petition to International Gackt Fan Fair Treatment Act

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Posted 3/3/09 , edited 3/4/09
i saw in the site that they made a petition called "International Gackt Fan Fair Treatment Act"

their target was Gordie Entertainment (Management of Famous Artists,work with a variety of content productions)
for banning the music videos,concerts and so on in youtube and Veoh because of violation to copyrights... and said that fans who have Gackt-sama's videos in their accounts will also be shutdown...

for more info log on to:

and for the petition site:

i was sad to hear this.... the internet was my only hope in reaching Gackt-sama... i cant even afford to go to his concerts, buy CD/DVDs(lack of stock and import cost) or even watch his guesting in TV or in commercial!
and we(international fans) cant yet join Dears...
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