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Posted 3/16/09 , edited 3/17/09
here u can introduce yourself(as a neko) and create your name ,age,description,pic, girlfriend or boyfriend.(optional),(NOTE if u choose to make ur neko have a boyfriend or girlffriend please provide a pic and description for him/her as well.
here is my introduction:
NAME: Kathy
DESCRIPTION/PERSONALITY: Kathy is a very enerjetic, happy, kitty that often gets into a lot of trouble. she often drags along her boyfriend, kyo into all the trouble she gets into. Kathy has been through a terrible childhood and life. but does not like to talk about it. she tries to cover it up with laughter and smiles, but deep down she is hurting and feels like she wants to cry her eyes out but cannot cause she thinks crying is a sign of weakness and She wants to be strong both mentally and physically. kathy is often getting hurt but she doesnt care as long if she is having fun
kyo is a guy that is to him self.when no one noticed kathy at school he was the only one eho noticed her and he knew what she was really feeling. he could tell from her eyes and he knew she was hurting. kyo thought kathy was very beautiful and wanted to help her climb all the obsticles in life. kyo to has also had a horrible childhood but insead he does not try to hide it he shows it. some people concider him to be cruel. he has troubles in school academically and often gets into trouble with the teachers. when he is around kathy she brings out a softer side to him. at the end of the day kathy and kyo share their stories of what trouble they have gotten into that day.despite being cruel kyo is actually a very popular guy that all the girls want to date. if u dare mess with him he will go crazy on u with out a doubt but the only person who can calm him is kathy. kyo trully loves kathy for who she really is. kyo is 13 years old.

please create ur introduction soon. i excpect u all to be creative and i bet ur intros will be GREAT! i will later approve ur intro. i cant wait to see them!
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NAME: Priscilla
DESCRIPTION/PERSONALITY:priscilla is a very shy neko. she has trouble talking to people and hardly has any friends. before she met her boyfriend zero she would block herself off from other people. as they begin to talk to eachother more they begin to like eachother more and more. after they meet priscilla becomes more social and she makes lots of friends in school. priscilla is actually very popular but she does not know that. she gets lots of confessions from boys but still doesnt feal like she is very pretty.
DESCRIPTION/PERSONALITY:zero seems like a very shy guy but its actualybecause he just doesnt want to talk to u. it is very unusual for him to care for anyone since people put him trough a lot of bad things. zero did nid not even notice priscilla until the teacher paired them. people find it to be wierd because he bigins to help priscilla out and he cares fo her but he uses all hes powers to not show that he is caring for her. zero is a ladys man and a lot of girls like him. he knows priscilla is very popular among the boys but just hitts them when they try to pick up on her cause he gets very jelous. zero loves priscilla with all of his heart.

Posted 3/18/09 , edited 3/18/09
approved. i love ur story! ITS SO COOl!!!
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