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Posted 3/8/09 , edited 3/8/09
hey people let's make a story about Natsume and Mikan (you can also add some Ruka x Hotaru if you like). Plz try to add some of the other characters in the story. It should have some comedy, not ALL romance. A bit lovey-dovey is nice but PLZ PLZ PLZ don't make Natsume too soft (as in not too nice to Mikan and the others or the story might get a bit boring). OK?

Heres how the story can start.

There were 4 kids. The brown haired, cheery, stubborn girl Sakura Mikan, The dark-purple haired, mature and sensible girl Imai Hotaru, the black haired mean, rude boy Hyuuga Natsume, and the blonde haired quiet, kind boy Nogi Luka/Ruka and his rabit, Bunny Boo.

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