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Posted 3/10/09 , edited 3/11/09
Guys please read this carefully!!!! For the pass few weeks I have been looking on numerous GuiLun groups. And the number of members is nearly beating ours. I seriously don't want BeBu to disappear and be forgotten! Please please please promote BeBu and other staff. Also by showing GuiLu that the 4 years we had been spending making BeBu well known will not go to waste.

Please vote for BeBu here:

I get sad and depressed just thinking about GuiLun overleading us. I liked to remember about 2 years ago when winglin was dominated with BeBu fanfics and that GuiLun didn't exist yet. But there is bound to be a obstacle. And this is one of it. For us to overcom this problem we have to promote BeBu Show those people that age difference doesn't matter. Because did you know that one of the greatest love story in China is about a widow and a man who is ten years younger that her? (Hand carved 6 thousands steps." Which is a real life story?

Us BeBu fan have built a strong community for Hebe and Arron. We can't simply let this go to waste. We have been waiting for nearly 4 years people. If we don't take action now, then when are we? I suggest that we team up with GuiWang and overcome GuiLun. Right now GuiWang is also suffering like us. I will post this message in BeBu fanfics and please think about what I have written.
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