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Posted 3/5/09 , edited 3/10/09
create ur special move:

Weapons invovled:

Name: Detruco
Weapons invovled: grenade launcher
Description:signature move shoots grenades all around the place recklassly and detroys everything in sight no escaping
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Posted 3/8/09 , edited 3/8/09
Name: Laser Blast
Weapons involved: Swords ( Lazer Blade)
Description: Used To Fight Against Others Knightmare frame.. actually it almost like a sword when it cut on in the part of the machine of the enemies .. the mechanism will shut down .
Posted 3/16/09 , edited 3/16/09
Name: Katana
Weapons invovled: Samuria like sword

.....It's freakin' sharp.
I know how to use it very well. wanna see?
Posted 5/1/09 , edited 5/1/09
name: Laser burst
weapon involved: laser rifle.
description: if u put this sorta ammo in the rifle, it will shut down a knightmare frame. also good 4 hijacking a knightmare frame.
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Posted 7/20/09 , edited 7/20/09
Name:Heaven to Hell
Weapons invovled: Giant Cross
Description: Cross is swung upward knocking knightmares into the sky then fly up and knock enemy back onto the ground.
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