Kylee (from X'amd Lost Memories)

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Posted 3/3/09 , edited 3/4/09
as a lot of you know, the ending song for X'amd was Vacancy by Kylee.
everywhere i look i saw so many people had questions about her and kept my mouth shut til now..
because i was too lazy to create a forum myself bahahaa..

for one, she IS japanese...and half american from Arizona.
i'll be respectful to her privacy and not release her last name.
she's 14 (15 in May) and only doing shows in Japan.
her single Vacancy was digitally released but on Dec. 3rd, 2008 she released two other singles with that song: Justice and Plan B only in Japan.
she has a mini album of 6 songs being released in Japan named "Love Kicks..." March 4th 2009
track listing: 1) SAU 2) You Get Me 3)THAT ONE 4) Not For You 5) Empty Handed 6) Wherever You Are Tonight

she's signed onto Sony Music Japan's DefSTAR Records label.

you can youtube her and find 3 live shows of her in Japan and her music vids.
that's about all i want to say, go ahead and add more info if you'd like.
hope this was quite useful :D

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Posted 5/13/11 , edited 5/14/11
She appeared on the Today show this morning.
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