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If you Change one thing about your favorite character, what would it be?

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Posted 2/27/10 , edited 2/27/10

MaddyS wrote:

aimzstar24 wrote:

Hmm...maybe make Tadase a little perverted, so the competition between him and Ikuto is more fair, and then bashers can stop bashing him
Or, level ages so all the characters are the same age, or at least one or two ages the difference :D
Or, kick Amu out of the series altogether so its all about Ikuto and Tadase :D

Do you hate her that much?? o_O

I would change Nagihiko..and instead of him hiding from being Nadeshiko, Nadeshiko can be part of Shugo Chara, except shes a twin of Nagihiko. ^-^

i agree about the nagihiko and nadeshiko thing itll make the anime a little more fun to have twins in the anime and since nadeshiko back in the pic. i would kick rikka out
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