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Posted 3/9/09 , edited 3/9/09
ok guys i found this somewhere.....dont ask me where ok so here the story:
-Next, focusing on Sakura. What do you see as the image of a heroine?

Kishi: My idea of a heroine isn't very clear. Because of that, even though I tried
to depict a heroine, it didn't end up like one. "Someone unable to understand
the workings of men..." is the feeling I ended up with.

- Maybe that's what attracts people to Sakura?

Kishi: Maybe. I didn't really make Sakura out to be a "heroine", my point of view
had been that if a somewhat dislikeable character was introduced, I wondered if
it would become interesting... I created Naruto and created Sasuke, the last one
was Sakura. But I think she's a cheerful, good character. The type that wants to
be leader and is energetic and, in front of Sasuke, childlike. That is what I
decided was the way of the keyword Sakura.

- What are Sakura's design points?

Kishi: For one, she has spats (*1) to release her energy. Also, her clothes have
more lines proportionally than other characters', and she also wears as little
accessories as possible. I just design the left-over silhouettes. I wanted to
make her design as simple as possible.
Posted 10/6/09 , edited 10/7/09
okay,so did kishimoto want sakura to be hated?
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