: “Do not make me laugh assistant. The god of heaven and hell is a beauty the likes of no one has ever seen and you…you are but the opposite of that. Now please know your place and do not speak unless spoken to assistant.” Gabriel slowly approached Lux then out of nowhere attacked her from behind.

Lux anticipated the arch angel’s attack and blocked it but she wasn’t anticipating the kick to her stomach which sent her flying backward. Lux spread out her wings to slow herself down but before she could Gabriel appeared and jammed the toothpick in her throat and pinned the angel to the wall. Lux tried to retaliate by attacking with her sword but Gabriel knocked it out of her hands. She was completely at his mercy.

Gabriel: “I truly cannot believe that your mother actually gave birth to such a weak angel. What a silly woman she was…” Gabriel pierced Lux’s neck with his hand and would have done more had the bell not rung. He pulled his hand back from her neck as well as the toothpick and let the unconscious angel to fall to the ground. He picked up the towel and headed for the door. “You may heal her if you wish assistant.”
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28 / F / i dont know
Posted 3/5/09 , edited 3/6/09
me:where are you supose to be
Joseph:demon train then magic but suck it all what about you (not looking up from his book)
Luke:angel battling class where she is going now
Before i could speak i was in a room full of craters and blood I look up to see Lux being murder by some old man I transformed and threw the man into the wall he spat out a little blood and chuckled

me:hey leave her alone you old man what the hell is going on here Lux why are you fighting this old person
Luke: he is your teacher have fun
me: the teacher really
Gabriel: yeah that was a nice shot Miss Rain and your late
me: well that nice and im leaving early
I landed on the floor and headed towards the door but there was none
Gabriel: i seen you record my queen but you will not do the same here
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29 / F / under your bed an...
Posted 3/5/09 , edited 3/6/09
Fate: *bends down towards Lux and raises hand over her head* Archangel's Breath <--(spell) *Lux's wound was healed instantly*

Gabriel: i praise you for healing her so well *thinks* but even so no one can heal that fast even if it was an expert in healing

Fate: *stand up and covers eyes with bangs* step back rain this is my battle *looks up at Gabriel* i've watched from the sidelines long enough, your not even playing fair *smirk* you think i didn't know that the Sword was given to Lux was a fake?

Gabriel: What!? are you accusing me?

Fate: your bullshit has gone on long enough i'll show you the true power if an angel..... and my power as the god of both heaven and hell!!
*a cloud of smoke surround me, my hair changes to white and skin turns grey*

*sprouts wings from back, one black one white*

*as the smoke clears up 2 spirits of an angel and death circle around me*

Gabriel: *feels pressure* wh-what is this pressure? *thinks* my legs feel weak like somethings pushing me down..... is this the magnitude of her power

Fate: *runs up at a lightning fast speed, and slashes him right down the chest* if Lux is considered unpure then i might as well be one too..... if you understand then fine *turns to leave*

Luke: are you going to leave him just like that?

Fate: *stops and looks up*

Gabriel: i won't lose to an impostor!!! *runs up to Fate with a sharp object in hand*

Fate: aren't you talking about yourself? *spins and slashes his throat*

Gabriel: *thinks* ahh~ so graceful she might be it...... *slips into unconsciousness*

*about 30 mins after*

Gabriel: *vision is blurred but see's the figure of a woman* wh-who?

Fate: don't talk *heals him*

Gabriel: *tries to get up* wh-what are you.....

Fate: lay down *heals him*

Gabriel: *gives up on getting up*

Fate: sorry *heal him*

Gabriel: what?

Fate: my attack were engulfed in darkness, so even to an immortal it can kill you *heals him*

Gabriel: . . . . .

Fate: *stops healing, gets up and turns around to walk away* i'm done you can move now

Gabriel: *gets up* *thinks* i'm full of energy

Fate: i'm leaving him to you guys Rain, Lux . . . . . . *turns head and smiles* good luck *turns and leaves*

Gabriel: *thinks* s-so beautiful
Posted 3/5/09 , edited 3/6/09
Lux couldn’t believe what she was seeing; Fate was fighting her instructor and actually winning. But as amazing as that was she knew it was wrong. When Fate left Luxuria ran after her. She waved goodbye to her sister and Luke and before she left. “Fate!” Luxuria pulled Fate to a stop and smiled. “I thank you for sticking up for me Fate but please never do that again. I agreed to this and I cannot allow outside help Fate. I’m not supposed to be taught by these high level angels but since I’m the wielder of the angel blade and they all knew my mother, heaven has made an exception. Please never interfere again no matter how bad things get. They know not to kill me so there is nothing to worry about.” Luxuria smiled reassuringly at Fate before she rushed off to her other class. It was time for her spells class.
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24 / F / Meh...
Posted 3/5/09 , edited 3/6/09
Mr Hector clicked his fingers and a giant encyclopedia flew off the shelf, just past Clover's head and into his hands. He opened the book as he rubbed his chin in thought.

Mr Hector: I'm guessing that you've learned a lot more since you left Transylvania, Mr Sinclair?

Clover (out loud): Technically, I already graduated a long time ago.

Mr Hector: Yes, but there are many things that still need to be learned. You will be surprised by the things you didn't know, Mr Sinclair.

The popo was starting to get irritated at the overusage of "Mr Sinclair" but didn't say anything. Mostly for the reason that he knew it was better than having the bastard calling him by his first name.

Mr Hector: Mr Sinclair? Are you listening?

Clover's head shot up. He obviously wasn't.

Mr Hector: Oh, why did I even bother asking. Anyone would have looked at you and known that you were off in La-La land. How silly of me. I am not impressed. This calls for punishment, Mr Sinclair.

The older man quickly closed the book and threw it at the popo's head in one quick movement. While the student was dodging the flying object, Mr Hector grabbed him by the neck and brought his face to his. (NOTE: THEY ARE NOT KISSING!!!! ^^;;...)

Mr Hector: You may have matured but the classroom rules still stay the same, sir. And do not think I will go easy on you. You should get used to it quickly as most of your classes at this school are with me.

The popo looked down at his palm again too see that Mr Hector was certainly right. Next was history. But there was no point in moving classrooms.
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29 / F / under your bed an...
Posted 3/6/09 , edited 3/6/09
Fate: *looks back at Lux* *thinks* you are a very optimistic girl Lux, hardworking, kind, and very stubborn at time hehe. but at one point in life.... if you do not allow others to help you that will be your downfall..... cause then it will no longer matter when your dead *turns around and starts walking away* but if you can truly grasp the power of a sword that is fake then you have the power to fight alone . . . though no one should ever be alone . . . . i wish you luck..... Lux...


Fate: *sigh, sits on floor and leans on roof fence, looks at the sky* everyone's working so hard at times, like these i'm feeling sentimental i used most of my energy today... i'm really tired now *dozes off and falls asleep*

*Boys coming to the rooftop*

Boy #1: hey look it's a sleeping girl

Boy #2: yes score!!

Boy #3: well what are we gonna do? grope her?

Boy #2: well we got to do something

Boy #1: well then 1-2....

Joseph: *grabs their hands* i wouldn't if i were you

Boy #3: eww it's a demon

Boy #1: let's get out of here

*boys run off the rooftop*

Joesph: *kneels down in front of Fate* your gonna catch a cold like that Fate *smiles softly*

Fate: *mumbles* Yo-ru~

Joesph: *stunned but turns into a smirk* as expected *takes off glasses and changes back to old self* no matter what you still recognize me Fate *smiles*

(btw if you don't get it i'm saying that Joseph is Yoru..... but in disguise*

*pulls face close and kisses Fate*
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28 / F / i dont know
Posted 3/6/09 , edited 3/6/09
I left the angel class and giggled that the teacher was beat up by an fate
Teacher: has anyone seen Queen Rain
right when i heard that I started to run. But then someone pulled me into a corner
Joseph: come on my queen well go through the teacher lounge
HE led me quietly to the room down the hall. When we enter i seen MR Hector who was my favorite magics teach
me: hey Mr Hector where have you been
He looked my way and gave a big smile. I walked over and gave him a big hug when i looked over i seen Clover
me: i see you have Clover now be nice he my sister boyfriend and a dear friend
Mr. hector: i will do my best but he dosent seem to like me
me: ohh Clover dont give Mr Hector a hard time now if a teacher comes looking for me
Mr. Hector: you were not here
I stuck my tongue out and went out the window with Joseph i flew up to the roof top
me: ohh that was so much fun hey thanks
Joseph: its my job
As we walked and talked on the big roof we came to a couple kissing.
me: wow isnt that nice
We hid behind the little storage building and it seem to be Fate and another Joseph
Joseph: who the hell
The walked over and ice covered the ground
Joseph: hey me who the hell are you
me: maybe you have a twin who kisses girls while they slept
I came from behind the building laughing and he fussed at me but i kept laughing
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