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What's a good starter car?

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Posted 11/22/09 , edited 11/22/09
It'd be nice to start off with a civic or toyota. They're classics.
Posted 11/30/09 , edited 11/30/09
Actually he said he partial to euro and jap. To me it seems like an Infiniti G20 would be a good choice. If he could find one. Should be in his price range. Four cylinder and good gas mileage. 4 doors and pretty reliable. Plus it's the daddy to the g35. Oh and did i say rare too. So unlike a civic it won't be everywhere and stands out. Just my $0.02.
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30 / M / SanJose
Posted 12/2/09 , edited 12/3/09
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Posted 12/3/09 , edited 12/4/09
well from the cars i've tested...the ford focus.

well the one we have feels much more balanced.

rev's climb , about to hit 7k rpm but still feels as if can go higher, so you shift and same reaction afterwords.

brakes feel firm, and act just as ordered, the steering feels firm as well, you take that corner at faster speeds then other cars and it grips the road as if on rails.

believe it or not, that's how it is,lol.

best car we have, but sometimes slips on reverse...the dreaded reverse,lol...if that was fixed, it still be our #1 car. ( family favorite).

...yeah, weird never thought i'd vote for a ford.
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Posted 12/4/09 , edited 12/4/09
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32 / Anime City
Posted 12/31/09 , edited 12/31/09
How about my favorite car?

Mazda RX7

Pearl White...
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Posted 8/18/10 , edited 8/18/10
u gotta have 1 the beast of 4x4
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Posted 10/29/10 , edited 10/30/10
u want a escalade dats a gata 4 da hatas
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Posted 12/4/10 , edited 12/4/10
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Posted 12/14/10 , edited 12/14/10
depends on how you gona use ur car? for school? work? daily drive?
u want import or domestic?

personally, I'd go for civic or corolla sedan as a starter, theyre good in insurance and gas mileage,
but if u want abit of power, get a nissan sentra/200sx or a civic SIR!

lots of cars to choose from, consider honda crx or del sol, or EG or EK hatch!
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24 / M / South Carolina
Posted 2/4/11 , edited 2/4/11

TheTravelingSword wrote:

You gotta get a Delica :D



killed it....i would love to own that car.
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Posted 2/20/11 , edited 2/21/11
Your FIRST OWN car should be a reliable one.
Depending on the weather at your place... it should start in winter and do not corrode away during the rain.

It should be old and cheap enough, so that a few bumbs while parking do not care .

So, it was mentioned about a douzend times : yeea. A Civic suits it. Nothing special, though. But a fine and almost reliable car.

My first OWN was ... a Lada Samara 1.4 with benzin engine.
No luxus... but very.... very... robust. A Mercedes bumped me once (his fault...). The damage at HIS car : 4.000 € ... almost his whole front.
My damage? A mechanic tore off the plastic blend of the bumper... watched the bumper carefully... measured for about 10minutes... and installed a new blend . FUCK... the bumper looked like a part of railroad-track ?

In winters I had nooo problem starting that car .

I sold that car... a bought myself a Ford Escord 1,4l. Hmmm... more comfort and a lot of problems on cold and rainy days. Whole electronic went wild.

Then i got a long time around without having a own car.
The car im driving now, is astonishing "good".

Rover 200 ... to be precisely 220D . Rover, an extinged british car producer, had "some problemes". Because of the gab in british car qualities.
They DO build Rolls Royce... and Bently and Jaguar. But they simply werent able to produce middle class cars in an acceptable quality.

So Honda offered their help (with thoughts in their back, of course), and helped Rover to design and build a car, suited for the european Market.
The Rover 200. Lookes quit alike the Civic... (guess WHY...). That one has a 2Liter Diesel engine of the rumored L-Class. 2 litres... (TWO) and all they could get ot of it was 86 HP... ridiculess.

BUT. That car ist fine. Reliable, enough torque to go fast off at the traffic lights, enough HP to get me through the city to my boss´ costumers (well, i deliver asian food in part-time...). 170.000 km and still marching... more than anyone may expect from a british middle class car.
In german there´s a poem on the british car quality:
"Gott schütze und vor Sturm und Wind,
und Autos, die aus England sind!"
(Shall God protect us from storm and winds,
and cars made in England....)

Soah... said toooo much again... sigh
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