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Scans available for download at Michex Raw Manga and online viewing at S_ASpecialA^^

It starts with Tadashi telling Akira he wants chocolate that will keep him full.

AKIRA: Didn't you say you wanted chocolate like a rock (as hard as a rock?)?
TADASHI; Well actually, both.
AKIRA: *PUNCH* Quit joking around!!

Valentines Day is coming up soon. Tadashi says that it was just getting peaceful with Alisa's return to London, but now Valentines Day comes next (and that's even more crazy). Finn askes if Valentines Day is the day in Japan when girls give chocolate to the guys. Tadashi confirms it and adds that Ryu is all alone this year again, but maybe he'll be introduced to someone. (Ryu takes that as teasing and says, "Hey!")

Hikari and Sakura go out shopping for Valentines. Hikari notices that everyone is full of enthusiasm. She says that recently various things have failed with Kei, so she plans to recover with Valentines Day. Sakura tells her, "Good luck^^" Hikari then spots Finn there, but only for a second.

The next day, Hikari hears someone call out her name. It's Finn, who takes her hand and says she needs to ask a favor of her. Finn looks left and right and asks if "Stalker Man" (a.k.a, Kei) is there. Hikari answers that he won't be there until that afternoon. Then Finn tells Hikari that she needs to become a cute girl.

The next scene skips to Kei later on. He seems a little too happy with a giddy smile on his face. He tells Hikari that they won't be able to go home together. Ryu and Tadashi look on wondering what's the matter with him. Ryu says that this happens almost like a pattern, but it's seems different for some reason. Tadashi explains that this kind of thing would happen at this time. Afterall, it's almost Valentines. (Heh heh...even the great Kei is reduced to a man anxious for his girl to give him sweets^^)

Later, Hikari and Finn are at Hikari's house. Hikari can do nothing but stare in awe at Finn, who has dressed herself as a girl. Finn askes if it looks weird, but Hikari says that she's surprisingly very cute (Hikari is still unaware that Finn is truly female so she would look cute anyway). It also explains that Finn is wearing a wig and is also wearing colored contact lenses. (You can hardly tell she's Finn at all!)

Hikari tells Finn that it's a bit startling that she would suddenly do this.

FINN: But isn't it pitiful?
Ryu has no one to recieve chocolate from.
HIKARI: That's not true...
FINN: I don't understand! This year that can't happen.
So I'm appearing in disguise as a super cute girl...
and giving him chocolates adorabley!!

Hikari then imagines giving chocolate adorably to Kei. In her imagination, Kei says this: "What's wrong with you? Are you sick? You're freaking me out. Ha ha ha ha ha"

Hikari kinda snaps out of her imagination and throws a book on the ground, surprising Finn. Hikari tells herself that she needs to improve herself bigtime.

HIKARI: Let's do our best together!!

Onwards with the lesson...Hikari tells Finn that a cute girl gives home made choclate. Finn says, "Would if I already bought it?" Hikari freaks out and says that cute girls MUST home make their chocolate (but this is just her own opinion she's giving, but Finn takes it as truth^^). But they both need to make home made chocolate. Hikari says that they can't do it at her house (for *cough* obvious reasons we've seen in the past). So Finn says they'll make them at her house instead.

The next scene is at night and we see an explosion at Finn's house. Bodyguards come and say that Hikari must be a terrorist! Finn yells at them saying it's just making chocolate with a classmate.

Finn tells Hikari to do her best and Hikari tells Finn the same.

The next day, Hikari goes to Kei and smiles at him with a giddy smile.(Kei looks on like, "What is she doing?" kind of expression.) He then smiles and pat her on the head. Hikari askes what he's doing it for and he says it's because she's cute^^. Hikari gets embarrassed and askes why he's saying such things. Coming off the subject, Kei tells Hikari that he's looking forward to it.

Hikari gives Finn a new lesson on how to give chocolate. First: Have a touch of shyness. Second: Give a smile. Third: Shine. So Hikari gives those examples and then askes Finn to do it.

Later, Finn says she heard that Ryu likes animals. She puts on cat ears and imitates a cat for fun^^. But when Finn looks at Hikari's expression afterwards, she sees that Hikari's nose is bleeding^^. Finn gets scared and askes Hikari what happened. Hikari says she totally forgot Finn was a boy (another reminder that Hikari still believes Finn is a boy and not really a girl). Hikari tells Finn that she's amazing doing all this for Ryu. Finn says she'll do what she needs to for a friend.

Finn meets Ryu the next day and talks with him. She tells him that she thinks he should be expecting this year's Valentines. Ryu doesn't know what she means by that...

The next night comes when Hikari and Finn have finally successfully created home made chocolates. Hikari sees the happy expression Finn has and simpley says, "It doesn't really look like you "love girls." Finn is a bit shocked to hear that, but tells Hikari: "I'm a guy. I love girls." Hikari tells her that she thought so because she was cute back there. Finn kinda laughs it off, but has the look on her face that kinda says she's hiding something (gosh, poor Finn T.T).

Valentines Day comes the scene is in the Greenhouse. There are lots
of valentines gifts being handed out. Kei is comparing his pile of
chocolate to Hikari's pile. But then Hikari comes back with saying
she made him some homemade chocolate (acts all cute and cuddley and
Kei suddenly blooms^^).

There's a short scene with Tadashi recieving his chocolate from Akira. Akira shoves it in his face, but Tadashi weeps with joy when he knows that both the kinds of chocolates he wanted are there^^.

There's also a very funny pannel which shows Sakura giving her gift to Jun. She giftwrapped herself!!!

SAKURA: Your present is me~~!
JUN: *blushes like crazy and backs away^^*

Megumi looks nervous to give her chocolate to someone (probably Yahiro).

Finn, as a girl, stands from a distance and watches Ryu being given
chocolate by other girls. She starts to get more and more worried .
She then...chickens out. She turns away laughing, saying he's already getting some and says she'll just eat these chocolates herself. But then she hears the girls near Ryu giggling. She turns back and sees the gentle, happy face on Ryu. What Hikari said to Finn before about if she really loved girls comes to her mind.

Finn goes away and eats the chocolate herself alone.

FINN: I am not a girl!

Hikari meets up with Finn and is informed by Finn that she ate the chocolate herself. Finn says that it's because Ryu recieved
plenty of chocolate so he didn't need anymore. Finn points out that
it would really be weird if a guy gave chocolate to another guy. Hikari askes if it's weird if Finn did the best she could to please Ryu. Hikari then goes and get the chocolate she was going to give to Kei and tells Finn to give it to Ryu. She tells Finn that she never got to see her relieved face all because she didn't give the chocolate to Ryu.

HIKARI: Look, go on!

Finn stands alone and says to herself that she wants to please Ryu,
but she doesn't really understand how that's to be done. But suddenly
she hears Ryu say her name from behind, making Finn jump and hide the
package behind her. But of course Ryu notices it and tries to see
what it is. (cuteness~~) He askes who she recieved it from, but she says that she didn't recieve it.

FINN: I...I'm giving this to you...-!*HUH!*
N...No, that's a mistake...
RYU: It's a mistake?
Could you please give it to me?

FINN: *hesitates a bit*
I wanted to give it to you...
RYU: *smiles^^*
I'm really happy.

Meanwhile, Hikari has told Kei that she cannot give him the chocolate
she made and instead gives him a chocolate bar bought from the store.
Kei says that as long as it's from her he'll be pleased about it. Hikari tells him that she's not pleased with it, but Kei says again that he is pleased. Hikari suddenly gets confused and says something crude to him (don't know the exact word). Kei tells her that that's not a good thing to say. He then bends over and kisses her hand. AWWW~
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