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Posted 3/9/09 , edited 3/10/09
Main Characters- Nakajima Yuto and Kizuna Seiko( phanyang040925 )
Additional Characters-
[Beat friends of Yuto] Yamada Ryosuke and Chinen Yuuri
[Best friends of Seiko]
Misaki Yamaguchi( nekomi-san ) and Mamiko Sakurai ( mamikochan )

Note: Phanyang040925 you are very nice not mean kk? I just wanted to put u in cuz u like Yuto so much^^

Yuto's POV~ Blue
Seiko's POV~ RED
Present~ italicized
Flash Back~ Orange

School- Daydreamers

How come this strange feeling is coming back to me? Whenever I'm near her, it comes. My friends think I have a crush on her 'cause I'm always doing good things to her and always take her side. I really don't like her that much, kedo I am the only guy that...well you know. I can't get that feeling. The era I get when I talk to her. How can I? She's mean,selfish, and violent as well. Her friends are too. come I'm like this around you? Do you feel the same? Or is it just me? I need to know....onegai. I'll wait a hundred years for you tell me. No matter what. Yes, beautiful, beautiful, beautifully,Hiding thousands of thorns,You are a beautiful bad girl *looks to the left to see Seiko*

Hmmmm...Something doesn't feel right to me, demo I can't figure it out. That new guy I met probably did something to me. Maybe put something in the water I asked him to get me. Or maybe that Onigiri I told him to let me have. Anyways, my friends tell me that it's an illness which would probably go away soon. I better keep a watchful eye of him. Luckily he listens to me..or should I say obey. Haha. I got to stay far as usual. hope the illness goes away. It doesn't feel comfortable. Ahh~~!!! My head hurts now. *turns her head right and sees Yuto looking at her* Eh? What is that stare for? Gosh he's so weird. His friends are weird too. What the heck? *notices Yuto smiling at her* Nani? The feeling is coming back again. Must resist! *looks away and pretends to not notice his smile*

-After class- Lunch Room-
Yamada~ Yuto, what do you have for lunch? *sitting down on a chair*
Chinen~ Yeah what do you have?!?!
Yuto~ Nothing special...Onigiri as usual and other snacks.
Yamada~ Your lunch is too boring. You need more vibe to it.
Yuto~ Vibe? When did you learn to say vibe?
Chinen~ Don't matter about that. *notices Seiko and her other friends coming to their table* Seiko's here.
*Yuto looks back and sees Seiko with her other friends*

Why must she come right now?!?!? Ah~! *grabs his chest* That feeling is coming back! Ah~ Go away Go away! SHe might notice! Yabai~! She's coming closer.....what do I do?!? Okay *breathes in and out slowly* Okay, it's just her. What can the worse happen? She's just a girl. A really tough, scary, beautiful bad girl. Beautiful?!?! *pauses his mind a minute and finds Seiko looking down at him*

Seiko~ *glares at Yuto* Ima wa Nani shitteru?
Yuto~ *gulps and stands up tall* Why do you want to know?! *raises voice*
Seiko~ *stares at him for a long time and then chuckles* What did you say to me? *glares at him again*
Yuto~ Ano..*hesitates when seeing her glare* betsunii...*sits back down*
Seiko~ That's what I thought. * sees Yamada and Chinen Staring at her* Nani? What are you guys looking at?
CHinen~ Why are you so mean to Yuto-kun?
yamada~ What did he do wrong?
Seiko~ Misaki tell them.
Misaki~ It all started when he was the new kid in the 2nd week of school.

The day in English class...
Yuto~ Ore wa Nakajima Yuto. Yorushiku onegaishimas.
Yuto then goes to his seat that is next to Seiko's. Seiko was writing on her desk for some reason. Yuto looks at what she was writing that said..."This guy next to me, looks like a good target" Yuto gasped suddenly when Seiko looked at him with an evil stare. Once the school bell rang to go to the next class, everyone went out except Seiko and Yuto. Yuto was puzzled when she just saw her drinking out of her water bottle. Yuto got up and put his backpack over his shoulder. His backpack was pretty long so it hit Seiko's water bottle and the water spilled all over her uniform. Yuto pretended to notice and he went to his next class. Seiko was really mad. Seiko held a grudge of him...that she was almost going to do something to him that would pay him back. But Seiko was pretty smart enough to not do that instead...she wants to make him miserable. At that time of week, Seiko wanted him to obey her every command. She wasn't selfish so she let her friends join in the fun. They ordered him to do things like doing their homework, save them a spot in lunch, and other stupid things. The revenge lasted until that incident Yuto did to Seiko in the lunchroom.

Yamada~ So what?
Seiko~ He never did say sorry.
Chinen~ He ever noticed. Right Yuto?
Yuto~ *turns around to eat his food* Itadakimas~! *starts eating*
Yamada~ Ne, Yuto, you're ignoring us.
Mamiko~ Never mind then. Let's just sit with them since we wasted our time and everyone else has every single good spot in the cafe.
Seiko~ I guess. *all sat down at their table* Yuto, did you notice that you did that to me?
Yuto~ *pretending to not hear her and keeps eating*

What the Heck is wrong with him? Can't he see or hear that I am talking to him. This guy is so weird. But the way he acts like that..I find it a bit of attractive...*smiles but snaps out of it* What am I saying?!?! I can't say that! I mean who would like him? Not me, i hope. Maybe Misaki-chan or Mamiko-chan.? Of course not me. Attractive?!?! I never knew that I could actually say that. Ah~ The feeling is coming back again. Okay i need to find a way I can distract myself on this illness~!

End of Day

Now it's time to go home. I can finally think right. Also to get away from that sheep devil. I wanted to tell her that I did notice that I knocked over her water bottle, demo, she would get really mad. Ah~! This is getting to much in my mind. Hmm...*senses someone coming* Who's falling me? A stalker?!?! *pants* Yabai! I hear him coming closer. *closes eyes while walking* Don't kill me! Don't kill me!!! *hears a bike screech in front of him* Ore, Is he going to kidnap me?! *halts* Yabai, Yabai, Yabai. *opens one of his eyes* Ore?!?!

Yuto~ Seiko-chan?
Seiko~ *parks her bike to a nearby fence* Yeah it's me. What's it to you?
Yuto~ *Confused* What the...?
Seiko~ The News said that it was going to rain.
Yuto~ Oh right I heard that too.
Seiko~ Then why are you walking so slow?
Yuto~ I was thinking.
Seiko~ About what? *suspicious*
Yuto~ Nothing special...
Seiko~ Is it about me?! *points a finger at herself*
Yuto~ Part of it I guess.

Why me?!?! Which can only mean...He will be confessing to me?!?! Yabai~! I can't let this little punk say it to me. I mean I don't know if I feel the same WHy is this so hard for me. This is going to be one heck of a weird roller coaster.
I don't know what to do. I can't call any of my friends about this. *feels a drop of rain on her hand* Ah~ Rain! Gosh hate the rain. I don't want to get wet.

Seiko~ Ne get on. *grabs her bike*
Yuto~ Eh!?!? Nande?
Seiko~ Tell me the way to your house and I'll take you there. Hiyaku it's raining hard. *both soaked wet*
Yuto~ *gets on and both ride away*

-Near his house-
Seiko~ Don't tell anyone about this got it?
Yuto~ Wakarimashita. Why are you doing this to me?
Seiko~ I don't want my slave to be sick tomorrow. I have to do things my self *lies*
Yuto~ You're lying. Take a left turn here. *feels wobbly in his position*
Seiko~ Hold on to me...You're going to fall. *takes the left turn*
Yuto~ *holds on her waist*

Eh?!?! She's so warm. I never knew that. *feels that her stomach is growling* Eh she's hungry. Hehe. What a Kawaii Growl. Wait what am I saying?!?! Kawaii....cute....ahhh~! Is it wrong of me to hold her around her waist? It just feels so weird. Ore? Her stomach is still growling. Luckily I have something good to eat in my backpack.She will be pleased if I give her that something....I hope. Better to stay quiet I think.

-At the front door of his house-
Yuto~ Arigatou *bows down*
Seiko~ Remember don't tell anyone.
Yuto~ Hai. Wakarimashita.
Seiko~ *looks up and down at his house* So this is where you live?
Yuto~ *looks at her facial expression* Un. This is it.
Seiko~ *wiping herself from the wetness* Gosh I hate the rain.
Yuto~ *suggested* Why don't you come inside?
Seiko~ iie desu. I'm fine. I'm going home. Need to take care of my Oba-chan. See ya. *goes and rides away on her bike*

Wow. I can't believe I offered her to go inside my house. Why would a guy suggest to let a girl go inside his house? Unless they are a couple...that is. Yabai! I'm beginning to like her. I cannot tell this to anyone. No matter what. Nobody...*sighs* Better go inside....its raining hard.. *starts opening the door* Eh?!?! the door is locked? Eh??! I can't go inside! Yabai! I need to wait for my okasan to come home ...what time is it? *looks at his watch* eh?!?! 4 o clock ? She comes home around 6! Ore....

-Next Day at School-
Yamada~ Ne, Yuto daijoubu desu ka?
Yuto~ *face down on his desk* Uh huh.
Chinen~ What did Seiko do to you yesterday?
Yuto~ A terrible thing....
Yamada~ You know what...I'm going to do something to that girl.
Chinen~ I want to help!
Yuto~ Daijoubu...she ain't worth it.
Seiko~ *comes up behind them* Worth? I'm worth for anything.
Yuto~ *Sits up* Ah~ Seiko-chan..
Seiko~ What do you mean I'm not worth it?!?!
Yuto~ Betsunii..You wouldn't understand.
Yamada~ Yeah...cause you're dumb.
Chinen~ Ano...Seiko-chan has the highest grade here Yama-chan.
Yamada~ Honto?
Chinen~ *nods his head* Hai..
Yamada~ *looks at Seiko* Hehe.. Gomen nasai.
Seiko~ Uh huh Right...I have an announcement everyone!!!!! Listen!
Misaki~ Listen people!
Mamiko~ Ne, What is this announcement going to be about?
Seiko~ just listen.
Misaki~ Ne...chotto. Everyone isn't listening.
Seiko~ *pounds on the Yuto's desk* MINNA!~!!!! Over here!
Mamiko~ sugeii^^

How am I going to say this....? It was a tough decision to make since last night....I don't know what will everybody will think. Well maybe since I'm all that mean they wouldn't care...I don't care anymore. I finally realized all I care about is Yuto...I really need him, decision was already made by my parents...I'm really going to miss him. Also my awesomness friends as well. How come Yuto is the one I love the most? This hasn't ever happened to me..I finally realized that I'm nothing without him. He changed my life beginning to end. Is that even possible? *looks around the classroom filled with curious eyes staring at her* These people...What the heck. Don't they know their manners not to stare? Who cares...Yuto *looks at his sparkling eyes that are staring straight back at her eyes* Forgive me...

At 9:56 p.m. Seiko just came back from her friends place after seeing her Oba-chan.When she came home, her parents were sitting on the floor next to the table. The room was scary quiet until her father said:
Father~ seiko-chan, I'm transferring work to France.
Seiko~ So?
Father~ We are going to move.
Mother~ well we made our decision now make yours. You want to stay here with all your friends or come with us to France?
Seiko~ Where would I stay?
Mother~ You have your own money. You can buy an apartment.
Father~ Yeah..Unless you want to come with us to France.
Seiko~ Why can't this family just stay here!?
Father~ Because! This job that I have made us into a really happy family who has money that lasts until we die.
Seiko~ Then...You can find another job!
Mother~ It's very hard to find a job these days Sei-chan.
Seiko~...*thinking hard, but can only think of Yuto's precious face she has been getting out of her head* Fine...I'll go to france.
Father~ Thank you honey.
Seiko~ When are we leaving?
Mother~ Hmmmm....Tomorrow...the Day after tomorrow. In the morning. Please start packing up.
Seiko~ Yes mother....*almost starting to cry*
Seiko was pretty much really sad that she almost wanted to die. She regretted everything she has done to Yuto...So much that she loved him as much as she loves herself which was really unusual to say. She wanted to talk about the moving to Yuto 1st but instead..she kept quiet til tomorrow at school.

Seiko~ *Sighs* I'
Chinen~ Chotto ... Yuto is not feeling well *feeling Yuto's forehead*
Misaki~ Eh? Nande? Anyways tell what you are going to say Seiko.
Seiko~ Not yet..I want Yuto to hear this. *goes to Yuto's side*
Yuto~ Seiko just go on and tell..I can hear from here. *yawns* I'm just tired.
Seiko~ Baka! Don't be tired then *Slaps his face which made hi m wide wide awake* I'm moving!
Mamiko~ Nani? You're moving?!?! *faints*
Misaki~ Nande? Why are you moving? *helps Mamiko*
Seiko~ My otou-san is moving to a new location.
Yuto~ *shocked* Can't you just stay here?
Seiko~ *slapped him once again* Baka! I need to buy an apartment...I don't have much money.
Yamada~ Aren't you happy Yuto-kun?
Seiko~ Yeah? Aren't you? *curious*
Yuto~ Nande? Why would you think that?
Seiko~ Betsunii ne...I'm moving tomorrow morning. I won't be able to go to school.
Mamiko~ *comes up* So desu ka...We will miss you.
Minna~ Hai!
Seiko~ Ore? You will?
Minna~ Hai!
Seiko~ Arigaotu *cries*

-The day she left-
I won't forget you Yuto... You have changed me alot. Arigatou. Hope I will be coming back soon again. Find someone almost like me okay? Someone who will keep you company. Say bye to Yamada and Chinen for me. France is far away. Don't forget..about me. I realized that this wasn't an illness that cannot be stopped but an illness I would love to have forever. I do hope you will not change, not a single one. Yuto Daisuki...

So this is the last of us seeing each other. I won't be able to contact you either. It's going to be quite boring in the school without you. Don't forget about me as well. I will wait for you to come again at least. If you do come. The feeling I get when I'm near you will never come again, I guess. Onegai...stay the same forever. At least when I'm with Hey Say JUMP I can make a song...a song about you. I hope you would hear it sometime when it uploads into the internet from crazy fans....No matter what, You will always be my Beautiful Bad girl.
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Posted 3/9/09 , edited 3/10/09
Uwaaaaaaaaa~ T^T so sweet!!!!~ They realized their love for each other ne~ ;~; too bad they didnt get to confess T^T

<333s this fic!!!~ you're really good at writing fics ne~ x33
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Posted 3/9/09 , edited 3/10/09

another uruwashi no bad girl fanfic!
I guess Yuto's charisma made so many girls write fics for him~
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27 / F / Yuto's BED!!!(:
Posted 3/10/09 , edited 3/10/09
omg i love this...
yuto is <333333

love this fic too(;
sugoii wants more!!!
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