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Neutrality in perspective

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Posted 3/17/09 , edited 3/17/09

darkmagiciangirl911 wrote:

leviathan343 wrote:

darkmagiciangirl911 wrote:

Mere curiosity is motivation within itself.

Plausible Plot line:
First person:
1. Catalogue life from birth to end of world. Girl is watching world devolve around her without changing a thing.
2. Catalogue life from birth to end of world. Girl removes unneeded factors (people, places,etc.) as she sees fit by turning them to dust. Sees the world as a play.
Third person:
3. Numerous events in history where someone finds her watching. Eventually someone wants to know who she is. Person finally finds her at worlds end.
4. Third person narrator of first person plot lines.

Specifics of plot are still being worked out. I figure out the character first then the plot, it's a force of habit.

I didn't know it was a character, excuse me.

Curiosity implies bias towards something. If one was equally curious towards everything, then it wouldn't know which curiosity to satisfy first.

You make it sound like uber-Uatu the Watcher. This plot could become a serious snooze-fest without some investment in the issues at hand.

It's similar to that character minus the alien part and duly noted.

I'm wondering how you will make the character compelling enough for people to invest in its point-of-view/lack of action.
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Posted 3/17/09 , edited 3/17/09

darkmagiciangirl911 wrote:

Lionna wrote:

Well, I think having a FEW people like that in the world would be alright. They'd make great judges or Speakers. But...if EVERYONE was like that?? That would be SO SCARY. No emotion, an obsession with efficiency...*shudder* I dunno, that just seems so creepy to me.
Like, I have a disdain for organized religion but at the same time if the world lacked spirituality that would SUCK. So on the same token, while our emotions and beliefs clash with other peoples' sometimes, it'd just be...freaky to have EVERYONE be neutral and unbiased.

Great topic, btw. :)

Umm... Thanks but this is about a book idea. Did you read the whole first post and the rest of the posts?

Yes, I read it. -_- I was just expression my opinion on the matter. Maybe my reaction to such a type of people would reflect those of other chracters in the book? I dunno.
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Posted 3/17/09 , edited 3/18/09

Yei wrote:

I don't think that's possible...

Everyone has to make alot of decisions in their life and I don't see how all of them could be made without bias or opinion. You should be more specific and outline their possible course of life.

It is possible, I don't believe in the whole "right or wrong / good or evil" idea. And i don't care what people do as long as it doesn't involve me. But most people do form opinions tho.
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