Resident evil 5 For xbox gamers

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Posted 3/12/09 , edited 3/13/09
Yo anyone out there got the game yet? i pick it up at 12 midnight looking for ppl to wanna co op with me also what are ppls thoughts on the game? LET ME KNOW also got the Red Special Edition Xbox its so P to the IMP.. Yeah!! My gamer Tag is OO5buddha the OO is not zeros there the Letters.. Hit me up and lets play
Posted 3/12/09 , edited 3/13/09
Ahh fuck if I had the money I would man I really would
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Posted 3/13/09 , edited 3/13/09
Mine's Biohazard 5 (finished it even) so I guess I can't co-op with English peeps.
Anyone wants spoilers?
Posted 8/1/09 , edited 8/1/09
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