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Posted 3/15/09 , edited 3/15/09
Well... the Description tells everything lolz... just post your sad stories here ^_^
Posted 3/22/09 , edited 3/22/09
A sad sad story from Lovingbabe22686 in

This is not your typical girl meets guy story. It doesnt end with me and him riding into the sunset on a white horse living happily ever after. That kind of love, I have come to realize, doesnt exist. Sad, huh?? I am only 18 and have already given up. Why? Because one day, I met this guy. For a very short time, he was my world. He then recked me totally. Ok, lets start at the beginning. My sis always got these gorgous, great guys and let them go. One day, she brought her newest victim home and we met. It was a sad day because we had just had the fourth death in our family in a month. I was crying. Maybe 2 weeks later, my sister cheated on this guy and they quit talking but he was still coming around. We started talking. He was 24, I was 17. We got together and I fell inlove. I was so sure I would be with him that I gave myself fully to him. I lost my virginity to this guy. Well, time went on and things seemed great. Then, he started getting to where he was skipping out on coming to my house or he would come late. I never really thought anything about it because I believed he was busy. Then I didnt see or hear from him in 4 days. When his friend got him to come around he told me he wouldt be coming around for a couple weeks. Anyways, he did come back 2 weeks later and was around for a week or 2. I called his cell one day and another girl answered and told me to leave her man alone. I called his friend and he talked to him. Come to find out, my guy had been cheating on me with not just one women, but 5!!!!! I couldnt believe it! He was so good to me!! I loved him so much. I still do, but havent talked to him at all since February 15th. I dont want to, but I think of him often. I still look at his pictures and still remember his holding me. I miss him. THis is my story.

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