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Posted 3/17/09 , edited 3/17/09
Without spoiling anything I have to tell you that I've just finished watching Zeni G. in it's entirety and as I sit here blowing my nose and wiping my eyes, that is absolutely amazing - and obviously that means Kenichi is out of this world. Actually the entire cast is fabulous (a couple of them I recognize from L Change the World) and support him flawlessly.

Word of warning - it is NOT an easy drama to watch and your emotions go back and forth all the time about how you feel about his character Futaro...you hate him, you feel so sorry for him, the things he does sometimes are inexcusable but somehow...you also understand why and you feel yourself feeling for him in spite of it.

If you can, get to to Dramacrazy.net or anywhere else this is uploaded and see it as soon as possible. It's a rough ride but it's definitely worth it.

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Posted 6/4/09 , edited 6/5/09
I agree it is a great drama!
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Posted 7/6/09 , edited 7/6/09
I agree. It's a must-see. I actually went crazy and wrote a whole review/character analysis on it. Got carried away. You can call me Kenichi Geba! Haha. The whole series is actually on D-addicts if you torrent. The quality is always better.

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