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What new Asian music is on your Ipod?

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38 / F / Western Massachus...
Posted 3/4/09 , edited 3/4/09
I have a lot of Asian songs on my ipod. I was just wondering what asian pop songs other people had on their ipod. Here's some of mine.

Rainie Yang- have all her hits from the 4 albums and songs that weren't hits.
Jason Chan and Rainie Yang song it's really a beautiful song.
Rainie Yang and Christine Fan thinking of you from the drama tomorrow.
Yes I'm a big Rainie Fan!

Ariel Lin- Ni, Er Zuo Ju, and Mian Bao De Zi Wei.

Shorty Yuen- the theme song to FTLY and the other theme in FTLY song

Theme songs to, ISWAK the first one not the horrible second season theme song, My lucky star, My Girl, MDGCH, and Hello Miss.

Fahrenheit- Mo mo, and Yue Lai Yue Ai

Aya Ueto- Ai no Tameni, Personal, Yume no Chikara, and Namida no Niji.

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27 / F / EveryWhere ........
Posted 3/4/09 , edited 3/4/09
i Have Fahrenheits Whole New Album!!!

nd also DBSK 4th album MIROTIC!!!!!

oh yesshhh
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29 / F / th...
Posted 3/4/09 , edited 3/4/09
i have rainie's newest album, show luo's too.
i have some songs from fahrenheit's new album
danson tang's song kiss me now
top combine's arrival and cotton candy
fine by myself(jade liu) and when the world stops(tank) - insert songs from ToGetHer
luv these songs!!!
Posted 3/4/09 , edited 3/4/09
kara's honey minialbum
Posted 3/4/09 , edited 3/4/09
DBSK - all their albums and singles
Big Bang
JJ Lin
Wang Lee Hom
Koda Kumi
The Grace
Aqua Timez

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Posted 3/4/09 , edited 3/4/09
Let see I have DBSK, BIG BANG, Taegoon, Afterschool, KAT TUN, Wonder Girls, BoA, Koda Kumi, Ayumi Hamasaki, Gackt. That is what new in the ipod, if I had to write out every asian song in my ipod, I will be here all day. hehehe
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F / Xiah's Heart.
Posted 3/4/09 , edited 3/5/09
love my creative zen =]

hmm what i have in asian music are:

lots DBSK/TVXQ songs (new one currently added "Survivor")
lots BIG BANG songs (new one added was from Taeyang's solo "Look Only at Me")
SHINEE (Replay & Stand by Me)
They Kiss Again OST (Be Your Superman)
Boys B4 Flowers OST ("Paradise"-Tmax, "Because i'm stupid" by SS501 & a song by SOMEDAY & "STAND by ME" by SHINEE)
Charice Pempengco & Kyuhyun from SUJU- A Whole New World
2pm songs- ( "Angel & "Only You")
Wondergirls ("Nobody", also in rainstone remix & "This Fool")
BoA- ("Eat U UP")
Se7en- ("Promise" & "Girls")
Fahrenheit- ("Ai Dao" & "Chu Shen Ru Hua")
Lena Park n, Crown J- ("No Break")
SUJU- ("U")
Onew ft. - ("Vanilla Love")

Posted 3/4/09 , edited 3/5/09
orion - mika nakashima.
i haven't updated my ipod yet.
Posted 3/4/09 , edited 3/5/09
AH- Afterschool
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28 / F / Under your bed!!!...
Posted 3/4/09 , edited 3/20/09
I have a lot more. Most of my songs are by L'Arc-en-Ciel or Hyde. I love them~

SNSD - Gee (Such an addictive song gee gee gee gee baby baby baby)
DBSK - Mirotic and Wrong Number (Wahhh! U-Know. xD)
Youhna - Password 486
Ayumi Hamasaki - Rule (Dragon Ball Evolution theme~)
Utada - Come Back To Me (Love this song! I can't wait to hear it on the radio~~~)
Posted 3/4/09 , edited 3/5/09
wow i havent listened to my ipod in forever. more of a cd person ^-^
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37 / F / State College, PA
Posted 3/4/09 , edited 3/5/09
SHINee. Love them. They are a new discovery for me and I can't get enough of them because they're so brand new still!

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F / CA
Posted 3/4/09 , edited 3/5/09
tell me why- untouchable!!
new fav asian song hehe
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30 / F / fair enough Calif...
Posted 3/5/09 , edited 3/5/09
aqua timez- velonica
big bang- always

nothing really new.... gotta lot of old ones though....
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27 / F / No where to be known
Posted 3/5/09 , edited 3/9/09
The last 6 I downloaded ;P

Super Junior - Sorry Sorry ;P
Battle - Malhae
Battle - Broken Heart
Battle - Crazy in Love
Battle - Step By Step
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