Character change(ish)! (MariMite Ver.1)

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Posted 3/17/09 , edited 3/17/09
You know those pictures of anime characters dressed up as other anime characters, well i was just thinking about some stuff (which i can do pretty well, lol) and thought up some character changes;

Syaoran - Yumi
Sakura - Touko (these two marimite characters don't really match the orginal characters i know, because of Kurogane)
Kurogane - Sachiko (couldn't really think of any good characters other than her to be him)
Fay - Sei (and we all know why she kinda fits him the best)
(it'd be cool if someone could draw them up, lol, i might give it a try it sounds really fun, lol!)

there's mine, if you have any good ones just post them!

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