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I like reading good stories~~
So share 'em here~

it doesn't have to be by you
But say so if it isn't, please~!
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~My Entry~

My Happy Ending

It was the sky.
Of course. If I didn’t look up, I wouldn’t have done that. Never would’ve felt that way.
I remember it clearly. Perhaps it’s the final moment, so your brain somehow captures every single detail; replays it to you so vividly that you feel as if you were there once again.
Strange though. This time, memory came in bursts of pictures. Like a slideshow, perhaps. Not words. Only pictures.
Father: eyes crazed, snarl maniacal. Droplets of blood on his brow. The knife too. Like when I had helped mom clean the fish; thick red blood stained that “stainless steel.” He was looking at… mom. Yes, mom. It wasn’t brother he was mad at. It was mom. I didn’t understand. I don’t understand. But well, everything that happened… makes no sense.
Mother: eyes glazed, mouth opened. Rivulets of blood and tears ran down her cheeks. That gapping wound on her forehead; grotesque… hypnotizing. Head wounds always bled more. But this was more than more; to the point of no return.
Wait. There is no return.
Me: eyes wide with shock, screams bubbling from my throat. What happened? I didn’t understand. My always-has-been perfect little family fell apart… fell apart because of that single phone call. Brother’s death came as a huge calamity. Father blamed Mother. Mother… blamed me.
I have the scars to prove it.
That day’s anguish, that afternoon’s torment, that moment’s heartbreak… It was all too much for me. Nothing came clear.
Then… there were a lot of blurred images… reflections of everything flitting by anything and everything; all reminding me of him… of her… of them… of that.
I don’t know.
I remember running. My breath hitched at every breath; asthma acting up. My body shook with the strain of that eternity of footfalls on the broken pavements.
Step on a crack, break your mother’s back.
Bitter laughter. Then that.
I remember a subway. Everyone avoided the crazy, disheveled girl. Hearing mutters of police scared me, and I hopped off at the next stop. I didn’t have to shove through the economics class. They gladly parted way for me.
Where was I? I’ve got no clue. But running out of the station, scents caught my attention. It was the salty smell of the ocean.
Two paths emerged. One was blue. One was green. The blue went down. The green went up.
I took the green.
Swooning images of ferns and trees. Stairs that didn’t belong in the secluded wildness. Tourists stepping onto the earth; out of my way.
A single blood-stained hand.
Shaky breaths coming in white puffs on the high altitude. Scared. Frightened. Lonely. This drama need no acting. Everything plays out on its own.
Tripping on those steps. Sharp pain through the knee. Hardly giving a damn. Then…
Then that single droplet of water onto the back of that hand.
I was crying. When? I couldn’t care less. All I knew is… they wouldn’t stop. Endless cascades fell; blurring my sight. Not that it would’ve made a difference anyways.
The path ran up steeply down. I couldn’t see the top; only the clouds. It seemed like these were the stairways to heaven.
I remember my mother’s words once. She had told me with a smile.
“When you’re about to die, an angel will appear and lead you up a stairwell to heaven. If you’re a good person, that is.”
Running up the steps. Breath ragged. Hands shaking. Knees wobbling. Every movement came painfully.
I was halfway up I suppose. Maybe more. The stairs seem endless. I didn’t know. It was then that… that I realized.
Heaven was no good for me.
Now, there’s that strong breeze on my back. I remember my hair flying up with the wind. The tears have dried now. Everything was clear.
Now I realize. The weather was good today. The blue and the white of above. I was this high up. Fog surrounded me.
I’ve always wanted to walk on top of clouds. This captured moment: I felt like I was flying.
My hands, now I see, were clean. How? I don’t know. Perhaps it was… a parting gift from Him. He knows I’m not destined to go to where He resides.
He knew.
For the first time that day, I felt emotion.
Everything else came as a shock. Nothing could register. My body acted accordingly. It was like a race, and my brain finally caught up with myself.
The emotion?
It was brief. But I caught it. The satisfaction calmed me. It calmed me enough to let my body freeze, and my mind to understand.
Then I cried.
Of course, nothing lasted for long. I was still conscious when I reached the dirt below, and rolled down that slope.
The pain never really registered. I could only feel that swelling sorrow as I screamed and cried my heart out.
I was still conscious at the ambulance’s sirens, but not long after that. All the while, I cried. I cried and cried. I couldn’t stop. It was like before, except this time, my mind felt it. I felt it.
So it was the sky.
Of course. If I didn’t look up, I wouldn’t have done that. Never would’ve felt that way.
If I didn’t look up, I wouldn’t have fallen. Never would’ve felt the emotions, the pain.
But when everything cleared up… when my sobs ceased…
I understood.
I understood everything my parents went through. I understood my brother; his death and how it happened. I understood everyone’s feelings around me.
So perhaps… just perhaps… I was happy.
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As White as Snow, As Black as Ebony, As Cold as Ice

“And mother…” The girl couldn’t resist one last taunt. Her mother’s guilt-ridden expression was just too much.
“When you caught father and I… I didn’t smile because I thought you’d save me like I said…”
The woman’s breath hitched, causing a few more once-luxurious strands of ebony tresses fall from the knot.
“It was because, well,” she scoffed, a smile on her lips. It could’ve, would’ve been dainty, if not for the icy coldness behind those eyes. “I had everything. I have everything, and you…? You have nothing.”
Those were the last words the queen heard from her precious daughter’s lips before those guards dragged her off. They placed flaming hot shoes on her, and she was dancing to the moment she died.

“My precious…” the king muttered, pressing his lips to the pale, exposed neck in front of him. The princess giggled.
“You are beautiful…”
The girl, indeed, was beautiful. It was like her mother wished that winter morning 16 years ago, when a droplet of her own blood fell upon the morning snow. She had wished for the child of beauty, and she had her wish; with curled raven tresses as black as the darkest charcoal, porcelain skin as white as the purest snow, and her cherry lips as red as the freshest blood; a fiery drop within a white backdrop. Yes, the child had her snow white skin, her ebony hair, her cherry lips… And the heart as cold as ice.
“I can’t stand you getting married to my retched son tomorrow…” He now planted a trail of kisses down from the collarbone, his large hands running askew along her slim build. The princess only smiled in response.
“I’ve decided,” the king announced later that night. “You cannot get married to him. He’d soil you. I’m marrying you first thing tomorrow.”
“Of course, your highness.”

“My prince?” The princess’s sing-song voice ran through the dark room. The prince had called her here this morning, and with a self-satisfied smirk, the girl had set about donning her most flattering gown and spraying on the most seductive perfume. Of course. Why else would the prince have called her here, except for a rendezvous?
“Ah. You’re here,” the prince’s velveteen voice responded from deep within the chamber. “Please, do come in.”
With not hesitant, but petite and arrogant steps the girl stepped inside the room, wishing the blind moment from the darkness away. To her surprise, the intricately designed mahogany double doors closed behind her almost immediately.
“Don’t be shy,” the same voice said with a hint of humor. “Come on in.”
“But it’s so dark in here,” the girl sang in a flirtious, mock-scared manner. She strode in, feet never rising a few millimeters above the thick carpet. “Why don’t we turn on a few lights?”
“As you wish, madam.” And true to his words, a small, yet bright light shone in front of the princess, illuminating the figure of the prince seated on a golden throne; tall, majestic, yet producing an air of blasé with his dark-humor filled eyes and the casual sideways smirk on his lips.
Yes, the prince was handsome. His long legs were crossed at the knee and head propped on one hand, leaning towards the right. The prominent chest-length amber hair fell in soft cascades over his vermilion silk coat, contrasting beautifully with the white blouse and the black leather pants underneath. His brilliant green eyes stood out from his semi-tanned, pristine skin. The same green shown from a single ring adorning his left pinky; pure silver-based emerald ring. Then there was that famous mark of beauty beneath his left eye.
“How is my princess?” he asked, suave voice floating somewhere between alto and tenor, immaculate on every pitch. Why, the girl was almost jealous of this stunning teen the first time she saw him.
“Fine, my prince,” she answers with a gracious curtsy and a slight, sideways tilt of her head. Her eyes looked into the male’s, shining seductively.
“May I ask what is it that you have called me here for?”
At her question the boy’s smirk grew more pronounced, and his gaze slipped sideways a bit; as if sharing a joke with someone.
“Couldn’t I ask to see my own fiancé, and wife tomorrow, without any purpose?” the prince asks in mock hurt, drawing a playful smile from the princess’s cherry lips as well.
“No, that wasn’t what I-”
“Actually though,” the prince cut in, sitting up straight now with his fingers intertwined on his lap. “There is a purpose to calling you here. I know that you are very busy, and I wouldn’t want to waste your time.”
The princess tensed at the male’s taunting tone. But then relaxed. It didn’t matter. Nothing did. She was secured in her spot as queen.
“You see,” the prince continued, now examining the manicured nail on his right middle finger. “I had my men do a little research on that cottage… When we found that apple you bit into…”
His hand flashed down, and those blazing eyes were staring straight through the princess’s. Unconsciously, she flinched and took a miniscule step backwards.
“The apple was bitten into from the bottom.” With his words he slid a single hand within the coat’s pocket, and drew out a single red apple. Eyes immobile, he took a bite out from the bottom. The crunch rang loud and clear in the dark room, and the pale inside of the apple seemed to glow in the harsh light.
“Strange way to eat, isn’t it?”
The princess tried to look down, but her gaze seemed transfixed on his. It was as if a rabbit staring into a snake’s eyes; frozen with shock and fear.
“You had one of those dwarfs pick you a poisoned apple from the forest, knowing the effect makes the victim seem dead, but wears off within hours.”
“Then…” With that ominous word, the prince smiled. It wasn’t the sideways smirk the princess had gotten so accustomed to. It wasn’t a genuine one that she had often seen on peasants and the like. It wasn’t the lustful one every men gave her when she walked by. It was… empty. His eyes held no emotion. Only his lips.
“I had everything…” he whispered. The girl cringed, startled by this outcome.
“I have everything, and you have nothing.”
The girl’s gaze was finally broken, fixed on the ground, afraid to look up. If she did, the prince would undoubtedly capture her within that gaze once more.
“You were saying something about the lights earlier, no?” The sudden change of tone and atmosphere startled her, causing her eyes to travel up. Instantly, she mentally cursed herself. But she needn’t have worried, for at that moment the lights flashed on; white and blinding.
Blinking rapidly to adjust to the sudden light, the princess glanced around the room, curious as to what the prince’s room looked like.
At first she was puzzled. There seemed to be many cases. Shelves? No, these laid on the floor, horizontal, as well. Then the glare slowly faded, so she was able to register what she saw. And what she saw… what she saw brought a horrid scream, unstoppable, bubbling up from her throat.
Bodies! Dozens and dozens of bodies lying encased in some liquid in the middle of large glass cases. Dead. Their ghostly pale skin told as much. Head whipping from side to side, the princess took in the gruesome sight of naked, female bodies in every position possible within cases, all the while screaming her heart out. Snapping out of her trance the princess turned, ready to sprint out the door. But a hand on her shoulder stopped her from advancing…
“But where are you going, my dear?” the prince asked. Miraculously, he stood in front of her now, tall body blocking her way to the door. Not that she would’ve gone far with her now wobbly knees.
“But… What-” Her stammers cut off when her gaze trained on that beauty mark, millimeters below the… right eye.
“A reflection,” she gasped out, eyes wide with horror and shock. The prince now wrapped a comforting hand around her shoulder and brought her into a… cold embrace.
“That’s right. Smart girl,” he chided. “How do you find my collection?” His voice grew husky as the tips of his fingers traced one glass pane fondly. “Beautiful, aren’t they?”
“I-I don’t understand…” the princess murmured, half hoping this was all just a cruel joke. Looking up, those emerald eyes told her otherwise.
“But you love me, right?” she begged, lips smiling, eyes pleading. “You fell in love with me at first glance, right?!”
Slowly, he shook his head, a pitying smile on his lips.
“No, my princess,” he whispered. “I fell in love with your dead body.”
“Y-you…! You freak!” the girl screamed, tears of fright blinding her as she tried to shove her way out of his arms. But it was no use. Even though gentle, the arms formed a steely cage around her. The prince tsked softly at the struggling girl.
“I’ve never liked loud women,” he noted casually, as if asking the weather. Those were the last words the princess ever heard. She could only stare down at the growing, crimson blossom on her chest, the very tip of a silver dagger visible in dead center. With one last begging glance, she fell limp against the prince’s arm.
“There, my princess,” he whispers, smiling yet again. With a lithe finger he lifted the princess’s lukewarm hand, brushing his lips against the knuckles.
“You are perfect.”
Indeed the princess was, with her snow white skin and coal black hair. Her lips became pale in the cold, but the red… it was that rivulet of blood red flowing from the corner of her dainty mouth.
“Ui ra purinsha.”
My only princess.
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“Don’t worry. It’ll be fine.”
“It’s your duty.”
“It’s the only reason why you’re created.”
“For her.”
“You’re her.”
“The copy.”
“It’s an honor.”
Mom… Dad… Jake… Michelle…
I know. I know what you’re telling me.
I understand. I understand completely.
It’s our life, right?
…The sole meaning of our life… right?

I remember seeing her… my weeping mother. She stared at me with familiar wide eyes as I passed her. I remember looking into her green eyes.
Not my brown eyes. Those were father’s. Her father’s. My father’s.
Hope. Fear. Desire.
She hoped that I could save her darling daughter. She feared that I couldn’t. She desired me… her… her daughter.
My face.

“Professor. CN 326 is here.”
The nurse’s monotonous report was the only sound in the airtight steel chamber. There were doors of course. Mechanical doors.
The one at the other end slid open, eco-light above it flashing green.
One step at the time, I walk towards it.
The other end. It was an operating room. Her… Me… The body was on the surgical table in the middle of the room. An oxygen mask was over her mouth and nose. Where the left arm and leg used to be… charred skin, bleeding stumps.
“Has it been sterilized?” the “professor” snapped, throwing a disgusted glance towards me. I could only stare at that figure on the table. Me. My face. The same face I had gotten used to seeing through the rounded wall of the rectiglass every day at 3; during my feeding time.
Rectiglass. Recyclable glass. Faux, of course. Plastic. But recyclable.
Nodding to his earpiece, the professor sent a look to the two men at his side. One instantly slipped a white gun out of its holster, sending a bullet my way.
Why dodge it? Everything’s going to be the same.
The anesthesia shot through my veins; her duplicates. I fell face first onto a metal table, feeling the bridge of my nose crack under the impact.
“Hurry,” the surgeon urged, panic rising in his voice as he looked at the heart rate monitors. “She can’t hold out any longer.”
“CN 326. Remove the left arm and leg,” the professor said, voice cold.
CN. Clone Number.
Of course. That was the only reason for our existence, right? So we can be used as bodily replacements if our… if our host gets injured.
Of course, there are plenty other more of me… of her… of this… this girl Lauren. I’ve seen them. In the same cell.
It wasn’t even painful when that saw was brought through. The drug made sure of that. But blood… gallons of blood was pooling where two of my limbs once stood. And I could only stare.
Don’t worry. They’ll repair me. If I die, then… Well, it wouldn’t matter. There are still 4 more of us… of Lauren clones out there. They’re going to repair me only if anymore are needed. An organ perhaps. Why open a new package when you have an already opened one right here?
I watched as they merged the skin and bone together. It wouldn’t be painful, since the heat’s carefully balanced.
I stare.
What was I supposed to do? It’s fate, right? It’s life, right?
But then, my mind flashed onto this morning, when that light above our cell flashed crimson. The screen next to it… I remember the 3 numbers. MY three numbers. 326.
I don’t know why. Mom had cried. She had cried the same way the one out there had cried. Was she sad for Lauren? Because… because her real daughter’s dying?
But herself was a clone. Do they clone emotions?
Or was she crying… for me?
What happened to fate? To honor? To pride? Wasn’t this our job? Wasn’t this why we were created?
Mom, why did you cry?
Were you crying for her, Lauren?
Or were you crying for me…
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wow! did you write these??? they're good (^-^)
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This is By ME ^_^ shinsonic23 ^_^ I'm not Done with it yet tho and dont mind the grammar ^_^ I will fix every thing when i'm done

This is my first Story this has been in my head for a while now and I hope to one day may it an anime

My Samurai Way(I couldnt think of a better title lol)

Chapter 1-Here Enters Shin Muramasa


Chapter 2 -Setting Out

Next TIme On -My Samurai Way
We Find out How Shin got all beat up and Who he fought in the Next Chp. 3-Playing Hero

Today's Characters
Shin Muramasa-Our Main Character

Yata Senjin-Best Friend of Shin

Master Sora Mushi-Father figure and Master of Shin

Haru Osaka-Shin's 1st love

Jin Hun-Best Friend of Shin

Kai Mishinsin-Vice-Captain of the Shinsengumi

Shin's Mother-Sweet Lady ^_^(Jen Muarmasa)

Thank You for Readin ^_^

Chapter 3-Playing Hero


Chapter 4 I'm alive?

Shin runs into his old friend Jin Chp.5 Reunion

Today's Characters

Sado Takumi Age 39- One of Kaze's Enforcers. He is Gluttony and he is Big lol

Kaze Kenshio Age 45-Bad Guy,Boss,Super Rich and the Main Villain of the story

And the story Of Shin Continues ^_^
Thanks TO ALL who read my Story and please tell me what ya think

Chapter 5 Reunion

Chapter 6 -Lust

Oh No what have Shin and Jin gotten into Find out Next time in My Samurai Way
Next time:Chapter 7-If u want sumthing Done Right.......

Gin Yakamo Captain of the Shinsengumi (Age 40and one Honest Dude and every one calls him Yakamo)

Shizuka Kisuke aka Lust 3rd in rank of Kaze's Deadly 7 (age 30 looks 20 and she drives the guys wild Sexy & Dangerous)

Ame Gameko aka Envy 6th in rank of Kaze's Deadly 7 ( She is SUPER SMART Super-nerd but deadly lol)

Team Shin (Shin's acquired companions so far........)

Thanks for Reading and I hope ur Enjoying the story ^_^

Welcome Back to MY SAMURAI WAY By Me shinsonic23

Chapter 7-If You Want Something Done Right.....Do It Ya Self....

Chapter 8- The Kiss of Death

Chapter 9-For My Friend...

Chapter 10-When the Odds Are Against You.......

Will Shin Make it in TIme? FIND OUT NEXT TIME IN Chapter 11-Dont Go into the Light.....

Today's Character

Cid the Inner Keeper


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Thanks For Reading ^_^

Now Back to My Samurai Way

Chapter 11-Dont Go into the Light.....

Chapter 12-The Three Musketeers Together again

What Evil plan is Kaze thinking of Find Of Next time On My Samurai Way
Next Chapter:Chapter 13-I think....I think.... I'm in Love

Today's Characters
Yata Senjin-Best Friends with Shin and Jin. He is Now a Bounty Hunter and looks A lot Different From Two years ago and has now joined Jin and Shin unaware that Shin is the one he is Hunting he is Age is 21

Deus Irae(Mean God of Wrath)- aka Wrath he is the 4th in Rank of the Deadly 7 age 16 and he is the youngest of the 7 and he is one Crazy and Mad and Sadistic dude.

Zin Kumnora aka Greed -age 32 he is the 2nd in Rank of the Deadly 7 He is Cool,Calm and Collected and Greedy

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shinsonic23 wrote:

Thanks For Reading ^_^

Now Back to My Samurai Way

Chapter 11-Dont Go into the Light.....

Chapter 12-The Three Musketeers Together again

What Evil plan is Kaze thinking of Find Of Next time On My Samurai Way
Next Chapter:Chapter 13-I think....I think.... I'm in Love

Today's Characters
Yata Senjin-Best Friends with Shin and Jin. He is Now a Bounty Hunter and looks A lot Different From Two years ago and has now joined Jin and Shin unaware that Shin is the one he is Hunting he is Age is 21

Deus Irae(Mean God of Wrath)- aka Wrath he is the 4th in Rank of the Deadly 7 age 16 and he is the youngest of the 7 and he is one Crazy and Mad and Sadistic dude.

Zin Kumnora aka Greed -age 32 he is the 2nd in Rank of the Deadly 7 He is Cool,Calm and Collected and Greedy

I read urs~~
Their good!
Can't wait for the next upload!!
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U really like it ^_^ Thanks I should be done with the next 2 chpts later on today
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shinsonic23 wrote:

U really like it ^_^ Thanks I should be done with the next 2 chpts later on today

I wanna read 'em~!
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Posted 4/1/09 , edited 4/1/09

Welcome Back to My Samurai Way

Chapter 13- I think....I think.... I'm in Love

Chapter 14 -Shin's Date

Chapter 15 -The Threat

Next Time:Chapter 16-The City of Edo

Today's Characters

Akio Naugama- Age 21. She is a Feisty and Adventurous Girl Who has a secret)

Belle Kuna-age 39. She is like a Big Sister to Akio. She is Also No.1 in Rank of the Deadly 7

Hiro-Age 19 Not much is know about him but he was tooken in and raised by Belle and that he is a highly skilled swordsman

Genji Hitokiri-age 45 He is known as "Genji the Manslayer" and he was once 1st in rank of the deadly 7 but now is 7th. He is Pride.

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