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Does anyone know how to defeat The Reaper in P3? I keep getting my ass kicked.
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I copied this from a walkthrough I downloaded it may help

First off you could simply hit him with Armageddon. This is a skill that is
available if you have both Satan and Lucifer in your Persona list and have one
of them equipped. It does 9,999 damage and wipes him out in one shot. Simple
but not exactly skillful.

If you're going with the second method, I suggest leveling up in Monad. Get the
party to between level 75 or 80. Now go into the fight with a party of your
choosing but you might want two healers. I prefer to use Mitsuru and Yukari as
my healers and leave myself and Junpei or Aigis as my back up offense. A few
notes first:

* Never use an attack or magic mirror. He gets pissy and throws off Megidoloan
spells every round. This will eliminate you quickly. That includes Tetrakarn
and Makarakarn spells.

* Don't use Megidolaon on him, it doesn't do enough damage to warrnt the overly
high casting cost on him. It's just a bad idea.

The Reaper has access to attacks of pretty much every time. He can use almost
any powerful elemental attack, he will throw down Hamaon, Mudoon and Mamudoon
along with a variety of strong physical attack skills. In other words it's all
bad news. Go into this fight with lots of consumables and Homunculi to try and
keep your party healthy from his onslaught.

Since the Reaper doesn't take much damage from any attack you can basically use
just about any type of attack to beat on him. The only attack that works quite
well on him is the Black Viper skill that Satan learns at level 86. It's more
powerful than most spells in the game, is an Almighty skill (something that no
Shadow resists) and doesn't devour your SP too unreasonably.

If you don't have this skill then you just have to do it the old fashioned way.
It's really just a matter of having enough healing magics and items to outlist
the sucker. If you have items like Soma and Beads this is a good time to use
them since this is one of the hardest fights in the game. Go nuts, even the
final boss isn't this purely difficult. Just don't use them all.
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Sweeeeeet! I have Satan at lvl 85, one more to go! Thanks a lot bro'.^^ Wish I had Lucifer though.><
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i have never fought him yet in p3 in p4 yea i have
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