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Posted 3/2/09 , edited 3/3/09
Readers of Lunapark6 should be familiar with “The Chaser,” a serial killer based film that topped the box office charts in Korea for the first half of 2008. And with the success of that film it seemed likely that we would see a batch of new films coming out having similar subject matter. A new film with the Korean movie title “Sil Jong” (literal translation “Disappeared”) does seem to be such a film.

Like “The Chaser,” “Sil Jong” is based on a true story. This time around the shocking story is based on the serial killings by a 70 year old man in Boseong, South Korea back in 2007. The elderly man was a fisherman and killed four young people on his boat on two seperate occasions. In the movie version of this story, Se-hong Jeon plays Hyeon-a. Hyeon-a is an aspiring actress that visits the South Korean countryside. When she stops to eat at a restaurant there in the countryside, she captivates a 60 year old man who is the owner of the restaurant. The man, played by acting vet Seong-kun Mun, then imprisons the young lady and causing extreme terror upon her. Meanwhile, Hyeon-a’s older sister, Hyeong Jeong (Ja-Hyeon Chu), ventures out to the country, looking for her sister before it is to late.

The film is directed by Sung-Hong Kim, director of past thrillers like 1997’s “The Hole” (Olgami) and 1994’s “Deep Scratch” (Sontob). “Sil Jong” is filming now and is expected to be released later this year.
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