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Posted 3/8/09 , edited 3/8/09
::: All users have access to requesting
::: Do not PM anyone concerning your request to be done
::: Use the form, don't use your own; it makes it easier for the crew members
::: Try to keep your standards at a minimum, we're the ones who make it anyway
::: One "payment" per item
::: All "payments" are to be uploaded in the payments album
::: A "payment" is a simple photo of anything PG-13 and under uploaded in the payments album
::: Crew members, when you will do a request or have finished it edit the post (post of the person who you made the graphic for) and have done (done by: -blah-, finished, etc.) in bold letters; if you cannot seem to edit the post turn on forum modding
::: Crew members, when you want to do a request quote the post (post of the person you want to make a graphic for) and write inside the quote (this saves space) stating you will do the request
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