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[JDrama~2009] Atashinchi no Danshi

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40 / F / sabah
Posted 3/15/09 , edited 10/22/11

* Title: アタシんちの男子
* Title (romaji): Atashinchi no Danshi
* Also known as: My Boys
* Tagline: 家族以上、恋人未満!? / Kazoku Ijo, Koibito Miman!?
* Tagline (English): More Than Family But Less Than Lovers
* Format: Renzoku
* Genre: Comedy
* Episodes: 11
* Viewership rating: 10.8 (Kanto)
* Broadcast network: Fuji TV
* Broadcast period: 2009-Apr-14 to 2009-Jun-23
* Air time: Tuesday 21:00
* Theme song: Infinity by GIRL NEXT DOOR

Ep 1 : 14.1 (Homeless Maiden Versus Her Lover's Six Sons)
Ep 2 : 11.0 (The Pheromone of Young Men)
Ep 3 : 9. 6 (Young Men, Sighing at Love)
Ep 4 : 9.4 (Operation Love Kidnapping)
Ep 5 : 12.3 (A Kiss With the Eldest Son?!)
Ep 6 : 12.0 (Mama is His Girlfriend?!)
Ep 7 : 9.5 (Heart Pounding at Rapid Approach)
Ep 8 : 11.3 ( From Thriftiness Comes Love!?)
Ep 9 : 10.4 ( Farewell to the Man of Miracles)
Ep 10 : 9.8 ( The Astonishing Truth)
Ep 11: 10.4 ( A Treasure Called Family)

Average : 10.8

These days, the term "homeless" has taken on new meaning. There are youths referred to as "net cafe refugees," who have neither a job nor a place to live, but who find themselves hopping around internet cafes. One such refugee is a 20-year-old girl named Chisato, who lost her mother at a young age due to sickness. She spent her youth trying to escape from the huge debt her father left her, and her battle with the repossessors unfolded every night. However, her life changed after meeting one man named Shinzo, changing her views on the meaning of "family." Shinzo comes from a rich family tracing back to the Edo period, and he adopted six good-looking sons with the hope of one becoming his successor, but all of them have strange personalities. Shinzo promises to free Chisato from her debt if she marries him and becomes the mother of his sons. However, a life with these six guys under one roof will not go smoothly... --Tokyograph


* Horikita Maki as Mineta Chisato
Her mother died of illness and her father has disappeared, leaving behind a debt of 100 million yen. She marries Okura Shinzo, who offers to pay off the debt for her, on condition that she be his wife. However, Shinzo passes away after one month. She becomes the mother of six sons who are not her blood relations. She is the type who immediately carries out her thoughts when ideas comes to her, and because she has been through hardship since her childhood, she appreciates having food and a place to sleep more than anyone else. She is strong-willed and a little unrefined.

Okura Family

* Kaname Jun as Okura Fuu
30-years-old,The Okura family’s eldest son. He likes to call himself a free spirit, in other words, he doesn't have a job. At first glance he seems like a careless person, but he's actually very reliable. He sells paintings and things like that with flashy words as a stallholder, but he has a surprisingly bad taste. However, he's very popular with women and therefore doesn't have anything to be worried about. (He gets everything from them.) Every woman in central Tokyo has heard rumors about him. He has vagrant habits and has an elusive personality. In his childhood he always had top grades, but nowadays he can't get over 50% in qualification tests anymore. Usually he's reticent, but once in a while he can say the wisest things with a single word! He was 15 when he got adopted. He's not the least bit interested in succeeding the company, but as a possible heir he received a special education for gifted children. That special treatment is also why he got this carefree attitude. It's also the reason why he constantly says so many harsh things to Chisato, he tries to save her from this life..

* Okada Yoshinori as Okura Takeru
27-years-old,The Okura family’s second son.He's part of a biker gang and his pride is his motorcycle, but during the day he uses it to job as courier. His hobby is gambling. He's an old-fashioned yankee (delinquent), can't read the simplest atmosphere and even neglects his juniors. He often gets into fights, but he's weak. What's worse is that he's a show-off and talks the talk, but can't walk the walk. He easily falls for things that are too good to be true and often gets involved into incidents by other troublemakers. Once he drinks alcohol, his character suddenly changes, he becomes the most humble and soft-hearted person on earth. There must have been something in his past that made him unable to show his true feelings to others. He always hangs out with others, because he's afraid of becoming lonely. He also has a room in the "castle", but he almost never returns to use it. His cheerful face and idiotic acts are just his ways to hide his extreme weakness. In truth he would like to believe in someone more than anyone else. He basically is a kind person who once must have gotten hurt very badly. He refers to himself as "the man who can summon miracles". In truth he isn't a very fortunate person, though. Is he really the best in causing miracles!?

* Mukai Osamu as Okura Sho
25 years old.The Third son of the Ookura family. His occupation is that of a host. The establishment he works in moves from place to place, but he constantly stays the number 1 host due to his outward appearance and art of conversation. Shou grew up in an orphanage and got adopted when he was 10 years old. He never had a family and therefore he respected his new benefactor a lot. However, something caused a breach in their relationship when he was 18, so big that he left from home. After that he started to make a living by working as a host. On the surface he seems like a cheerful character who is easy to make happy, but he's actually a realist. He's working recklessly, because he believes that all he needs is money. What he hates the most, is when somebody makes fun of him by calling him Ookurashou (former Ministry of Finance). He became an assertive man with his motto, "If you have time to do it, do it."

* Yamamoto Yusuke as Okura Masaru
22-years-old,The Okura family’s fourth son. He's an exclusive model for fashion magazines and very charismatic. His popularity is really incredible and yet he's still a virgin. At work he's the cool and attractive man, but in reality he's indecisive and a man of gentle manners. He's really shy, especially of other people and panics, if a woman comes within a 1m radius around him. Masaru got treated really cruelly during his first love and that experience left him with a trauma. It's also rumored that he only became a model to take revenge on that girl. He basically has no self-confidence at all and sometimes can be really menial. Both of his parents died very early and he was left in the custody of his grandmother. His grandmother also died when he was 8 and that's when get adopted by Shinzo. He's now living in the "Trick Heart Castle." At first glimpse he really seems like a gentle person, but he's actually very egoistic and unsocial. He doesn't have any friends either.

* Seto Koji as Okura Satoru
17-years-old, The Okura family’s fifth son. He's a high school student, but he's a a truant and shut-in. He always got praised for being a gifted magician from an early age. However, ever since one certain incident he received nothing but slander from other people. His parents then simply disappeared and Shinzo adopted him into his family. Their disappearance caused him to loose trust in people and even in himself. He gives up everything he starts and often shows a sarcastic and aggressive attitude. Satoru also hates to be around people and so he shuts himself in his room in the "Trick Heart Castle." The only way he communicates with other people is through his computer.

* Okayama Tomoki as Okura Akira
12-years-old, The Okura family’s sixth son. He's a very smart junior high school student. Akira makes a living by dealing with stocks over the Internet, but he also seems to be a skillful hacker. His rationalism is incredible for a child, he's extremely cheeky and even looks down on his elder brothers. He's not too eager about going to school, because he himself says that, "They and I are on a totally different level." However, the real reason is that he's actually getting bullied for his self-important behavior. On the other hand he can also be a typical 12-years-old who gets sleepy after 09pm and has the runs in the worst situations. Akira also labels Chisato to be incompetent...

* Kusakari Masao as Okura Shinzo (company president)

Miracle Toymaker
* Yamamoto Koji as Tokita Shuji (company director)
* Takashima Reiko as Koganei Kyoko (legal adviser)
* Nadaka Tatsuo as Iwamoto
* Watanabe Kenkichi (渡辺憲吉) as Misawa
* Kodama Raishin as Okudera
* Nakamura Osamu (中村修) as Toyama

* Tsurumi Shingo as Mineta Toru (Chisato's father)
* Kamio Yu as Kobayashi (debt collector)
* Tayama Ryosei as Tanabe Yoshio
* Nakanishi Ryota as Todoroki
* Tanaka Mamoru (田中護) as Masaru's attendant
* Maruyama Ayumu (丸山歩夢) as Okura Riki (Sho's son)
* Asami Reina as Saki (Sho's ex-wife)
* Bengal as Kikuchi Kazuki
* Shibasaki Noboru (芝崎昇)

Trick Heart Castle
* Eguchi Noriko as Inoue Rosemary
* Shimeno Junko (〆野潤子)
* Nagatomo Mitsuhiro (長友光弘)

Net Cafe & Bodyguards
* Tsuruno Takeshi (つるの剛士) as Kokudo Yutaka
* Nagayama Kento as Majima Heiji
* Watanabe Keisuke (渡辺敬介) as Minamisawa
* Takahashi Mitsuomi as Nakao
* Nasubi as Nishigo
* Hamada Britney (浜田ブリトニー) as Britney
* Iwami Yoshimasa (岩見 よしまさ) as Utsui
* Matsuzaki Yuka (松崎由香)
* Osuga Oji (大須賀王子)
* Suehiro Toru (末広透)

Credit : Dramawiki

all images credit to:

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28 / F / asia♥
Posted 3/15/09 , edited 3/15/09
I want to watch this one!
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Posted 3/15/09 , edited 3/15/09
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26 / F / United Kingdom
Posted 3/15/09 , edited 3/15/09
this drama looks cool might watch it
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27 / F / Cebu City, Philip...
Posted 3/15/09 , edited 3/15/09
mukai osamu and maki TOGETHER in a dorama? I wanna see this!!
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26 / F
Posted 3/15/09 , edited 3/15/09
i wanna see this one too ^^ story line caught my attention..and of coarse ill watch it because of MAKII
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30 / F / Lee Min Ho's dreams
Posted 3/15/09 , edited 3/15/09
Yay! Can't wait for sounds really interesting!
Posted 3/15/09 , edited 3/15/09
really? Is this true?
Posted 3/15/09 , edited 3/16/09
The plot sounds interesting. I think I'll be checking it out.
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25 / F / evergreen state
Posted 3/15/09 , edited 3/16/09
i wish there's some romance between maki and yusuke or mukai osamu..
i cant wait!!!!
35 cr points
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Posted 3/16/09 , edited 3/16/09
Yay everyone's too ^___^
I've been waiting patiently for announcement of characters for a long time now....but worth it
and I just look at the site and saw that
Seto Koji is the 5th ikemen..... he's not bad....
I'm so excited for the last one.....
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27 / F
Posted 3/16/09 , edited 3/16/09
3528 cr points
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Posted 3/16/09 , edited 3/16/09
is this good?
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28 / F / Phillippines
Posted 3/16/09 , edited 3/16/09
YATTA!!! it's MAKI-CHAN!!!
1219 cr points
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Posted 3/16/09 , edited 3/16/09

looking forward to it........

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