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Which Drama Versions of the Manga: Hana Yori Dango do you prefer the Most?

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30 / F / philippines
Posted 3/22/09 , edited 3/23/09
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Posted 3/23/09 , edited 3/23/09

meydiandra wrote:

1. Boys Before Flowers
2. Meteor Garden
3. Hana Yori Dango

I think korean version has much better- looking casts than the previous two versions. The boy's suits are just awesome !!!
Domyoji character in Japanese version was really harsh and always shouted for no reason. I hated it !

Agree with you
Both Korean and Jap lead actors curly hairstyles are awfull to me. Preferred Taiwan Jerry's hair.
Posted 3/23/09 , edited 3/23/09
I would hav to say :
1. Boys Before Flowers
2.Hana Yori Dango
3. Meteor Garden

* Honestly i nvr really liked the leader of F4 in all 3 versions...
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F / In Tokyo, I wish...
Posted 3/25/09 , edited 3/25/09
I like BOF best. I am completely in love with Ji Hoo, so i choose BOF!!!!!

1) Boys Over Flowers
2) Hana Yori Dango
3) Meteor Garden
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32 / F / cebu
Posted 3/26/09 , edited 3/26/09
boys beyond flowers
meteor garden
hana yori dango
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29 / F / Caribbean (Trinid...
Posted 3/28/09 , edited 3/28/09
1)Boys Before Flowers (korean version)- the best actors and cutest!!
2) Meteor Garden although the characters are still ugly and kinda dense (except for the leading girl)
3) Hana Yori Dango- all the guys are ugly and mousy looking, and it sucks butt.

In Boys Before Flowers the cast are great (looks and acting skills), the setting and it seems much more romantic!!
Posted 3/28/09 , edited 3/29/09
1 hana yori dango
2 boys over flowers
3 meteor garden
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Posted 3/30/09 , edited 3/31/09
Actually ....
In my opinion ... most people think that Korean version is the best because it's new and it's airing right now ...
Also that the casts are appealing to you more because they are still young ...
Personally, I really love Kim Hyunjoong (Jihoo).
Still, I think Boys before flowers is still not that great.
For me .. I like
1. Meteor Garden
2. Hana Yori Dango
3. Boys before flowers
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F / Minnesota
Posted 3/31/09 , edited 3/31/09
I agree with Khanmoping, the newer versions always have better funded sets and the characters get richer and richer.

My favorites are in this order.

1. Meteor Garden
I choice to rank this first because zaizai made me fall in love with Hau zei Lei character. I found it more relateable for me. I like how human they were but somethings the acting seemed cheap and draggy at times but I still loved it. The mother figure was very scary too!! If she was my future mother in law, I'd be terrified. Her parents were hilarious too, even in Meteor Garden II. [even thought Lei and Shan cai never got together, xD I still like them]

2. Hana Yori Dango, <3 Hanazawa Rui and the main character.

3. Boys before flowers, Kim Bum is truly hawt!
I think they Kim Hyun Joong's was too pale in some scenes, hes a usually good looking guy but I think they need to fire his stylist. No offense to anyone but I thought he looked inhumane in the early episodes, since is pale skin+hair= O_O;; WTF? He got better later on.

I usually love the main characters, like Meteor Garden and Hana yori Dango but I hate Geum Jan Di' character!!! [I hate the character not the actress] I know shes suppose to be a bold and an unrefined girl but I seriously wanted to throw my chemistry textbook at her every time she talked with her mouth full! It was so disgusting watching and hearing it! Also she screams a lot, drama queen? Sorry but it's a personal preference and pet peeve of mine!

The only reason I watched this drama is because of the guys.
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30 / F
Posted 4/1/09 , edited 4/2/09

1. Boys Before Flowers
2. Meteor Garden
3. Hana Yori Dango

I think korean version has much better- looking casts than the previous two versions. The boy's suits are just awesome !!!

i agree with this person :)

Boys Before Flowers is the best b/c:
1. the F4 is the hottest out of all of them (ALL of them are HOT, not just one or two like the other drama)
2. the bullying scenes were more... mean, so it's more touching.
3. i think Lee Min Ho is really really good in here. His acting is really touching, and you can actually see all that emotion in him. The most memorable scene is when JanDi and Ji Hoon leaves Macau, and Jun Pyo tries to stop them or whatever. And then he never got to give her the shoes, b/c his manager came late. And then Jun Pyo sat down, and became really frustrated and sad, and angry all those emotions were present. it was so heart-wrenching
and not only his acting was good. his evil mom was good too. and kim bum. and tons of ppl.
4. their scenaries, clothes, cars, etc were much more rich-looking. even their destinations like Macau, New Caledonia, and all that are more expensive. also, they had helicopters, that nice ShinHwa high school, NICE CARS, NICE SUITS haha (i'm thinking of kim bum)
5. this is the only version where i actually like the LOVE OPPONENT lol (HA JAE KYUNG) i didn't like her while she was interfering with jun pyo and jandi's relationship, but i DID like her after she cancelled the wedding. and i think she's quite pretty. and that evil YU-MI. i hated her, but i had to admit that she looked really pretty at that party in ep 25.

and there's probably wayyyyyy more reasons, but these ones are the ones that really stand out to me =)

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25 / F / where you live is...
Posted 4/2/09 , edited 4/2/09
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Posted 4/7/09 , edited 4/7/09
Aside the looks.
I say Hana Yori Dango is the better. The actress who played Makino really portrayed bold and courageous.
I watched a few episodes Boys Before Flowers, but I stopped becayse the character, Geum Jan Di, got really annoying. Sorry
Geum Jan Di's Bold and courageous just sounded loud and annoying for me.
Posted 4/10/09 , edited 4/10/09
I enjoyed Boys Over Flowers a lot - It was casted fantastically. In partitcular, I think that Lee Min Ho did a really great acting job. Overall, the storyline progressed beautifully and since it is the newest, I wouldn't expect anything less from the set/costume design.

Hana Yori Dango takes second. I think that everyone agrees that the actors aren't nearly as hot as the korean version, but I think that the lead actress was fit for the part. Plus, I think we should give it some credit since the original manga was Japanese.

I have only seen parts of Meteor Garden, but I can say that it looked a little cheesy, and the lead actress didn't look fit for the part. I assume that it was made on a lower budget, so that would explain that. No hate though. lol

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33 / F / Canada
Posted 4/12/09 , edited 4/13/09
I would most definitely go with Boys over Flowers.
I know it's a Japanee manga and they did a good job with Hana Yori Dango, but acting and storyline wise...

Korea did a really good job picking casts that would portray the manga characters perfectly!
And the fashion in the show is just perfect. Everything is perfect in this show...

And then I would have to go with Hana Yori Dango, because Makino in the show is so cute and so is Rui!
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F / ~Anime & Manga Wo...
Posted 4/13/09 , edited 4/14/09
I think korean version THE BEST!
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