Boys before flowers~!!!

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Posted 3/6/09 , edited 3/7/09
OMG!!! have u guys seen BBF????!!!! i LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! what do u guys think of the cast? and how they act?

well what i think is that in HYD the girl was more prettyer than the BBF!

And Rui HYD was hot but Jihoon in BBF is a total hottie! i Love ji hoon from SS501!! he so sexy and hot!
Why cant he just get with Jaidi???? o.0 i hate it!!!

And compare to the main guy in BBF to HYD who do u think is hotter?
to me i think it fair there both hot and sexy but if i HAD to pick i have to pick the one from BBF!!!! i LOVE his sexy body but not the hair too much curls

The other two guys the other F4 i like the ones from BBF there more sexyer and hot and nice at the same time! I mainly like the one that does the whole potter thingy he really cute when he smiles =]

And talk about the potter guy and Jaidi best friend in BBF they much such a hot couple! dont you think!!!! >.< why cant they be the main couple of the movie o.0 too bad!! >.<

Come one people tell me what you think!!
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Posted 3/6/09 , edited 3/7/09
i think bbf is much much better than hyd..even the girl is much cute n pretty..
but i like gu junpyo n jihoo in this drama..
they was absolutely adorable, handsome, cute , hot n sexy..n whateva..

love them ..<333
Posted 3/6/09 , edited 3/7/09
lol there are so many bbf/hyd/mg threads
Posted 3/7/09 , edited 3/7/09
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