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Episode 0 : Prologue

In year 2XXX, a scientist who well known as Professor Yamamoto is doing research on creating an android. He took few years on the experiment and was doing in an unknown laboratory. However, one day, his experiment seems an outcome…

Yamamoto : I success! Finally I did it! My very first Android ever! Adam X1 and Hawa X1!

Adam X1 : Where are we?

Hawa X1 : Who are you?

“Yes! My experiment success! This will make me famous!” said Prof Yamamoto who happily jumping around. Few days later, Prof Yamamoto brought his experiment to press conferences and presents his idea to everyone. His ideal was to create a world where human and android coexist where Android will help human do work. His idea been accepted by everyone and from that day onward, Prof Yamamoto and his generation started to create Android and give life to them.

The time passed over 100 years. Human and Android was live happily together until one day, some terrible accident happened. A pair Android robbed a bank and kills all the security.

Head Police Officer (HPO) : What!? Android attack human! No way!?

Police A : But sir, we receive a report that they robbed Kanasaki Bank.

Police B : They even owned a powerful weapon!

HPO : Prof Yamamoto Sonoko, what do you think about this case?

Sonoko : They wasn’t program in this way. They were created to help us in doing work. I have doubt if someone controlling them…

HPO : Alright you guys! Track down the robber and catch them. Destroy them if it needed!

Police A & B : Yes sir!

Both police officers begin to investigate the case and track the pair Android. It took them for a month to track their hideout. During the duration, a lot Android started to act weird and doing criminal. As soon as the polices reach at the pair Android hideout, they were immediately killed without mercy by Android.

The next day, both police officer corpses were found in abandon house.

Sonoko : This is bad…Those Android are too powerful. Our weapon was nothing to them.

HPO : Prof Sonoko, is there no way to fix this situation?

Sonoko : No, I afraid we don’t have…

“No, there is a way!”, suddenly their conversation was interrupted by a familiar voice. “Professor Yuuji from Absolute Security Maintenance!?”, said by the HPO. A 50 year’s old man appears. He was about 6 feet tall and wearing a thick glasses. Prof Sonoko wasn’t happy looking Prof Yuuji interrupted their conversation. She said, “Don’t tell me you want me to create another Android to fight against Android. It won’t work because majorities Android have been acting weird now”.

Yuuji : Listen. Our department just invented a new device. It was known as Rivice (Rider Device) *literally pronounce as Rai-Vice*.

Sonoko : Rivise!? What the heck are you talking?

Yuuji : Remember the two tablets we found 10 years ago at Fuji mountain? After a long researched, they are proven as legendary Kamen Rider.

Sonoko : Kamen Rider!?

Yuuji : Yes. The white tablet contains a positive energy while the black contain negative energy. Thus I believe the negative energy was the one affected Android mind.

Sonoko : Interesting. Since we know what the source of Android acting wild, why don’t we destroy the black tablet?

Yuuji : I am sorry. It was just my assumption. I need researched those Android for further confirmation.

Sonoko : Fine. Now the Android that act most are the pair. We shall arrest them for your further research. Are your Rivice ready?

Yuuji : Yes. I created two. Officers, I need two of your men to be the user for it. Get me suitable men.

HPO : Yes sir!

Sonoko : I wait your good news.

Prof Sonoko leaves the criminal scene with unsatisfied feeling. She don’t like Prof Yuuji since last time because some incident. Few days later, two police officer was selected to be user for Rivice. As soon as the pair Android appears again, both of them run to the scene at the speed of light.

Android T6 : Who are you!

Android T5 : Brother! Just another useless human! Let’s kill them!

Both police take out a small round device on their hand.


Both of them equipped the device to their wrist band on left hand and transform into a silver armor rider. Both of the Android surprise with their transformation. They begin to fire cannon from their hand to the riders. Both riders run randomly to avoid the attack and getting close to them. Both rider kick and punch the two Android. They have been push back and fall on the floor.

T5 : So-so powerful!

T6 : Who are you!!?

Rider 1 : We are…

Rider 2 : Kamen Rider Police!

T6 : Po-police!?

Both Kamen Rider Police take out a gun on their waist and aim on the Androids and fire on them. The attack directly hit on their system and shut down them. They brought back the Androids to Prof Yuuji for research. Finally they figured out the energy that control those Androids are from the collision energy between positive and negative energy from the tablets. To prevent the thing continue to happen, Prof Yuuji created a Freeze Capsule and place the tablets into it. He hides the Capsule in a place where no one knows.

From that day onward, the Earth was restored and both Rivice was used never been use anymore…
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