[FANFIC] DBSK and Cassiopeia Reunited

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Posted 3/3/09 , edited 3/4/09
this is only a fanfic i made...

40 years later…

i am playing with my grandaughter when something caught my attention in the tv screen…

my heart beat fast..

“DBSK is having a reunion concert for one night only…”

suddenly a tear fell on my cheek..”at last” thought to myself….

suddenly i missed them….the laughs and tears tvxq and cassies shared tegother….

but then again..i lost my hope..i dont live in korea…i wont be able to watch them live…but im happy those who live there will….

then i received a letter…its an invitation for a gathering of tvxq fans in our country…it says there that everyone is invited……and its the same day as the dbsk’s concert..

i decided to go…. nervous of not knowing what to expect…..i walk and saw a lot of people…the place is packed!!they are talking with each other..some are even guyssome older than me…some younger….whem somone saw me they welcome me like they know me….

i almost cried with happiness…here we are..40 years later…the love is still there….

the someone went to mic…she is the organizer..she spoke a few words,,

then darkness….

the only light right now is the big screen on stage…which i just noticed now…..

everyone was silent….

sddenly….images of people…a lot of people all over the world..in a gathering place same as ours…

then…the images of five familiar people appeared on the screen…

we were puzzled…they are not just pictures…they are moving in some kind of a stage….

it is none other than dbsk in the stage…on their live concert….

were are not the only ones seeing it.but its the whole world….in different countries…

unlike before..no one screamed….evryone was justsilent, listening of what the members are saying…

in their simple english they said their first words…

“we missed you our cassiopeia”

i can hear people sobbing..

others..trying to control their emotions…

a shy smile appeared on my lips how they are trying to speak in english…

“its been a while”,yunho said… he bit his lips….silence all around…then he continued” weve been waiting for this time to come” “and “were glad it did came”..

“thanks for coming”, said hero and tapped yunho’s shoulder….

“thanks to all the organizers around the world for settings this up” max said!

junsu tried to joke around by asking ,”are we still good looking for you just like before?”.

everyone smiled and replied,”yes you are”.

yoochun spoke on on the mic and said,”weve prepared something for you tonight”,”tonight..we’ll show you “again” how and why you loved us..dbsk/thsk/tvfxq..”.

and then they sang their hits….from the hugs days until their most recent songs,….

each songs is filled with love....movement in dancing is limited but still lively...they are more focus in singing their slow songs!and let thee backup dancers do the dancing......

in between performances….members jokes around….members bullying junsu….hero still sticking out his tongue sometimes…..yunho and xiah battling in dances…..changmin still reaching high notes….yoochun playing the piano..members hugging each others…

and most of all..they never forget to thank cassiopeias all around the world….

we are watching in anticipation for each performance…everyone singing with the songs….smile on our faces……

and one more time….dbsk heard the chant…a chant only cssiopeia can do….everyone is filled with different emotions…but i am sure evryone is happy…..

then came the last song….

hero said,”this is our last song”, covered his mouth.hen continued,”this is all for you”..

yunho said.”this song is called PROUD”

music starts…

one last time evryone screamed!!!!just like the old days..

then the singings started…

you can feel the atmosphere suddeny changing….evryone back in their old self..others can no longer hold their feelings…..you can see audiences wiping tears in their eyes while singing the song…..others started hugging each other….

even the band on stage you can notice the overflowing emotions…unlike before….chunnie and xiah are not the only one’s crying…even yunho,hero and max..u can see them wiping their tears but still trying to hold it so that they can sing…..till the end!!

the song ended….no one is able to talk..as if they dont want the evening to end..who would want to???if tis could last forever why not??

then yunho stepped up and said”i will change what i said a while ago”. “it was not our last song”….jae tapped him on his shoulder….then continued,”coz we will forever sing in your hearts”

hero said,”you are forever in our hearts”.

“the moments we shared will never be forgotten”,said max.!

“xiah sid,”we wll forever be dongbangshinki/tvxq who loves you”.

“and you will always be cassiopeia who supported us in our long journey”chunnie said.

and they chorused”we are dongbangshinki” and here to stay with you till the end”

hands clapping…..evryone shouting “we love you too”

i remembered whats written in the letter”you will regret this all your life if you dont show up”

if i didnt..i definitely will..

dbsk waving hands,flying kiss and left the stage….

the night ended witha smile on evryone faces….

evryone is satisfied with th performance..reminiscing the past.and met new friends…

tvxq showed us love…cassiopeia showed them love.


and it will forever be written in the history of music…

thats a legacy!

credit:[email protected]
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Posted 3/4/09 , edited 3/4/09
ahak,.. i wonder how they will sing "O" , purple line, rising sun....^___^ oh JJ plz dun dance ....i dun wanna see u broke ur bond..hehehe
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Posted 3/4/09 , edited 3/4/09
aww...that was really sweet ^^ i know that will happen one day
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Posted 3/5/09 , edited 3/5/09

Uhh,.that's so nice,..hope they will stay forever,..Ü
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F / In Junsu's heart~
Posted 8/28/09 , edited 8/28/09
Ano ne.
I cried reading this.
I miss them alot.
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Posted 8/30/09 , edited 9/10/09

somehow i felt like the dbsk reunion in this fanfic happen after they splitting up due to the lawsuit issue

may be my mind has been bothered with that issue...

however this fanfic was great...i know how you feel
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